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Comment: Re: Some Sense Restored? (Score 3) 522

by substance2003 (#48170885) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again
Why wouldn't it be different? Most of the open source projects where there was a major disagreement ended up with a fork.
Just think of the Open Office when Oracle was just letting it die. People just went and did Libre Office when they were ignored.
There's no reason to think that the folks over at Debian couldn't just create their own fork if they felt they were being ignored.
If that were to happen, it would then all come down to how many Debian users move over vs who stays.
That being said, I'd rather they all come to a consensus that everyone could be happy with.

Comment: Re:why does the CRTC need this list? (Score 2) 324

by substance2003 (#47949475) Attached to: Canadian Regulator Threatens To Impose New Netflix Regulation
It's the commercials.

Let's say a US show like Sleepy Hollow from Fox is playing for instance.
I'm only thinking of that one as it's totally being bombarded on me as part of the fall lineup at the moment and know which station in the US plays it.
Now, Global TV in Canada has the rights to play that same show in Canada and is doing so at the same time.
Well what would be the point of paying for ads on Global if everyone is watching the US feed via cable and satellite?
So the solution is to have the Global TV feed play which is playing simultaneously to FOX replace the feed from the FOX channel and insure we see those commercials targeting Canadians. At least that's what I was noticing when I had cable. I believe there is talk about changing that.

Comment: Re:ESPN (Score 1) 401

by substance2003 (#47460329) Attached to: Comcast Customer Service Rep Just Won't Take No For an Answer
I think he means that Over the air (OTA) broadcast is a pure uncompressed signal of HDTV 1080i quality. The cable company has to compress the signal to get so many channels to get to the subscriber. Some feel there is a loss in quality vs OTA but depending on who you talk to it's not something people will notice.

Comment: Re:So why should I use this when mysql is still fr (Score 1) 103

by substance2003 (#46622209) Attached to: MariaDB 10 Released, Now With NoSQL Support

What are the advantages to using this increasingly slow and bloated fork of the internet's favorite database platform?

Mind giving examples showing this to be true? This is the 1st I'm hearing about this although I don't follow it all the time. I'm just curious about how MariaDB could be so slow considering that the founders of MySQL are working on that version now.

Comment: Re:And in other news... (Score 1) 506

by substance2003 (#46361187) Attached to: Quebec Language Police Target Store Owner's Facebook Page
As a resident of Quebec. I take offence to what you say. I don't call you an asshole if you're government is doing stupid things (which I'll bet they do) so leave the general folks in Quebec alone and keep you're complaints focused on the provincial government of Quebec or the federal government of Canada for letting the provincial one get away with it.

Comment: Glad I didn't buy from them. (Score 0) 287

by substance2003 (#46149259) Attached to: Layoffs At Now-Private Dell May Hit Over 15,000 Staffers
I was considering the Venue 8 Pro for a while before going with a Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro after changing my view on what I wanted/needed for on the go (yeah I'm bucking again't the trend).

Now with this happening I'm glad I didn't purchase from them. No way I'd appreciate this sorta stuff after plucking down my hard earned cash for their products.

Comment: Re:I'm not worried... (Score 1) 564

by substance2003 (#45921181) Attached to: PC Shipments In 2013 See the Worst Yearly Decline In History
I'll second that one.

I'm thinking the processing power requirements to do what an average user needed was pretty much what a PC from the earlier millennium offered and arguably earlier than that. Tablets sold today offer something that would be about equal or greater to that and are cheaper, smaller, portable and less complicated as well. Most of these people buying a PC never were really interested in them. They just wanted to do as you mentioned before. Email, web browsing, video streaming (well that one was not available back then like now) and some other rudimentary things.

Comment: Re:I never see people with Chromebooks. (Score 1) 321

by substance2003 (#45813337) Attached to: Chromebooks Have a Lucrative Year; Should WinTel Be Worried?
I've used one for a while (an Acer C7) and traveled with it to Europe. Served me well with a dual setup Chrome OS Ubuntu Linux setup but I did find it somewhat disappointing at times. I ended up selling it off and buying a full fledged laptop afterwards.

I would think that one reason you don't see them much is because they are left home. The same people buying these probably use the saved money to buy a tablet for on the go computing.

Also keep in mind, 20% of the sales are for this year. People you see on the streets using laptops out there have models purchased up to 5 years ago. Chromebooks don't have an accumulation of years of sales so If (and that's a big if) their sales trend continues for 2-3 years. Then we will see them in the wild more. Otherwise, they'll end up like the Wii was to casual gamers. Collecting dust in a closet which is incidentally what prompted me to sell mine as I don't want my closet filled with techno junk.

That's my nickel's worth since we don't have pennies here anymore.

Comment: Re:I never got the fascination with AMD/ATI (Score 1) 111

by substance2003 (#45604157) Attached to: Retail Radeon R9 290X Graphics Cards Slower Than AMD's Press Samples
Maybe AMD's open source drivers are better but Nvidia's drivers are better suited for use to do renders in Blender because of their support of CUDA.
While few will need to buy a graphics card for Blender 3D in particular it does show that you have to consider what you wish to use the card for when you want to make a purchase to get the performance you need out of it.

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