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Comment Re:Holy crap ... (Score 0) 62

I went ahead and read the article. This hack works best for making fake cards and stuff at the actual teller, for use in store. The cards themselves have several flaws making it easy to do, apparently without the unique code identifier or the new chip in the newer cards.

If a person changes their account number, they can easily guess the new number, and continue using the account.

Won't work online because thats when they verify other details of the card such as unique code, billing info, and all that.

Use at your own risk because doing this in store will lead to security video, possible finger prints, and other info good to put tou away for along time when caught.

Comment Re: Holy crap ... (Score 0) 62

Maybe but probably not. AMEX rarely questions the customer on a dispute and usually sides with the customer.

I even won a dispute for $1300 on a laptop because HP had promised to replace it when it arrived with dead pixels, but then never did so. Got the money back and HP didn't even bother to ask for the laptop back.

And through countless extended warranty claims on hardware, AMEX always pays no issue.

And through a couple of thefts, always reimbursed.

I had a couple of new purchases stolen weeks after purchase, AMEX fully reimbursed the purchase price on each one.

Never have I been dissatisfied with AMEX service.

Comment Re:Holy crap ... (Score 0) 62

Something tells me AMEX does not care.

Because it was by design.

The only unique portion of the card will be the expiration date and the four digit unique code identifier.

Other info such as address, and zip code also need to be known.

AMEX understands that if a hacker could get all those codes lined up, the end owner of the account is not responsible and will be reimbursed.

Thats why its not that big a deal.

For those that don't know, AMEX assigns you an account number represented by the first xxxx-xxxxxx ten digits, and the next xxxxx five digits are all that change upon issuance of a new card number. And they don't change the last five digits that much, generally just shifting the combo slightly, making it easy to remember. The unique code is four digits long and changes completely and is more random. :)

I think I am fine with AMEX approach. obamasweapon.com

Comment They're using it to scare the public (Score 0, Troll) 202

To support the military industrial complex.

Wish the stupid ass people would realize all printed material is government fed propoganda, also called psychological warfare.

Another term for it is world view warfare, coined by the Germans who invented it. America imported the German psychiatrists and mind control experts in operation paperclip. Its a form of mind control.


Comment this is awesome (Score 1) 305

but the ban isn't just about users seeking more expensive treatments, it's about them wanting treatment they don't need and also misunderstanding the treatment due to the ads that mislead and cover up all the facts that aren't generally published on them.

people die from properly prescribed pharma at a rate of 100,000 per the AMA's 2000 published article on the matter. no - these aren't over doses - nor suicides - nor med errors causing it, but the drugs themselves.

if you want to do some digging for the article I have it hidden away in the articles section on this page - the original AMA published article as well as a site using the same data as a source (search for The Medical System Kills: FDA Approved Drugs Kill Over 100,000 People Annually). oregonstatehospital.net/resources.html

Psych meds and sleep aids are some of the most widely misunderstood and abused drugs. Want to fix your depression? Take a deadly tranquilizer called Abilify, and get encephalopathy, dystonia, akathisia, and other permanent conditions - and maybe even real depression and anxiety you never get out of. :)

Comment violence is the answer (Score 0) 518

the civil wars and world war's happened for reasons.

the outcomes of the wars don't always matter because it's often times one evil fighting another evil, and when the whole world is evil - who gives a fuck?

can't undo the western evil civilization war machine killing torture brutality denying all humans rights thing we have going on world wide.


Comment hope those were non-invasive implants (Score 0) 58

because he mutilated his brain when he could have taken readings using interferometry instead of implants if he used the invasive type. interferometry allows individual neurons to be read, even individual electrons and atoms. what a dumbass if he used invasive implants - that's brain damaging. causes scar tissue and neuron damages.

drrobertduncan.com obamasweapon.com

Comment i think this lawsuit will get thrown out (Score 0) 311

it's not false advertising. the cores feature separate integer units. that's good enough to call each module two separate cores. the FPU is actually an add-on processor to the integer unit.

what matters here is not what is the specs but the performance of the unit. so because the performance of the hardware was not misrepresented, and because the characteristics of the CPU were represented finely, this lawsuit is basically a farce attempt to attack or extract money from AMD.

everyone was well aware of the CPUs performance from the day it was released because of mass publications that analyzed the CPU performance and published the performance results, showing it beat the equivalent Intel design in some cases but mostly offering lackluster performance in comparison. this has always been known about recently AMD CPUs, that they do not perform the same as Intel CPUs and feature drastically different designs.

I fail to see the claim to damages here .. at all. It seems more like a thinking error on the part of the filer, believing that "two cores" had to mean the same thing as they personally wanted to believe it meant .. In all advertisements for AMD's designs, it's plainly laid out the design of the Bulldozer architecture, and that the units feature two integer units and one shared FPU resource. I'm not aware of any advertisement that ever said differently.

http://www.obamasweapon.com/ http://www.drrobertduncan.com/

Comment still better than human drivers (Score 0) 258

all accidents to date have been traced back to the human drivers around automated cars such as google's vehicles.

also driving a car is not very complex. it literally only does a few things: go forward, drive backward, and stop at the destination. to perform these activities AI only really needs to know the tracks it has to follow which are pre-determined by maps and software, but can also be actively assumed based on radar and known road structures. cars have pre-determined size and conditions on the road are always the same couple of variations. because humans and obstacles are also on the road, active radar scanning imagery is now part of the system to enable for things like navigating multiple paths, and stops when people decide to cross in front of the car.

cars only need to go forward, back, and stop on the road as long as the road is clear of obstruction.

cars don't need to race or swerve around complex courses, but my guess is computers will do that with very precise accuracy, beating humans with faster responses.

obamasweapon.com drrobertduncan.com

Comment seems ok to me (Score 0) 233

amazon is in the business of selling stuff. they get to choose what they sell and don't. they also have free speech, such as to have on their website only what they wish.

but. I look at this as more of a bargaining chip, to compete with apple and google. 'either add support for our stuff, or we won't carry your products.' that sounds ok in my books.

Comment this is FBI/NSA/CIA style hacker shit (Score 1, Offtopic) 49

they can use radiowaves to remotely control and tap into/scan anything, even DRAM, CPU, brain/nerves, USB, keyboard, monitors.

the technique is called interferometry/electronic warfare but also you can do it with off the shelf parts. they call the off the shelf stuff van eck phreaking: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

More info on the interferometry/electronic warfare kind used by our government from space satellites and over the horizon radar at http://www.drrobertduncan.com/

Info on interferometry: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
Electronic warfare: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
Signals Intelligence: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
RADAR MASINT: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

Welcome to the high tech age hidden by Edward Snowden, only talked about by real whistleblowers like Russ Tice, and Dr. Robert Duncan.

Comment Re:To be used for new torture techniques? (Score 1) 34

Maybe MK-Ultra brought into the digital age?



Modern day mkultra is already here. They never shut any of it down, it was all a shell game according to cia operative mark phillips.

Whistleblowers exist. The modern methods use acoustic waves and electromagnetic waves to target humans. They use interferometry to scan you even through the walls of your home, and send in signals to your body and nervous system or environment. Its holographic, 3D, used for surveillance and torture. It works because the radiowaves broadcast into your atoms, your homes atoms, and resonate atoms and atoms broadcast radiowaves back to space based sensors. They can cause your atoms to broadcast signals to override your brain function, nervous systm function, implant memories, ideas, images, sound, thoughts. Interferometry can also map out whole brain electrical activity by measuting the emitted radiowaves, and radiowaves from interferometers can heterodyne into brainwaves. They can also vibrate yoir molecules to create soundwaves only you can hear. Or create a hologram in the air, by vibrating air molecules, or causing air molecules to broadcast lightwaves (holograms can be sound or light based, or even invisible made of non visible frequencies). They call it electronic warfare. Its deployed globally today in space, and over the horizon radar systems. Read the site especially Dr. Robert Duncan's, who is a grad from Harvard who worked on this technology for the CIA/DOD/US DOJ, etc for more details. Fully vetted by psychiatrists and insiders from the NSA/CIA/DOD/US DOJ/USIS. Patents available on the site for analysis.

Here is a video clip my friend made, "What about mk-ultra" .. https://youtu.be/qXHzBtwRCcU

Just like the old days of mkultra no one is ever prosecuted and the victims are hurt, with no follow up, no consent required, unwittingly, against their will, no way to get help or shut it down, etc bull crap.

There were just a huge group of modern day victims protesting at the White House October 3rd 2015. Two video clips, it was Live Streamed by Pete Santilli radio show: https://youtu.be/M0ii7UWrDG4 https://youtu.be/h02Nh4tlg7s

Comment this article is flawed (Score 0) 250

who gives a fuck about gaming shitty ass 2D games on tablets, smartphones, etc?

these guys don't even know what gaming is. they're claiming that entry level gaming is playing some type of retarded 2D game, side scroller, or puzzle game that the majority don't consider real games.

real games are complete PC games as sold on steam that cannot even be replicated on mobile devices, because mobile devices are so slow and cumbersome and are basically too shitty. meanwhile Nintendo 3DS has some real games - mobile phones don't. Also home consoles have real games. But mobile devices don't.

This indicates that real games are only being made for PC, and consoles. Mobile devices continue to only carry crappy ass casual games as mentioned before, that are simply not real games. I cannot even believe someone has elevated that class of game, to console or PC game category. Period.

It's akin to saying that anyone who plays the little 'snake' game or poker game that was on old cellphones is a "gamer."

Also this article headline said that people were moving away from consoles, but then it talks about PC gamers switching from PC to cellphone.. PC's are not consoles. sorry.

Also anyone who plays crappy Java based or flash based games, ie Pool on yahoo games or scrable on yahoo games, is not a gamer either. Seriously. That title is reserved for people who play World of Warcraft, Quake, Fallout, Zelda, Mario, or other real fucking games.

Bejeweled or Angry Birds are not real fucking games, at all.

"Kids Prefer To Play Games On Mobile Devices Over Consoles "

"The NPD Group has published a report showing that more kids age 2-17 are playing games on phones and tablets than on consoles in the U.S.. 45 percent of kids use a home PC for gaming, a drop of 22 points since 2013. "The largest and most surprising shift in the 2015 gaming ecosystem was kids' move away from the computer," NPD Group analyst Liam Callahan said in a press release. "In the past, the computer was considered the entry point for gaming for most kids, but the game has changed now that mobile has moved into that position. This may be related to a change in the behavior of parents that are likely utilizing mobile devices for tasks that were once reserved for computers.""

headline should match blurb :D


Comment Re:6 years (Score 0) 127

The real reason android sucks is the apps chew up 10x more cpu cycles to run with the shitty ass java backed system they use. The result is the os, apps, and experience is worse and slower than on competing systems like iOS or even Windows.

Google makes bad design choices and the OS needs to be scrapped and redone.

The reason why Android is good, is the apps and linux underneath it.

Alternatives? I don't consider iOS an alternative because its closed app market place with restrictions on software design forced down developers throats which amounts to censorship and crippling of apps. Windows 10 Mobile is looking interesting, so is the prospect of full blown Windows 10 Pro phones. :)

I already liked MS software from the days of owning a zune which is where all the ideas for metro and windows phone came from. The reason I will switch is for the speed improvements, more responsive apps, and hopefully more power user apps. What I will likely give up initially is app support .. which is why I haven't been able to switch yet. Will reevaluate once Windows 10 makes it onto more mobile devices..


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