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Comment: Re:Grown Ups. (Score 1) 362

by stupidfoo (#34641828) Attached to: Split Screen Co-op Is Dying

Yeah, because the wives love it when you invite everyone over and then all the guys go huddle in the basement and play Halo.

It's clear there's a divide here: Married adults and single adults. I'd guess the OP is in the former category, whereas many of the people responding are in the latter or, at the very least, are recently married and have no children.

Try just randomly getting together with your friends when you're all married with kids. I still have small lan parties, but they have to be planned 2-3 months in advance, and stuff still comes up. Like the last one where one of the wives went into labor.

Comment: Re:They don't deny it! (Score 1) 582

by stupidfoo (#34025362) Attached to: Global Warming's Silver Lining For the Arctic Rim

How is a "resounding consensus" on "moderately to significantly" any different than "whether the observable changes are predominantly attributable to man's impact on the environment, or to the natural climatic lifecycle of the Earth"?

You're just saying what tygerstripes said in a slightly different way, throwing in the worthless and exceedingly unscientific word "consensus". If it's attributable predominantly to man, then it is significant, if it's attributable predominantly to nature, then it is moderate.

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