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Comment: Re:Evercookie is clever (Score 1) 186

by stompertje (#33957972) Attached to: Un-killable 'Evercookie' Killed<nobr> <wbr></nobr>... Sometimes
Why would ordinary users have to know the difference between a virus and a trojan? Teach them a few simple rules for safe computing that anyone can understand and that's it. I don't need to know how a Diesel engine works or how it differs from other engine types, as long as I put in the right kind of fuel (oblig. car analogy).
The Internet

Woman's Nude Pics End Up Online After Call To Tech Support 197

Posted by samzenpus
from the how-was-your-service-today? dept.
Tara Fitzgerald couldn't find the nude pictures she planned on sending to her boyfriend, but instead of just taking more, she decided to see if a Dell tech support call could fix her problem. Apparently the tech support guy found them. Unfortunately, he then put them up on a site called "bitchtara."

Comment: Re:Our school system must change to reflect this. (Score 1) 115

by stompertje (#30350432) Attached to: Devices To Take Textbooks Beyond Text
You obviously don't know much about learning and teaching. Having a student reread pages until they pass the test is a waste of time. If you don't understand the material after reading (maybe twice), you need a different explanation of the material; something that any competent teacher will recognize.

Comment: Re:Aliens or AI FTW. (Score 1) 903

by stompertje (#29340035) Attached to: Which Breakthrough Is Most Likely?

Because genetically speaking, we have evolved to cooperate as a community.

No, genetically speaking, we have evolved to cooperate as a tribe. Now we can crash the skulls of other, smaller tribes and take their bananas.

Better yet, our alpha males have learned how to frighten lesser tribe members into believing that other tribes are out to take our wives and kill our babies, in order to convince them to go crash some skulls and bring the bananas home.

Comment: Re:My metricts.. (Score 1) 354

by stompertje (#29339979) Attached to: Chrome 4.0 Vs Opera 10 Vs Firefox 3.5

Browser requirement checklist:
* Comes with the distribution repositories and is stable, maintainable and patched

How is it then, that everybody and their aunt complains about the fact that the Windows distributions have included a browser for ages? Aah, you mean because of the stable, maintainable and patched part of the requirement...

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