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Comment: Re:who cares? (Score 1) 665

by stwf (#46222277) Attached to: South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards

Any jobs you know of require an ability to think independently and analyze available evidence? How about an accurate view of themselves and how they relate to the world and living things? My thinking was that I wouldn't want someone that poorly prepared representing my company in any way.

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by stwf (#43507353) Attached to: Baseball Software Can't Score What Jean Segura Did Friday

Braun was out because you aren't allowed to pass a baserunner. So the minute they were in the same place he was out. But Segura thought he was out and started walking off the field. No one tagged him at that point though and he was near ehough to first base that by the time someone figured it out he got there before anyone tagged him.
But then he tried to steal second again and got caught, double idiot

Comment: Interaction is the thing (Score 1) 313

by stwf (#42574801) Attached to: Learn Basic Programming So You Aren't At the Mercy of Programmers

As a programmer I am inundated with people telling me their iPhone/ipad app ideas. Most of them are pretty good, and with enough work could be decent and useful apps. I tell them all the same thing. The most time consuming part of development is figuring out the UI, interactions and workflow. These are things they could do on their own with pencil and paper.

If someone came to me with an app idea and had all of the screens and interactions thought through and designed I would jump at it. Because I could make that into an app quickly and easily. So I wouldn't bother learning coding, learn to do mock ups and design workflows. It is necessary for creating good apps anyway and you already know all you need to for a start.

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by stwf (#38271520) Attached to: TV Isn't Broken, So Why Fix It?

The obvious solution is that you need to eliminate the cable companies ( I can't get FIOS ). Why is it that every TV I have requires a big ugly loud cable box that uses more electricity than my refrigerator, even when off! Also I'm paying a ton of money for channels I don't watch just to subsidize Cablevision's salary structure.

Plus it all runs over this crappy coax network in my house (even though every place I have a coax jack I also have an ethernet jack. I run into problems trying to add extra tv sets since the splitters are all dumb.

The internets role has been to eliminate middle men in all fields, I can't wait until the crap accumulating, junky hardware renting unnecessary appendage that the cable companies have become are gone.

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by stwf (#38213674) Attached to: Groupon Not Doing So Well On Wall Street

Yes, and its very disrupting to the current clientele. Our yoga studio offered a groupon and what we got was a month or two overcrowded classes, and a bunch of angry regular customers who want to know why they are paying so much more for their classes. She ended up having to extend the offer to everyone for a month to quiet them down.

Plus the GroupOn people were almost universally idiots.

Comment: Garbage in Garbage Out (Score 1) 495

by stwf (#36695108) Attached to: Are You Too Good For Code Reviews?

In the end code reviews are only as good as the person doing the reviews. SO yes, having your best coder look over everyones code is a very beneficial thing. But I've never worked anywhere code reviews worked because no manager wants to lose his best programmer to reviews. So he has some underling do it and you get useless feedback.

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by stwf (#29858287) Attached to: Hulu May Begin Charging For Content Next Year

Isn't it possible they won't charge the consumers, but instead take payments from ISPs to clear their traffic? Around here FIOs and Cablevision are in a death match to get subscribers. If only one of them were able to have subscribers viewing Hulu that would be a clear advantage. The other would have to counter.
How much is that worth?

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by stwf (#28976321) Attached to: Will Mainstream Media Embrace Adblockers?

There is nothing that justifies putting up an ad blocker, and everyone knows it. When you come to my website you look at ads, if you choose not to then do not come to the site.

If you didn't know blocking ads was wrong why does the ad blocking software go out of its way to be indetectable??

If you want to use adblocker make it easy for a website to detect, then I have the ability to shut you down. Without that then the only purpose behind using the software is stealing. I also shouldn't have to say that if everyone blocked ads most of the free and useful sites would disappear very quickly.

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by stwf (#28838549) Attached to: English DJ Claims Wi-Fi Allergy

I mean I probably think the guy is a kook, but can any of you really guarantee he is wrong? No, the history of science is of people being proven wrong. You are all just biased because you love wifi.

In the Seventies a bunch of people built everything out of asbestos because they hated fire, and thought that anything that didn't show up in a 3 month test was non-existent. In fact history is littered with seemingly innocuous devices that ended up causing great harm. And for those asking for proof, I believe people are markedly crazier than they were 5 years ago, so yes I think it is plausible.

Birds have been shown to react to magnetism, why not humans?

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