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Comment: Internet as a mind control platform. (Score -1) 1037

by strstr (#46674897) Attached to: How the Internet Is Taking Away America's Religion

The benefit of the Internet is that it's acting as a mind control platform. Information can now be sent into a persons mind, and information duplicated amongst a mass population of people. The truth is, you will believe whatever is put out onto the internet, based on the tools you're given and your biases in interpreting this information.

Therefore, religion is getting the boot, because it allows people who are not in your local culture to influence your decision making process. You are choosing to believe science related information, because that is what you're being taught.

Luckily what you're being taught is also reality, to a degree, but the information being sent out is not exactly perfected and therefore your understandings of this universe are still quite lacking. You are all also heavily influenced by the military, department of defense, corporate media, and government, which frequently seed you lies, and are actually in total control over your entire lives.

What I can tell you is that, religion is also less pleasurable than it once was, and this makes people want to believe it less and less and spend less time on it. The issue is that all the science we are creating also is teaching people that's it's false, so we are able to begin to move past it.

Today the Internet as a mind control platform is mostly positive, but there is still the pesky issue of the NSA and governments having complete ability to both seed information through it, and to monitor your behavior and actions regarding consumption and communication. This is allowing the government to customize the messages they seed, and to learn how better to control the population.

Crime is being covered up, and the government is the only opinion that actually matters. Because they have the power and force to control everyone else, arrest, or even to secretly assassinate people, no one really has any power to stop it.

Details on The Matrix Deciphered book from Dr. Robert Duncan.

There are also methods of other forms of mass surveillance including satellites, phased array antenna dishes, and radar, which can monitor your neurons and movements around the earth, and tap your mind directly as a result. I'm sad to say, but the population still needs to figure it out, and realize how this is all being done. has more dirt, to teach you their capabilities.

Comment: Religion then.. (Score 0) 470

by strstr (#46674785) Attached to: It's Time To Bring Pseudoscience Into the Science Classroom

Has to be brought in. As it's largely made up of pseudo-science, and all the same problems as pseudo-science.

Methods of studying religion include discussing the mind control aspects of it, and how it was originally designed to indoctrinate people, and get them to otherwise listen to the one selling or preaching it. For thousands of years it has resulted in people who did not understand reality to be what it was, and caused them to live by a false and engineered belief system.

Unfortunately, religious people refuse to see it that way, and continue to believe in things such as the story of god and Jesus (Christian mind control).

It is forced down peoples throats by their parents and community men, who refuse to let the old system die.

On another note: The Department of Defense has several systems of mind control set up, including the original: The American Dream. It was invented around the time the Nazi's invented a version of their own, and the American version was called psychological warfare. There are also many myths the Department of Defense invented to seed to society false beliefs, which are used to cover up stories that today many believe are just pseudo-science. Almost the entire field of what's called parapsychology and psychic phenomena was invented by the Department of Defense, to basically make society crazy and to throw them into a fit of "chasing the white rabbit" down all these false paths, to ultimately misunderstanding the science of mind reading and how the brain works, among many other things. There are tons of other situations like this; DOD created cover stories on UFOs and weapons testing that hide and mascaraed as "stories of alien abductions" .. All of it was a cover up to hide abuse by the DOD (not a conspiracy theory, but word from the inside of the beast).

I recommend you guys read Dr. Robert Duncan's book called "The Matrix Deciphered" about it. It's a free ebook download. Get it at ...there is much the public doesn't realize .. that has been done to them by their overlords, and their false belief systems are part of it (religious and government ones).

Comment: behind this article.. (Score -1) 564

by strstr (#46673727) Attached to: Was Eich a Threat To Mozilla's $1B Google "Trust Fund"?

the ones who opposed Eich, are a bunch of same sex slobs who fuck each other up the anus or other orifices ... including protruding ones.

The thing that makes this whole process so evil is Eich was a bright man by himself, and he likely was completely normal. The gay camp however basically went on a slander campaign against him and won, forcing him to resign from the pressure.

I'm tired of gays forcing their bullshit agenda down others throats. I support their right to be gay but don't they shouldn't expect others to care about them or the laws they support or are against.

Comment: What a shame.. (Score 0) 149

by strstr (#46667259) Attached to: TCP/IP Might Have Been Secure From the Start If Not For the NSA

Everyone within government knew what to expect. Since the dawn of time, communications of all sorts have been intercepted by governments spying on each other. They understood that any unshielded and unencrypted communication would be intercepted, and since the dawn of time a focus was on either encryption and/or heavily shielding all communication lines to prevent remote monitoring.

The military knew when they let the internet into peoples homes that it was designed to be insecure, having no encryption and no shielding of the communication lines, which since the dawn of time has let the government in to our communications. In fact, I imagine, the internet was not given to the public but for any other need than for the government to have a connection into everyone's homes, and for the data transmitted and communicated to be intercepted and monitored by the government.

Today we know the NSA has turned their awesome air wave monitoring ability against us, and now they even have direct lines of communication into every home, and into every pocket of every citizen who owns a computer, game console, cellphone, set top box, or other device.

They also have the mind read/altering radar which allows direct access to EEG memory probe and listen to our thoughts directly. NSA Remote Neural Monitoring, fully patented in 1974 by a major radar defense contractor .. Details at (look up 4/3/2014 article on EEG heterodyning, listing 3 covering patents for their radar/satellite monitoring system).

What no one realized is that the government was always monitoring their own country for absolute citizen control, before even caring about foreign countries. The NSA's first operations were tapping citizen communications back in the 1950s during Project MINARET, which began as Project Shamrock before the NSA was even created. The monitoring continued even after Frank Church blew the doors off the intelligence community abuses in the 1970s and nothing was ever dealt with, leading up to todays surveillance state.

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by strstr (#46634471) Attached to: OKCupid Warns Off Mozilla Firefox Users Over Gay Rights

Is that why prop 8 passed and didn't have enough antivotes? Where are those over half the voters validated at?

I am also of the opinion that gays are ludicrous and while they deserve rights as individuals shouldn't be trying to force their views down others throats. Its sort of a method of mind control, trying to force my brain and everyone else's to accept your butt fucking B bullshit.

I support everyone who chooses to let gays do what they're gonna do but they can't expect the rest of the population to care about them.

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by strstr (#46628797) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

if you watch the film, you begin to understand that DNA uses magnetic fields to conduct itself, to control particles and matter function. these fields can be disrupted by microwaves and EMF, thereby causing errors in DNA function. this may result in damages, injuries, and sickness over time. the effects cannot be reversed or stabilized.

the secret to all life happens to be controlled magnetic and electromagnetic functions. otherwise matter cannot control itself or hold itself together. :D

the molecular bonds of DNA and molecules can also be disrupted and torn apart by microwaves and EMF. some people refer to it as dustification.

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I give you props man. I stopped caring about grammar and English years ago, though. I actually had the CIA beat my skills and knowledge out of me during years of torture sessions, which is both how I know as much as I do, and why I don't particularly dot all i's and cross all my t's. has the low down.

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You shouldn't be worried about the Telco's listening in unless some rogue employee has in it for you. The constant danger is the military, police officials, other countries, and people in the public.

Cellphones are tapped by satellites, and long range antenna. Next pots are, through a technique called van eck phreaking in which signals of cables can be remotely read and tampered with using directed-energy over great distances.

In fact, any EMF emission can be remotely tapped and electron imaging can occur over long distances making nearly all biological and electronic processes identical and open to remote attacks.

Anything which is not encrypted or heavily shielded is open to at least governments through their satellites and phased array antenna systems, which they call "Signals Intelligence" or "Radiation Intelligence."

Comment: bad deal. (Score 1, Insightful) 449

by strstr (#46613641) Attached to: WSJ: Prepare To Hang Up the Phone — Forever

So first there's a privacy risk although POTS can be tapped with a satellite or radar system, so even if it's constitutionally protected they're still tapping it.

The real argument is: POTS is obsolete but fiber is it's successor. They should be requiring the phone companies to install fiber to all homes, providing 10Gbps+ Internet and access to network resources like VoIP and IPTV.

The problem with an all wireless solution is limited capacity and radiation exposure. We've already ramped up emissions by millions upon millions of times, and it's literally causing DNA and brain injuries, preventing curing of cancer, causing species decline and extinction, and other problems. The Schumann resonance which the earth produces and all life is dependent on is literally being over powered by microwaves and other EMF causing all these different phenomena, including conditions like anxiety and schizophrenia.

When you walk around you're walking in a field of EMF smog. The mind cannot turn off, and melatonin production is also dropping because the pineal gland which produces it is activated by EMF of all wavelengths and doesn't get the chance when being flooded with signals 24/7.

Watch this video for one guys story. Who is Elisa Lam? On YouTube. Also covers bioelectromagnetic weapons development and their use by our governments to attack people:

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by strstr (#46613271) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

Everyone should ask themselves this: Are you will to subscribe to Netflix at $100 bucks/month to get them to make all the new releases available in "HD" streaming format? No? Then Netflix and the studios don't give a fuck. They want to make money and don't care about this bargain value shit that everyone wants to subscribe at. Trust me on that.

The luxury is though that this shit is already available but it's to the guys who aren't penny pinching, like I said before. :)

Comment: oh yeah (Score 1) 72

plus they have automated surveillance systems that:

1. track all IP connections for them, so they know who connects and to where.
2. all IP, SMTP, and HTTP, FTP and other protocols that aren't encrypted are being watched, so they know what is accessed and what information is sent to the server (GET/PUT/PUSH) requests.
3. All this is monitored because they have splits in the fiber and telecommunication system to passively monitor and record all traffic, 24/7.

On top of this, satellites and radar systems automate tracking of individuals and their behavior. Including heart rate, breathe, brain activity, and more. All ground activity is automatically tracked for them.

The Artificial Intelligence that runs the system is more effective than human brains at scanning and tracking things. Kind of like Facebook's image recognition software that uses virtual neurons, which beats human visual scanning capability.

The stats of the 32+ satellites pointed at earth indicate that all modernly launched models are 53,000 times more powerful than Hubble, pointed right into your homes and backyards and businesses, remotely tapping the emissions and radio frequencies of electronics and human beings.

Dr. Robert Duncan for reference is the guy who whistleblew about most of this; he has been to secret Naval bases and designed several of their surveillance and weapons systems for the DOD/NSA/FBI/USDOJ/CIA. Details about all this on this page (scroll down for some of the interviews with Dr. Robert Duncan, PhD from MIT/Harvard/Darthmouth): http://www.oregonstatehospital...

Of course it's true that the internet forums and shit are monitored; without encryption and/or heavy shielding to block signals emissions, like a foreign nation uses, you cannot hide any of your activity. The NSA/FBI basically uses all the same techniques that they use on foreign nations to spy on Americans. IN fact, they monitor Americans with this technology MORE than other nations. And it's easier because they have direct-access to all the land, laws, and agents who will willingly corporate with these abuses, and won't fight back or start a war like another nation might.

Comment: Re:but their streaming service sucks.. (Score 1) 490

by strstr (#46600577) Attached to: Are DVDs Inconvenient On Purpose?

I will never get them either. But this cum wad wants "internet streams" without buying a computer with either Bluray or DVD.

So if that's what the bitch wants, then let him buy Vudu's and shit. At $100/mo for 5-10 movies.

He's complaining that Netflix selection sucks for Streaming but there are alternatives to Netflix. Netflix is what it is, and they don't appear to give a shit about having a good selection. So he has to go elsewhere and pay more money (which is also why Netflix doesn't offer this service, because it costs significantly more money and they have a different focus, it seems..).

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