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Comment Re:The Happening vs Natural Argument (Score 1) 458

"Except for the climatologists, to whom it's about empirical data and the scientific method."

"If you want to win this fight, you'll need to leave the sports bar..." ... and you need to step out of the Opium den.

Karma be damned.

Comment Re:The Happening vs Natural Argument (Score 1) 458

"I give his political opinion about the same weight as I would give the scientific opinion of a winner of the Peace Prize."

Peace Prize? OH! You mean like all the authors of the IPCC AR report?

The next time you see someone from the IPCC flagged as a Nobel Laureate remember, it's NOT a science prize...

Comment what could possibly go wrong (Score -1, Troll) 292

Climate Scientists (the honest ones anyway) will admit that they still don't quite know how all the climate ingredients fit together, new climate drivers are still being uncovered. Adding a 'solution' to 'problem' that isn't fully understood will only produce disaster.

Maybe a couple honest skeptics will get to see this post before the bed-wetting alarmist sheep mod it down the memory hole.

Comment Skeptics aren't anti-AGW (Score 4, Insightful) 193

Skeptics are pro-objective. Even the main body of the IPCC AR report is filled with "maybe"s, "likely"s, and "possibly"s.
It's the summary for policy makers that's tacked-on to the end that's filled with "impending doom!" - it's an entriely political document, not a scientific one.

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