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Comment: Re:Not the case (Score 1) 284

by subble (#32579148) Attached to: Uwe Boll, Other Filmmakers Sue Thousands of Movie Pirates
The frequency of these lawsuits will skyrocket. It's an easy way for lawyers to make a buck. Why? Because everything that the lawyers need to prove to support a claim in civil court is documented automatically by the torrent process. I don't think there is a legal solution, but there is a simple technical one: Strongly encrypt the torrent payload (i.e., the movie, tv show, album, etc.) Do NOT include the password in the torrent. Instead, include in the torrent a link to a site somewhere outside US jurisdiction that has the password. That way the only thing that the lawyers could prove was that someone downloaded an encrypted movie, tv show, etc. But the lawyers could not show that the downloader ever was able to extract the copy of the movie, tv show, etc., from the torrent. The only source to show that the downloader had the password would be the logs of the site where the password was posted. If that site is outside US jurisdiction, it would be cost prohibitive for the law firm to get the evidence that the downloader obtained the password. Most likely, the lawyers could not even ask the downloader if he or she ever obtained the password, because of the Fifth Amendment prohibition against self-incrimination. Bottom line: The addition of encrypting the torrent payload, but including a link to the password, will make these lawsuits too expensive, and they will dry up.

Comment: Re:Tilting at windmills (Score 2, Insightful) 711

by subble (#29244701) Attached to: Apple Kicks HDD Marketing Debate Into High Gear
I have no problem with Apple changing the units in Snow Leopard, so long as they are consistent with the abbreviations. On Leopard, the "About this Mac" window shows memory on my system as "2 GB". If Apple is going to switch to have GB mean 1,000,000,000, then they should express the memory size in the about box using "GiB" for the units, not "GB". It's pretty screwed up to use "GB" to mean one thing in a particular context and to mean another thing in a different context.

Comment: Re:Ladies and Gentlemen... (Score 1) 321

by subble (#27194945) Attached to: March 14th Officially Becomes National Pi Day
Of course, here in Indiana, Pi Day will fall on March 2, which will help restore some of the temporal uniqueness that Indiana had until it recently succumbed and joined the rest of the nation in adopting daylight savings time. Here in Indiana the legislature likes to keep things simple, including our transcendental numbers, so pi=3.2, and Pi day is March 2. See

Comment: Whose computers? (Score 1) 568

by subble (#25129233) Attached to: Popup Study Confirms Most Users Are Idiots
The article suggests (by referring to the possibility that one user's mishandling of the dialogs, were they real malware, would have led to problems for the next user) that the user of the computer did not own that computer. If I am being tested on someone else's computer I might not care about trying to figure out whether the dialog boxes were real or were malware. I would probably be more focused on the task I was told to complete, and I would probably not feel sorry for the stupid testers who had let their systems get infected or who had directed me to navigate to malicious sites.

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