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Comment: Re:Whole Trial is bullshit (Score 2) 325

by stuntpope (#44185439) Attached to: Skype Overload Interrupts Zimmerman Trial

Interesting that you omitted the fact that after Zimmerman told the dispatcher he'd meet police at the mailboxes, he changed his mind and asked that the officers call him so he could tell them where he was.

Zimmerman: Um, if they come in through the gate, tell them to go straight past the clubhouse and, uh, straight past the clubhouse and make a left and then they go past the mailboxes you’ll see my truck. [3:10]

Dispatcher: Alright, what address are you parked in front of? [3:21]

Zimmerman: Um, I don’t know. It’s a cut-through so I don’t know the address. [3:25]

Dispatcher: OK, do you live in the area?

Zimmerman: Yeah, yeah, I live here.

Dispatcher: OK, what’s your apartment number?

Zimmerman: It’s a home. It’s 1950 – oh, crap, I don’t want to give it out – I don’t know where this kid is [inaudible] [3:40]

Dispatcher: OK, do you just want to meet with them at the mailboxes then? [3:42]

Zimmerman: Yeah, that’s fine. [3:43]

Dispatcher: Alright, George, I’ll let them know you’ll meet them at

Zimmerman: Could you have them call me and I’ll tell them where I’m at? [3:49]

Dispatcher: OK, yeah that’s no problem.

Zimmerman:My number you’ve got it?

Why would he need to tell police in the future (when they arrived) where he was, if he just told the dispatcher to tell the police he'd meet them at the mailboxes? Because he wasn't going to be back at his vehicle by the mailboxes. He was going to lead them straight to Martin, and to do that, he needed to find Martin and possibly detain him until police arrived.

Again, please explain this: If I tell your friend to tell you I'll be waiting for you at the mailboxes, why then would I later ask you to tell your friend to call me when he arrived in the general vicinity, so I could tell him where I was? Don't they know I'm at the mailboxes, since I already said I'd be there?

Comment: Re:Hazardous to our Health (Score 1) 365

He stated the law was irrelevant in judging whether the actions were wrong or not. Illegal? Actions wrong. Legal? Actions wrong. He also said, “The activity was outrageous and inexcusable, and it was stopped and it needs to be fixed to ensure it never happens again.”

Understand now?

Comment: I confess (Score 4, Interesting) 639

by stuntpope (#40698295) Attached to: Apple Gets the Importance of Packaging; Why Doesn't Google?

I've kept my Apple boxes (Mini, keyboard, MacBook, iPod Touch plastic case, iPad). I don't have them on display nor do I lovingly gaze upon them, they are in my garage. I recognize their superior yet simple functionality and keep them for the day I move and need to pack up the gear. I'd rather use the original packaging since it's obviously designed for its purpose, instead of grabbing some random shoe box. I can't say that for most other product packaging. I especially despise heat-sealed plastic packaging.

Comment: Deep in the heart of tex ass (Score 1) 1251

by stuntpope (#35530660) Attached to: Texas Bill Outlaws Discrimination Against Creationists In Academia

Why limit it to the "field" of intelligent design? If a chemistry teacher rejects the accepted science of what happens in a chemical reaction, and instead teaches the class that magic is responsible for chemical synthethis, who are we to discriminate against him, right? Rust = fairy mischief!

Comment: Change the key, keep the functionality (Score 2) 968

by stuntpope (#34486092) Attached to: Google Wants To Take Away Your Capslock Key

Perhaps the functionality should be retained, but entered via a function key or a two-key combination that requires pressing to enter that mode.

This way, people who need to type extended all-caps can still do so, but it won't be mistakenly keyed by dolts who hit it as a shift key and then flail away without returning it to lower case. Of course, people who want to be annoying and "shout" will still be able to do so, but it might cut down on the inadvertant clueless shouting.

Comment: Kentucky Creation Museum (Score 1) 648

by stuntpope (#34435598) Attached to: Kentucky Announces Creationism Theme Park

Found on a Kentucky forum, about the already-existing creation museum.

Poster One: There's a caveman riding a dinosaur. I went as a joke. I recommend it to others if they're in for a good laugh.

Poster Two: You recommend it to others if they're in for a good laugh? Why?

Poster One: There's a caveman riding a dinosaur.

Comment: Re:If you don't already.... (Score 1) 551

by stuntpope (#34242750) Attached to: The Beatles On iTunes

I've gotten rid of most of mine over the years, or else they don't get played. And I'm talking about vinyl. After having listened to the Beatles' tunes thousands of times I really don't see much point in hearing them again, especially since there's so much other great music to listen to. They were, overall, a good pop band for the time, but by no means the pinnacle of rock music (hardly) or even pop music.

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