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Comment unfortunately for us - no competition is bad (Score 1) 456

iPhone sucks from a power user perspective. I could never stand the small screen even if that's fixed with the new generation devices, and then the software itself is crippled because Apple forces power user features to be disabled.
Android versions of identical software tends to have more features as such, but the problem I have is the platform is stale. It doesn't improve generation after generation. It's also slow and glitchy. Estimates are the software is about 10 times slower thanks to Java. I like my Android phone but wish it were faster and smoother as a result.
The only alternative on the market would of been Windows 10 Phone but it's been announced as dead.
Only issue I had with Windows is Microsoft killed off the head end devices and device choice became scarce. I tried out a low-end phone and while it wasn't terribly bad, it could have been better. Only problem I had software wise with the platform was the lack of Google Apps such as YouTube. I upload and view plenty of YouTube, and Windows Phone is limited to using a web browser to use the site currently, which is not as nice.

The potential of Windows Phone is nice- by having a full version of Windows, you could potentially run all your Windows Apps including traditional Windows 32 ones wherever you went.

Comment Re:Web OS 3.0 (Score 2) 121

this article says Samsung TV's are doing the same thing as LG;

another article said Vizio TV's do the same thing.

It's standard for everything, every bit of data, everything your TV does to enable your viewing habits and usage to be monitored and recorded without your consent or knowledge.

It's like Google's and cellphones and telephone and internet. you cannot stop them from doing it unless you cut the Internet cord entirely.

The internet is dangerous because it's being used as a feed into your home and life any time you use it.

Comment Re:Web OS 3.0 (Score 1) 121

am I not mistaken that all TVs are vulnerable including Samsung? essentially everything that communicates over the Internet is vulnerable because the Internet is being misused to collect data on and from all citizens. some TV models for example had voice searching and recognition, and all words spoken around the TV were being sent over the internet where intelligence agencies nab it at the fiber optic uplink taps. any files you access or sent were also being intercepted.

the Internet is the problem not the software on our devices or how the data was being handled at the server level (although this is the other problem, because service hosters are misusing data). :)

Comment Re:this is how the public views things (Score 1) 395

errors in the poll.. this poll doesn't mean shit.

1. the poll coaches people along falsely telling them surveillance is used to scan for "terrorist threats" when surveillance is used to spy on and target citizens by local law enforcement, prosecutors, FBI, DEA, and other agencies - stalk, harass, abuse, and even build fake legal cases against them. torture, and murders have been widely reported by 'targeted individuals.'
2. the poll did not educate poll participants on surveillance abuses, or the actual methods being used before asking them if they really agreed to it or not. participants are likely obviously they're all being targeted by the system and have no privacy themselves, as if they were living in a jail with a camera and mic system in their call, all phone calls and mail read and bugged.. the public is retarded about the whole topic.
3. the poll was only of 1000 people; this poll number is so small it does not represent anyone's opinion.

fuck Slashdot for even posting this drivel.

Comment this is how the public views things (Score 1) 395

when they don't even know the full extent of the surveillance let alone the murders, torture and targeted abuses surveillance is being used for.

most citizens don't even know surveillance is used today to enable the government to scan their homes with interferometry using space capability. read all emails and listen to all phone calls. etc.

the government deployed mass psychological warfare to achieve this goal. that citizens would be fine being surveilled and spied on. government for Christ sake called surveillance only "metadata" when it's actually all content saved that travels over the united states fiber optic backbone cables from emails, to photographs, to text messages, to websites visited, to facebook chats. it's all saved and made available to government by fiber optic upstream duplication.

our government does not use surveillance for criminal investigations or fighting terrorism. it's used to control the population. targetedly kill, stalk, torture, track, harass, and abuse citizens. numerous whistleblowers back it up and state such. the folly public doesn't get that message because the mainstream media refuses to cover the issue and takes their orders from the executive branch and department of defense.

Comment wikipedia is junk for propaganda (Score 1) 325

heavy censorship on Wikipedia and edit wars. there's a large body of 'trolls' and for pay shills, and insiders who police Wikipedia to control the information on the site. they're attempting to control the types of information that are on the site and spin it positively for corporations, government, police, and military interests. the site is no good if you're interested in anything factual as such and it's mostly industry propaganda. this is also the fault of the way Wikipedia is set up because the site prefers to use propaganda as sources for information, for example they'll use largely company provided sources for information on mental health drugs and the scientific studies on the subject will be edited out as "conspiracy theory" or not fitting the standard of a "good source."

the whole site is in shambles.

expert information and scientific information is therefore lacking on the site.

one time I decided to try to beef up the articles on mind control and electronic warfare weaponry, citing government articles and psychiatrists who were experts on the issue. because the information I was posting painted the government in a negative light, the information was edited out quickly by troll user who edit wars the pages and is friends with all the administrators. I was quickly banned for attempted to undo his reversals of my edits. a look at the talk pages and logs and I find out dozens of users had been banned and had problem for years with this one troll editor who keeps the pages void of real information and pro-government. he attempts to paint the issue as "not real" or "conspiracy theory" or the product of people's delusions and mental health issues.

nothing you can do about it ..

and the issue isn't new. going back to 2010 users attempted to have a page on synthetic telepathy and that year increasing edit wars to remove and censor the information forced Wikipedia to close the page entirely. even though the technology is real and factual, backed by patents and dozens of victims and police officers who've all used it. and now Facebook has announced the technology is coming to facebook eventually, and IBM did predictions in 2011 that it would be coming to consumer grade technology within 5 years.

The internet is not void of dozens upon dozens upon thousands of reports of Wikipedia censoring pages and peoples content being removed.

Wikipedia is the defacto "psychological warfare" weapon. It's very valuable. Governments and companies seek to control the knowledge base of society, and that includes hiding negative information, spinning negatives as positives, and making up positive information. They invest and use Wikipedia to control what information you'll find readily available if you do a Google search. You'll walk away misled on most subjects. Entire sciences can be hidden and kept from the publics views by censoring the site as can trade secrets and things that harm the public.

Comment Re:did we forget the edward snowden stuff already? (Score 4, Informative) 314

here's a few ways NSA is intercepting it.

1. all data over the internet is being saved so they nab the key as it's being uploaded plus any other data communicated with Microsoft transparently as you use the net. ; if they want to gain legal authority to use the snoop'd data they go for a warrant and get it 'lawfully' from Microsoft, parallel constructing how their case was built. even if Microsoft encrypts the signal communications between their server and the end-user, the data is nabbed, and most definitely all of the encryption codes for end-user and Microsoft server software is de-decryptable by NSA because NSA has all of Microsoft's encryption certificates and has broken most encryption.
2. alt method is Microsoft just gives them all the encryption certificates secretly even without a warrant.

This has been explained before. Check out the Whistleblowers Websites on the issue.

Comment did we forget the edward snowden stuff already? (Score 1) 314

this is no joke. the reason why Microsoft is saving the key is to hand to NSA. the key is not safe. encryption has been broken. every bit of data uploaded over the Internet is saved in NSA databases via upstream fiber tapping. the law didn't change that. even metadata is still being saved.

Microsoft is one of NSA's/DOD's biggest contractors. They secretly hand everything over to them. Your data is being hacked and snooped through even if no one tells you about it.

Comment Re:"poverty" (Score 1) 519

I disagree. We have extreme poverty. Things people actually need costs hundreds to thousands a dollars a month, which they cannot afford, such as regular dental visits, lawyers, tutors, private schools, paid vacations, non-medication based health care, maid service, fully equipped apartment/house, etc.

Those types of things are provided free from the government in Europe.

They have substantially better free services to replace the out of pocket expenses of the same services in the United States.

Comment the first thing I thought when I read this (Score 3, Informative) 519

was that United States poverty actually means extreme poverty where money, education, healthcare, nuturement, homes, cars, transporation, day care, special needs services and all that is completely denied.

and the comparison countries "Germany, UK, Australia,.." are all actually really rich countries with more of a socialism style to their economic systems. In those countries they have completely free healthcare, free college educations, better school systems (although I have no studied each country, I have looked at countries such as Germany which has completely free college education even for people who go there from out of the country, and Finland has a revolutionary system with three teachers per class and 20 student caps, France puts more money into kids and "fixing" life problems, etc).

I grew up in Oregon and as such I was denied all school after the 6th grade, and I had no health insurance and therefore could not see a dentist, psychologist, PCP, or any other type of doctor growing up. Until the year 2011 when Affordable Health Care Act kicked in, there were hundreds of thousands of uninsured children in Oregon .. meaning when they had a health problem, they were denied medical care most of the time.

Oregon just so happens to also have the worst graduation rates .. 70% of disabled kids drop out of school because the services push them out and don't have services for them, and 40% of regular kids drop out.

Compare that to Finland with 95% graduation rate!

In America they also prefer to "drug" kids with medications for mental disorders they don't have, rather than to fix the underlining cause of their problems, which is often times rooted in their homes, poverty, and lack of services and infrastructure for them to succeed in.

Those medications cause IQ drops, autism, brain damage, and prevent learning and fail to actually correct kids/adults problems.

In most of those European countries they also have social housing programs (for example, housing is free in Germany and you also get free basic income, health care, plus education as mentioned before). In America, if you can't afford the sky high rent, you're probably going to be homeless and completely desolate, stressed out wondering the streets or if you're lucky in a bed bug infested ghetto homeless shelter with crap food and dirty insides (they serve people expired food at most of these places).

So the author missed one thing. It does appear the problem is linked to poverty. Because America and those other countries have vastly different systems. Poverty means way different things in America compared to European countries. In America they expect you to "pay for everything out of pocket" but if you cannot do that, you do not get free service drop ins. The rich therefore are the only ones who can afford to properly raise their children in America because they have the money for private schools, private services, tutors, private doctors, private lawyers, leisure, exploration, etc; everyone else suffers and rots. But in Europe, basic services and living needs are free to the poor.

The only way to fix this is to adopt a new United States constitution perhaps based on the one from South Africa, as some US Supreme Court justices indicated was a model replacement for our own. Other countries are already built with better constitutions, as after World War II President Roosevelt sent aids to European/foreign countries and helped build in economic rights into their new constitutions. The United States was to get a new Bill of Rights 2 with economic rights, but when Roosevelt died prematurely, his work was successfully subverted in the United States.

The problem with the United States is purely it's shitty geared for the wealthy and rich constitution.

We don't even have the right to live in dignity, as other nations have. We have no right to basic income. No right to medical care. No Right to social security. No right to a good education. No Right to housing. No Right to food. No right to a living wage and jobs. We are rightless in the United States. We are bled dry by the rich because every penny that does not fund society gets banked by the rich. It takes a constitutional change to force the money to be spent on necessary services for society. Most other countries have these rights.

Comment Re:there's no competition :D (Score 0) 181

oh the subject of T-Mobile, they have some shaddy practices. The biggest one is they're marketing their plans as unlimited but they actually don't have unlimited data. For Their $50 dollar plan, they claim to offer unlimited, but you get 1GB and then after that a limited "always-on data" that is severely limited and capped.

The $95 dollar plan is marketed as truly unlimited, but it's actually secretly capped at 23GB and then after that you are limited because everyone else gets first dibs at data over your connection. In theory, if everyone's sucking up data, you would be limited to 128Kbps or less whereas everyone else is getting 9Mbps or higher on the same tower. It's a 'soft cap'. Your priority as a customer ends at 23GB. It's as bad as offering an unlimited connection with 23GB of full speed "LTE."

Comment there's no competition :D (Score 0) 181

15 years ago we had competition. every hickdick could get a DSL or T1 line and sell dialup.

there were choice of dozens of ISPs in every town. lots of dial up numbers to choose from, from an endless supply of suppliers. such as AOL, AT&T WorldNet, UUNet, SegaNet, NetZero, FreeWWWeb, FreeInternet, EarthLink, lots of local ones, ..

That's just a handful who I was personally a customer of. The companies were forced to compete by offering new sign ups deals of $200 rebates to get people to switch to their company, meaning you could get dial up for practically free even if you had a monthly bill.

The competition ensured that Internet was available at a variety of tiers ranging from free (ad-supported), to $9.95 a month, to $19.95 a month, topping out at about $24.95 a month for AOL.

The internet was almost 100% profit as it is today. But today the FCC under the Republican's rules killed off line sharing back in 2004. There were rules at one point to force cable and DSL providers to open the lines like phone systems were open. DSL and cable lines were just ways of "hiding" the dialup number. You had EarthLink providing Internet over cable, and a multitude of DSL companies offering Internet. In my area we had MegaPath, Speakeasy, and Qwest to choose from. Qwest even offered a $24.95 a month DSL line w/ unlimited internet for $2.99.

Then all that was killed and now internet prices are sky high, there's no competition, and companies keep trying to push up the profits.

According to Huffington Post, Internet costs $1.23 to provide per home over Time Warner cable's systems. But they're charging way more than that, in the range of $50-$100+. And they're looking to add overages and "bandwidth caps" with the sole purpose of pushing profits even higher than 97%+.

We cannot and will never have an open Internet as long as companies own the lines and set the prices and can refuse to invest money in upgrades (the reason we're stuck with DSL and cable, and fiber is nowhere near being offered).

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