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Comment: Re:Friday afternoon beer party and startups (Score 1) 274

by strong_epoxy (#46919369) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Joining a Startup As an Older Programmer?

There's no difference between TGWLBP, the cliques who take a 15 minute smoke breaks every hour and a half, hang out at the water cooler, play golf Wednesday afternoons, basketball on Fridays, or go out to lunch every day. That's where business is discussed and decisions are made. Throughout history. Not in company therapy sessions sponsored by HR.

If you don't like it, find another company that suits you. And good luck changing human nature with the bludgeon of HR.

Comment: We're trying to save liberal ideology... (Score -1, Troll) 83

by strong_epoxy (#32488124) Attached to: Google's Plan To Save the News Through Reinvention

...not necessarily newspapers. Information vehicles (newspaper, radio, TV) that support liberal ideas are failing and the challenge is how to prop them up, like NPR/PBS. Conservative information vehicles require no such support. Naturally attacking and handicapping those conservative vehicles must be a central part of any liberal media support plan executed by the government and Google.

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