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Comment: Saturation? (Score 3, Insightful) 453

by sub67 (#45594373) Attached to: The Desktop Is Dead, Long Live the Desktop!
Whenever I see news or discussion about dwindling desktop sales I don't see anything about market saturation. Computers are relatively durable appliances that people aren't typically going to replace without the need to do so.

When was the last time you replaced your toaster just for the hell of it?

Comment: Re:A new segment (Score 2) 692

by sub67 (#37214238) Attached to: Acer CEO Declares a Tablets Bubble

Netflix worked just fine through the browser on the TouchPad from what I've heard... Until the fire sale, when Netflix blocked it.

Hulu did this, not netflix. Netflix is silverlight based rather than flash which was never supported on the touchpad. Hulu worked natively in the webos browser and they pulled support for it. I guess their ads aren't enough and they won't let you use it unless they can monetize an app.

Comment: Re:If you steal a laptop (Score 1) 123

by sub67 (#36131304) Attached to: O'Reilly Author's Laptop Rescued By 'Twitter Posse' and Prey

The answer is simpler than that. The ones who manage to get away with stealing the laptop despite being stupid belong to the 99% of cases that aren't reported in the news.

It just works out for them that their counterparts are equally unintelligent and would never think to install something like Prey in the first place.

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