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Comment: Re: The Dangers of the World (Score 1) 784 784

As a school psychologist, I have had to call for CPS for "procedural" stupid things, as well as real ones. For the most part, they have demonstrated appropriate responses for the situation. There are appropriate times for immediate removal without the procedure you suggest. For example, when a single parent was beating the 6 year old (closed fist, bruises on the face and body) for making their own dinner when they had not eaten since breakfast.

Comment: as a psychologist (Score 3, Interesting) 249 249

I would like to point out that, by using these supports, you are becoming mindful of, and acquiring new behaviors. Given sufficient time, repetition, and success, they will become new, adaptive behaviors and eventually habits - assuming you are not prompting/reminding yourself to do maladaptive behaviors. This is not outsourcing self-control, but enhancing it to help with skill acquisition. During development we had external supports to learn many things such as tying shoes, learning trig, and so on, eventually we internalized these processes. This is simply an electronic means of doing so.

Comment: Re:Will it really matter? (Score 1) 617 617

retention is surely not the answer - and not for the strawman of self-esteem - but because it increases drop-out rates ( possibly due to many aspects of learning and personality that i bet covary with self-esteem, such as self-efficacy and self-control) furthermore, this is why early intervention has become so important - catching failure at kindergarten and first grade for reading, and somewhat later for math skills is critical to ensuring low drop-out rates, and later ability to master sequential/subsequent information.

Comment: Re:Storm chasers say they have as much right to wa (Score 1) 402 402

this is really dead on, although i have my phd, i still find myself thinking "shouldn't i know more about XXXXX phenomena?' of course, then i go and do the research... maybe that is the distinguishing feature, but then again, i think many of the non-phd folks here do the same.

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