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Comment This sounds pathetic (Score 3, Interesting) 49 49

Internet 2 was already supposed to be faster than the regular Internet.

This announcement of 10Gbits to 100Gbits is not impressive .. that is a typical server connection these days.

What would be impressive? Multiple terabits or even petabit network, dedicated to the schools, allowing each connected device maximum throughput simutaneously.

Comment Re:Likely a new gift for the NSA (Score 0) 221 221

I think it will be used for much more than encryption breaking. Probably full scale artificial intelligence and automation of operating surveillance and weapons platforms without need for human control panel operators.

Encryption is secretly breakable a number of ways already including by use of brainwave reading radar to snatch passwords and interferometry to snatch encryption certificates directly from RAM, hard disks, etc.

The air gap is the last protected and classified front.

Patented techniques, too.

They also need computers to run advanced physics simulations and automate new technology development, ie AI.

Computers are smarter and faster than humans at building things.

Comment Re:The next great copyright scam (Score 2, Interesting) 93 93

So what is wrong with the first lazy slob coming along and copying it?

I just don't see why book writers won't continue to write books but do it for free or little return.

I also believe in ditching capitolism entirely and moving to pure communism. The kind where there is no money or class system, and everyone works for free but also gets everything provided for free such as housing, food, education, healthcare, clothes, transportation, and everyone gets the same amount of it.

Pure communism has never existed but it is the best most advanced form of socialism. And better than capitolism. Capitolism is an enslavement system, where people with egos get to think and live that "we are better than everyone else" when they really aren't better than anyone.

Comment The next great copyright scam (Score 0) 93 93

What we need to do is gut existing copyright because the typical person does not benefit. Not only copyrights, but trademark and patents. Gone. For ever.

People will still enjoy making money and art and things because nobody has intent on stopping any of that. People love making things too much, and they love doing it even if they aren't the exclusive owner. People get paid by the fact that only they can create a particular piece of art or item, up against true competition. But if others are skilled enough to make it too, so be it, maybe thats why no one person or entity should have ownership through arbitrary laws.

I see copyright, trademarks, and patents as mostly allowing law to be used to stifle conpetition and creation of artificial monopolies.

Comment Some possessions are real (Score -1) 232 232

There are environmental causes, space based causes, and military causes for ghosts, and paranormal experiences. The military or law enforcement might beam signals into your computer devices, from satellites and radar/electronic warfare platforms, use bugs, and handhelds that minic paranormal problems but are all in fact man caused.

Look up "electronic harassment" for more info.

Mind control, signals jamming, electronic janming, homograms ie fake hauntings ie computer malfunctions/orbs/sounds/sensations in your environment that are odd or recurrent and some of which may be detectable cia rf meters and show up in film and audio recording, outsiders spying on you are extremely common.

Another type of expert that is warranted in such cases is a technical surveillance countermeasures expert for privately investigating the matter. If you go the route of a paranormal society instead, expect them to spin it as super natural or man/environmental caused.

More info with patents and more:

Comment There are also studies (Score -1) 132 132

That show antidepressants make rats less competitive, compared to rats that don't receive the drugs. The drugged rats mate less and at a delayed rate, and score less food. This highlights the drugs negative side effects of sabotaging performance, skill, and judgment.

For what we know, those on celexa were not as competitive, didn't care as much about money, and perhaps didn't even have coherent underlining thought processes despite the fact that they still made a decision that seems to correlate with how they might be expected to feel anyway.

Comment this guy is gaming the system (Score -1) 196 196

in recent interviews he has acted like public reforms have been made, but in fact no reforms have been made. it's like he's just trying to game the public in order of hopes of coming back to the United States one day. he is not coming off as trust worthy, and seems to be spouting pro-government propaganda to save himself from further irritating the government.

don't trust a word this queer says.

I know the system has not been reformed, and that surveillance continues on as aggressively as before, even whistleblowers like Dr. Robert Duncan and NSA whistleblower William Binney back that up. Binney has went on the record in fact, pointing out that collection of telephone metadata and phone calls content remains under upstream fiber taps, even though technically the program will be ending under Section 215 of the patriot act. the US Freedom Act in fact did nothing to end it either, it remains to be done under Executive Orders, Special Access Programs, and other "secret" programs Snowden is ignoring and hiding.

Snowden is a shill for going against the truth. Yes I am sure Snowden knows what he's doing too.

Today we continue to know there is no oversight, that Congress has not acted, that Congress has colluded with Snowden's team to cover up the issue of surveillance being an on going problem, and we know that until we have oversight of Apple and Congress, and the NSA and various agencies, nothing has changed and that everything they do is a show, a shell game, a psy op to fool and trick everyone. And I'm not even being conspiratorial, I have details from the inside on this, this continues on, nothing has improved at all.

Comment Re:Knowledge (Score 0) 312 312

Remember Americans are targets for a reason and they seek to teach us a lesson for a reason. There are very good reasons to want to fight America and "Christians". This country is violent, its military, intelligence community, and leaders have committed mass crimes world wide.

When you consider this to be the reason we become the target constantly.. it is justified and obvious that we bring it on ourselves.

Most of the public has no idea what I am even talking about because the public is kept in the dark on what our government really does to stir up trouble.. even domestically, we have hurt hundreds of thousands of Americans in secret spy games.

Comment yay we're being spied on illegally! (Score -1) 165 165

one court determined it was illegal. the white house says, "so what, fuck that court."

"we got our own court and they can do what they please."

In a way the 2nd Circuit's decision is regional, the way I understood the set up. Basically, the appeals courts in each circuit only control the law as they may through appeal decisions they will hand down, when a decision is made in a court in their territory.

In general, each circuit interprets the law differently. You have "District 1,2,3..,9 etc." And each one decides for themselves.

However, case law is barrowed from the other courts and may be agreed with or used to base similar decision in the other circuits.

US Supreme Court decisions unify the courts to their decision and overrule a local jurisdictions decisions.

BUT. There's another thing where a federal court with jurisdiction can order the federal government or anyone else to stop what it's doing and their decisions are in fact binding. If this has happened, then the FISA court should obey the other courts of the United States.

It should not be it's own little court that can just "do what ever the fuck it wants despite the case being settled by the other courts."

Comment Re:Clean room implementation? (Score -1) 223 223

I have ideas on why the courts are wrong on copyright.

One is, the US constitution spells out some limits. It says that copyrights are limited in duration. But it would seem that, if copyrights never expire during an author or inventors lifetime, let alone during the lifetime of anyone alive at the time of the copyright/patents granting, and extend 70+ years beyond his or her lifetime, that in fact Congress is violating the US constitution. the courts also err in determining that a corporation rather than the original author or inventor can own the copyright, or patent to something, such as a group/corporation of people who weren't the inventors or the author, because the language is used in the US constitution that the terms of any exclusive rights are limited to the author/inventors as a reward for contributing something to society that was new and beneficial. the intent of copyright/patents also were never intended to give someone exclusive rights to control something, but to merely reward for a time their work and contributions.

Now if the terms are for a "limited of time" like the US constitution says, then perhaps Congress in fact has no right to keep extending the time copyright and patents run for..

to define a limit, we must look at a persons lifetime. for something to be limited, people alive during the time of the copyright or patents creation must be able to see the copyright or patent expire. because obviously people in our history never intended for copyright and patents and exclusive rights to just exist forever. the worst part of it is, copyrights and patents are being used to strong arm OTHER peoples "freedom" to tell them, "no you may not copy our content, sell it, or obtain it without our permission" or "use something described in our invention patent even though you are clearly capable of duplicating and making the process work yourself (preventing advancement of society, price drops, and competition/new technologies from emerging)."

another thing to pick at.. if originally there were limits, then the law is sort of like a contract with people. that said, "after so much time, this persons copyrighted material will be yours to use for free." Basically the public should own all content as Congress originally agreed to, it would basically be owned by the "public domain." Does Congress really have the right to go in and reclaim that content and give it back to the copyright holder indefinitely after law already set to make the public the owner? That's like, total theft from the public domain and a total restriction on peoples freedoms, restraining the public from using content "created" by others for an indefinite period of time which just isn't right.

Yes I take issue with that because I feel government should have no say in what I as a citizen can do with material or content I come across. It's like a freedom of expression, and liberty, to do what I want in the world without someone else telling me "no." or trying to put me in prison and taking all my money or something. :)

Comment drones hard to detect (Score -1) 227 227

because all the best detection technology is classified, and in the hands of the government only.

radar systems work the best and masint systems. satellites and over the horizon radar. sigint also. they can track all signals through the airwaves and monitor moving objects and detect characteristics about them.

trust me drones are secretly fully detectable and being watched.

so are people.

Comment an argument for patent trolls (Score 0) 87 87

patent trolls to this day mostly impact large companies who are patent trolls themselves.

so when some competition arises it's patent troll versus patent troll, trolls set the system up, and I'm giddy that the system the big boys enacted to live enslaved to has come to bite their ass back.

the general public shouldn't care less about the issue of patents other than hoping the whole system explodes and patents, copyright, and trademark protections are abolished completely, serving little interest to the public in general who do not benefit from or utilize such methods to control others.

those methods are used to control the general public only. :)

Comment is this true (Score -1) 1094 1094

because countries like Denmark's minimum wage is $22 an hour, even at Burger King.

so I don't believe this shit that, "companies" are going to fold.

I think that's a farce story being seeded by republicans and rich fuckers / wage enslavers.

they want us to think, the money going to individuals versus to corporations and investors is going to lead to businesses that cannot sustain themselves. but it's simply not true, the money simply diverts from some rich chumps bank account and ends up in the streets circulated to everyone else instead.

and we've looked at things like costs of items and whatnot, they're about the same.

ie, big mac in Australia costs less than the Big Macs in American yet the minimum wage and benefits are significantly worse in America, meaning they aren't paying their employees nearly the same.

this is because, every dollar a corporation saves, and every extra dollar they take in, goes to the corporation and rich investors instead of the employees and society who need it.

cut funding from social security, food stamps, health care, wages, or increase cost to take more from people's resources, all it does is go into the bank of some rich bitch to hoard and never see the light of day again.

the reason: money in the bank creates class separation, so poor become poorer and rich become richer, and rich get what they need in abundance while the poor get nothing. no education, no housing, no health care, excessively overworked, nada. money equates to power politically, whoever has money is on top and whoever doesn't have money is on the bottom enslaved to who does have it. so there's a huge incentive to keep money and prevent others from getting it, the same as they like to buy all the senate and congressional seats to control the laws that re-enforce their power letting them dominate the entire planet in safety with militaries and police there to back and protect them. ;)

Comment Alamogordo, New Mexico: Our trash, your treasure. (Score -1) 107 107

Looks like something from the sewer someone is trying to sell on eBay for $150-$250 dollars a pop! Basically chunks of fucking trash that was buried underneath and next to other trash all of it decomposing for 30 years!

This may have been worth something if the carts were buried inside sealed containers, but it appears the carts were seriously damaged by the environment they were in..

1. Locate and dig up 30 year old decomposing trash surrounded by all sorts of other trash.
2. Put on eBay.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Comment Alamogordo, New Mexico: Our trash, your treasure. (Score -1) 107 107

Looks like something from the sewer someone is trying to sell on eBay for $150-$250 dollars a pop, for a piece of fucking trash that was buried underneath and next to other trash all of it decomposing for 30 years!

This may have been worth something if the carts were buried inside sealed containers, but it appears the carts were seriously damaged by the environment they were in..

1. Dig up 30 year old decomposing trash.
2. Put on eBay.
3. ???
4. Profit out the ass off of trash!

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