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Comment: is this true (Score -1) 1082

by strstr (#49732707) Attached to: Los Angeles Raises Minimum Wage To $15 an Hour

because countries like Denmark's minimum wage is $22 an hour, even at Burger King.

so I don't believe this shit that, "companies" are going to fold.

I think that's a farce story being seeded by republicans and rich fuckers / wage enslavers.

they want us to think, the money going to individuals versus to corporations and investors is going to lead to businesses that cannot sustain themselves. but it's simply not true, the money simply diverts from some rich chumps bank account and ends up in the streets circulated to everyone else instead.

and we've looked at things like costs of items and whatnot, they're about the same.

ie, big mac in Australia costs less than the Big Macs in American yet the minimum wage and benefits are significantly worse in America, meaning they aren't paying their employees nearly the same.

this is because, every dollar a corporation saves, and every extra dollar they take in, goes to the corporation and rich investors instead of the employees and society who need it.

cut funding from social security, food stamps, health care, wages, or increase cost to take more from people's resources, all it does is go into the bank of some rich bitch to hoard and never see the light of day again.

the reason: money in the bank creates class separation, so poor become poorer and rich become richer, and rich get what they need in abundance while the poor get nothing. no education, no housing, no health care, excessively overworked, nada. money equates to power politically, whoever has money is on top and whoever doesn't have money is on the bottom enslaved to who does have it. so there's a huge incentive to keep money and prevent others from getting it, the same as they like to buy all the senate and congressional seats to control the laws that re-enforce their power letting them dominate the entire planet in safety with militaries and police there to back and protect them. ;)

Comment: Alamogordo, New Mexico: Our trash, your treasure. (Score -1) 107

by strstr (#48326723) Attached to: Landfill Copies of Atari's 'E.T.' End Up On eBay

Looks like something from the sewer someone is trying to sell on eBay for $150-$250 dollars a pop! Basically chunks of fucking trash that was buried underneath and next to other trash all of it decomposing for 30 years!

This may have been worth something if the carts were buried inside sealed containers, but it appears the carts were seriously damaged by the environment they were in..

1. Locate and dig up 30 year old decomposing trash surrounded by all sorts of other trash.
2. Put on eBay.
3. ???
4. Profit!

Comment: Alamogordo, New Mexico: Our trash, your treasure. (Score -1) 107

by strstr (#48326675) Attached to: Landfill Copies of Atari's 'E.T.' End Up On eBay

Looks like something from the sewer someone is trying to sell on eBay for $150-$250 dollars a pop, for a piece of fucking trash that was buried underneath and next to other trash all of it decomposing for 30 years!

This may have been worth something if the carts were buried inside sealed containers, but it appears the carts were seriously damaged by the environment they were in..

1. Dig up 30 year old decomposing trash.
2. Put on eBay.
3. ???
4. Profit out the ass off of trash!

Comment: Re:Submitter addicted to technologies (Score -1) 291

by strstr (#48210335) Attached to: Will Fiber-To-the-Home Create a New Digital Divide?

first of all, you have access to a 100Mbps/100Mbps. no one else in America does. the connections average 12Mbps down. the upload is significantly less.

connections could average 10Gbps/10Gbps w/ no bottleneck. but the lack of a system like this, which would make nearly all transfers instantaneous and w/o delay or latency increases, means we will continue to sit for hours transferring large files, and being unable to back up our entire systems in seconds to internet connected machines, etc.

there is also no hosting at home today because home connections suck. my personal website for example sucks up 90Mbps average, and I only get 400 visits a day. I could be hosting this at home on my own fiber connections, instead I am near the limit I might get kicked off my shared plan - and there is nothing better unless I spent $200 for a dedicated server. Fiber at home for $70, or $200 for a retarded dedicated server located in someones rack somewhere? hmm..

Comment: Re:All the movies had women in business (Score -1) 786

by strstr (#48204899) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

What goes on is that media ultimately shapes and programs people into certain molds. They learn stereotypes, behaviors, dislikes, and appropriateness, by mimicking what they see and having their brain stimulated by what they come into contact with. So if they were exposed to things that made them feel like the whole realm was meant for boys, and if everyone felt that was "right" when they actually came into contact with it (basically if peoples brains actually were already programmed to listen to the massly broadcasted mind control messages fed by media, corporations, and blah, blah), they would basically believe that and fall into the molds.

Now schools and stuff play a roll, too. So if in early childhood, and early life experiences, there gender differences were programmed, each person would naturally in their own mind tend to follow the paths that were seemingly appropriate, laid out for them, and all that. What's worse is each person would physically follow this and believe it, and continue the pattern and practice of discussing, feeling, and seeing the world through these narrow means, because they themselves had been programmed to think and follow and know only that. The way the brain works of course, are the ideas, conceptions, things people see, hear, all that, images and sound broadcast into the mind through TV and radio, stereotyping or even just joking and satire, all this shapes the mind because stimulation like this makes those brain regions more dominant, it basically molds their personality and perceptions and behaviors, no one can actually escape it. This is why seeding healthy messages early is important, but in a capitalistic society where things are only done for profit rather than for best outcome, this isn't happening. Also military and government like us to be retarded, there are ties to early mind control tactics developed by the CIA, Disney, and others, that essentially help to control society and make it more profitable and more of what it is today. Meaning, the flaws we have, those are all by design, it's deliberate, they created it all entirely..

What we have today is a society, people, and system, set up to make us follow our leaders, and that includes gender rolls and other shit, making the girls girls, boys boys, and all sorts of other problems (The CIA/Military also likes a more aggressive crop of people, it's that sophisticated, they are doing this..)...

They also love people to be thrown off, manageable, and chasing the white rabbit their whole lives, never able to get the big picture, avoiding any sort of ricing up / independent thinking that might lead to disobedience.. (think back to the Cypher character in The Matrix movie. See how he'd rather have a nice juicy steak, than to have his freedom? Typical American, unwilling to go against anything wrong, including the man that might cut off his paycheck and access to a steak. The American government also set up a distribution network of steak, to keep the supply coming, for those who accept the program.) :D

Comment: Re:to clarify what this means. (Score -1) 134

by strstr (#47825317) Attached to: After Celebrity Photo Leaks, 4chan Introduces DMCA Policy

remember w/ McKayla Maroney, she claims the pictures were faked though. if truly faked, there is no claim for prosecution, and she has no claim for damages.. :)

and I doubt the original model if faked will be identified unless they come forward to make a claim.

fakes = legal so. it really only matters the age of the actual models/flesh used.

Comment: this is a jokeh (Score -1) 134

by strstr (#47825247) Attached to: After Celebrity Photo Leaks, 4chan Introduces DMCA Policy

you don't have to follow DMCA if you don't want. basically there are things that weren't copyright violations under the old system before DMCA, and in that case if it was legal before it's legal now. this includes fair use of material, transformative and educational works.

with the DMCA system, anyone can submit a take down notice, claiming to be the copyright owner, and in my experience on YouTube and Facebook, this leads to mistakes and content that is knocked offline simply because someone else states a claim to ownership, even fake owners. Someone did this to Neowin's Facebook page, knocking it offline when Facebook refused to acknowledge who the true owner of the name Neowin was. plenty of content is forced offline from YouTube simply because "in the background" someone is playing a copyrighted song.

if DCMA was honored 100%, technically all material is copyright owned that is not in the public domain. this includes clip art, graphics, logos, jpegs, gifs, audio, movie clips, pictures of other peoples copyrighted works, etc.

a site like 4chan if copyright was 100% enforced thus could not exist. because almost all the content is someone's copyright or trademark. pictures of animal characters for example, movie clips, even the art of someone else that they post is copyrighted..

with DCMA there is a system in place of no due process, so technically they don't even have to prove ownership in court to force 4chan to comply with take downs. It will be hard for 4chan to weed out who is a fake or legit filing of DCMA take down notices, and it opens the system up to both abuses from people who want to sabotage this type of site & finally over aggressive filing of legit complaints that seem absurd but are actually allowed under the DCMA.

DCMA enables full censorship of a site like 4chan, and thus the internet community, all with no due process or court oversight.. They don't even have to prove damages before requiring content to be taken offline with that law.. Rip 4chan if someone decides to take advantage of any of this. ;)

Comment: Re:Not an open problem. (Score -1) 161

by strstr (#47810847) Attached to: New HTML Picture Element To Make Future Web Faster

this certainly sounds like the best solution. it's sort of like "bitrate" pealing. one file, all resolutions/quality levels built in.

the tag is not going to be a killer app because it's already possible to do this with JavaScript. JavaScript reads the screen resolution & downloads the appropriate version.

It does not need to be a dedicated tag to do it.

What fucking idiots. :B

Comment: another executive order exists, much more powerful (Score -1) 180

by strstr (#47783703) Attached to: The Executive Order That Led To Mass Spying, As Told By NSA Alumni

Executive Order 13526 was issued on December 29, 2009 by United States President Barack Obama. It is the latest in a series of executive orders from US Presidents outlining how classified information should be handled. It revokes and replaces the previous Executive Orders in effect for this, which were EO 12958 (text) and EO 13292 (text).

Within this order, and previous orders signed by President Bush, and other Presidents, exists the ability to create classified systems called Special Access Programs. In a Special Access Program, the entire program is black and hidden. And it bypasses the FISA court just the same, as normally only those involved in the operation even have knowledge of it's function or existence.

Within these programs you'll find space capability, military radar, electronic warfare systems, ground and building penetrating tomography, and brain hacking / surveillance technologies, to which the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOD, and local and state governments are all utilizing to spy on and even to commit rapes and murders of American citizens. Details of operations with insider whistleblowers, NSA Russell Tice and DOD/CIA/US DOJ/NASA Dr. Robert Duncan: There's a good Russell Tice article talking about how Edward Snowden didn't have access to the juiciest documents, those hidden in Special Access Programs, Exceptionally Controlled Information programs, and Very Restricted Knowledge programs.

Video w/ Russell Tice available on this page and that previously mentioned page.

Two technologies are involved in these programs: NSA Remote Neural Monitoring and NSA Electronic Brain Link.

Sec. 4.3. Special Access Programs.

(a) Establishment of special access programs. Unless otherwise authorized by the President, only the Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence, or the principal deputy of each, may create a special access program. For special access programs pertaining to intelligence sources, methods, and activities (but not including military operational, strategic, and tactical programs), this function shall be exercised by the Director of National Intelligence. These officials shall keep the number of these programs at an absolute minimum, and shall establish them only when the program is required by statute or upon a specific finding that:
(1) the vulnerability of, or threat to, specific information is exceptional; and
(2) the normal criteria for determining eligibility for access applicable to information classified at the same level are not deemed sufficient to protect the information from unauthorized disclosure.

(b) Requirements and limitations.
(1) Special access programs shall be limited to programs in which the number of persons who ordinarily will have access will be reasonably small and commensurate with the objective of providing enhanced protection for the information involved.
(2) Each agency head shall establish and maintain a system of accounting for special access programs consistent with directives issued pursuant to this order.
(3) Special access programs shall be subject to the oversight program established under section 5.4(d) of this order. In addition, the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office shall be afforded access to these programs, in accordance with the security requirements of each program, in order to perform the functions assigned to the Information Security Oversight Office under this order. An agency head may limit access to a special access program to the Director of the Information Security Oversight Office and no more than one other employee of the Information Security Oversight Office or, for special access programs that are extraordinarily sensitive and vulnerable, to the Director only.
(4) The agency head or principal deputy shall review annually each special access program to determine whether it continues to meet the requirements of this order.
(5) Upon request, an agency head shall brief the National Security Advisor, or a designee, on any or all of the agency's special access programs.
(6) For the purposes of this section, the term “agency head” refers only to the Secretaries of State, Defense, Energy, and Homeland Security, the Attorney General, and the Director of National Intelligence, or the principal deputy of each.

(c) Nothing in this order shall supersede any requirement made by or under 10 U.S.C. 119.

They can basically do whatever they want in Special Access Program. Anything, and everything, above the US constitution. There is no oversight at all.

Comment: CenturyLink (Score 2, Insightful) 110

by strstr (#47770177) Attached to: CenturyLink: Comcast Is Trying To Prevent Competition In Its Territories

Should be forced to build out to poor areas. Reason is they will do exactly as Comcast says, they will not upgrade the rest of their piss poor infrastructure leaving it like it is now, where many houses even in nice neighborhoods can only get 1.5Mbps shit. Lucky for us Comcast is around because cable is the only viable Internet solution currently available because companies like CenturyLink fell back on promises of delivering proper broadband and deploying fiber ages ago.

Did you know in the 1990s these phone companies said the definition of broadband was 40Mbps and they would deploy it if given what they wanted? We never saw it and they got what they wanted.

What we gotta realize is that these companies aren't around to be purely profit driven and they have a mandated duty as a utility company to properly deploy fiber to each and every home which is consistent with keeping their systems modern and capable, which the public has an interest in. If we don't add important requirements for them to follow they shit on people and never do their job, which their job is to do what the communities around them want.

I am also for making it so whom ever deploys fiber first can do it, even the city, state, federal government, or private company, even if existing franchise agreements disallow it. BECAUSE WE SHOULD HAVE HAD FIBER DEPLOYED 14+ FUCKING YEARS AGO BUT IT DIDN'T HAPPEN BECAUSE OF THIS NON SENSE AND PRICKS IN POWER THAT LET THE COMPANIES MILK THE SYSTEM.

Comment: just make sure (Score -1) 643

by strstr (#47769921) Attached to: U.S. Senator: All Cops Should Wear Cameras

audio is recorded and that officers must submit to FMRI for lie detection, then we got a secure method of weeding out bad and lying cops.

without audio you might miss out on verbal abuse from the police or some type of verbal issue that is very important.

another thing since we're talking about security here, we should add audio to all jails, prisoners, detainment centers, cop cars, and hospitals used during court and jail procedures.

biggest problem is misconduct by the police.

there is another technology out there deployed on the nation called Remote Neural Monitoring, NSA/US military uses it but it cannot be used to convict a lying cop or government official because it's only used on the public for illegal surveillance. Details @ http://www.oregonstatehospital...

I think the Senator claiming it's for the protection of the cops is a nice one cause if the cops so innocent why he afraid to have oversight?

rules also gotta be: independent examiners can examine the footage, and cops cannot delete any of the footage at any cost for at least 20 years. that way previous misconduct can be reviewed..

this should apply to all nursing aids/jail staff/corrections officers, state, sheriff, police, FBI, and US marshalls, homeland security, US attorney's, and other people who are capable of abusing their discretion.

Comment: repair your batteries using special charger (Score -1) 131

by strstr (#47735745) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Where Can I Find Good Replacement Batteries?

Link to purchaseable chargers (fully patented):

only some batteries may be repairable. it deals with desulfating making the battery basically like new or better, restoring ability to store a charge back to 100% or better. you gotta ask if this works on lithium batteries or not.

Comment: Re: Too much good content is deleted at Wikipedia. (Score -1) 239

by strstr (#47727385) Attached to: Latest Wikipedia Uproar Over 'Superprotection'

none of it's conspiracy theories. read the patent. look up Wikipedia article interferometry. read Dr. Robert Duncan (CIA/DOD/US DOJ/NASA employee)'s book The Matrix Deciphered or Project Soul Catcher vol. 2 (or listen to his many radio/TV interviews, I actually linked to one in the originating post). the satellites got ground and building penetrating interferometry/tomography. interferometry images waves, from space, including brainwaves and body matter.

patent is for a radar system to remotely read and alter brainwaves. no electrodes needed.


"the apparatus may be of type commonly deployed in radar systems"

Fucking cunt trying to deride me with clueless twit false shit... who can't even read or think about what a fucktard he is before posting.

The other line moves faster.