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Comment: pricey? (Score 1) 213

by stoatwblr (#49102367) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

That depends on their speed.

The going rate for 95R/95W MB/s 64Gb microSDXC devices is between $90 (Sandisk) and $130 (Samsung) depending on the maker.

The fact that these don't have any speed rating on them doesn't inspire much confidence.

Other articles say "class 10", but all devices faster than 10MB/s are class 10 and SDXC requires that as min spec. The UHS ratings would be more relevant.

On the other hand, it's Sony and they're reknowned for gold plating turds.

Comment: Re:Hmm, maybe (Score 1) 213

by stoatwblr (#49102329) Attached to: Sony Offers a "Premium Sound" SD Card For a Premium Price

The downside of potting things is that they get hotter. I've seen one design where potting caused a power transister to get hot enough to melt its solder joints - and as the potting shrank with age it eventually pulled the thing off the board.

The kicker is that the design in question is the electronic controller at the core of the ICE/NAV system of a Nissan Primera and Nissan's solution is to charge $2000 to fix it - by swapping out the module for one with exactly the same design fault.

After word got around what the problem is, some 3rd party outfits started offering to do the repair for about $100 (it's about 90 mins work to disassemble/fix/reassemble) and dealers started offering to charge $500 for repairs - by sending them to the 3rd party outfits.

Comment: Re:But, but, you're using logic and science (Score 1) 328

by stoatwblr (#49081589) Attached to: Federal Study: Marijuana Use Doesn't Increase Auto Crash Rates

"where with alcohol one metabolizes roughly 1 drink/hour "

There's at least one human gene variant which results in the secondary metabolization rate ( acetaldehyde breakdown) dropping by 90%. Sufferers tend to get extremely red faces after 1 or 2 drinks.

The effects of acetaldehyde buildup are just as bad as the primary alcohol intoxication (probably worse as they add nausea and other problems to the mix)

On top of that any form of liver impairment will slow down processing as will a number of other physiological conditions. The overall "1 drink per hour" meme is an optimistic rule of thumb which has put many people on the wrong side of the law.

Comment: Re:But, but, you're using logic and science (Score 1) 328

by stoatwblr (#49081503) Attached to: Federal Study: Marijuana Use Doesn't Increase Auto Crash Rates

These other distracted driving issues are happening because traffic police across the western world are concentrating on the easily measured types of offences such as speeding (paying no attention to heavy fog making the posted speed limit dangerous), etc and are given targets of tickets to give out (revenue gathering) instead of being commended for road safety initiatives and crash rate reductions.

In the absence of "more cops patrolling", the better answer is probably "greater vehicle automation" - to the point where people don't want to drive and are essentially passengers for the most part.

As others have pointed out, spaced out/distracted drivers will do utterly stupid things in the complete absence of intoxicants and other drivers clearly see driving as intoxicant enough (I keep that kind of shit to circuits, where other people's lives aren't at risk.). Even the best drivers make mistakes every day.

Drunk driving itself has dropped away dramatically in most countries. It's no longer seen as socially acceptable and that's been a bigger factor in the reduction than fines or prison sentences. That's allowed distracted driving to get some attention.

Comment: Re:But, but, you're using logic and science (Score 1) 328

by stoatwblr (#49081407) Attached to: Federal Study: Marijuana Use Doesn't Increase Auto Crash Rates

It's 0.05% in Australia and has been for 40 years - there's no prohibition there by any stretch of the imagination.

Most of europe is at 0.05 and has been for a long time, etc.

The point is that that level is set to be where the effects _start_ to be seen, not where they're already 5-10 times more likely to cause a crash. Given that a car is a seriously nasty weapon, there are good reasons for not allowing people to drive 'em on public roads if their risk levels are increased.

FWIW: A study 30 years ago concluded that driving with a head cold was at least 4 times worse in terms of reaction times and situational awareness than driving at 0.08

+ - Fatal Texas Trucking Accident had Potential to be Even More Deadly

Submitted by MelindaWhite
MelindaWhite (3825369) writes "Automobile accidents between two passenger vehicles are often very tragic. However, the damage of an automobile accident is magnified when it is between a passenger vehicle and a large truck. It is estimated that approximately every 16 seconds there is an automobile accident involving a truck that results in severe injury or fatalities.

A Deadly, Fiery Texas Trucking Accident

An example of just how severe accidents involving semi trucks can be is what took place on the Texas S.H. 161. In this incident, a 59-year-old resident of Clarksville, Tennessee was involved in a dramatic crash that resulted in his death.

According to authorities, James Anthony Long was driving west on I-30. For reasons that are still unclear, his trailer truck veered to the right off the shoulder, went through the guardrail, through the retaining wall, and then fell into the turnpike below and became engulfed in flames.

Video captured by the North Texas Tollway Authority shows that when Long's truck sped into the Tollway out of control, it was seconds from crashing into vehicles driving down the highway. Law enforcement officials said that there were multiple variables that played into the fatal accident. While it is unfortunate that the accident resulted in the death of the truck driver, it was very fortunate that the lives of other people were not lost in this incident.

Reasons behind Trucking Accidents

In a good portion of truck related accidents, negligence on the part of the driver is involved. Across the United States it is illegal for a trucker to be on the road for more than 11 hours. However, some drivers in an attempt to arrive to the destination early will continue driving after the 11 hour limit has passed. As a result of this, they are tired, have slower reaction time, and often fall asleep behind the wheel.

These statistics do not mean that commercial truck drivers are as a whole reckless. In fact, according to reports done by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, approximately 75 percent of automobile accidents involving trucks happen as a result of an error on the part of the passenger vehicle. Only 16 percent of truck accidents can be blamed on the truck driver.

The excessive weight of a commercial truck can play a role in automobile accidents. In the incident mentioned at the outset of this article, the commercial truck was carrying ceramic tile. According to a report filed by the police, it was full to capacity. A fully loaded commercial truck can weigh in excess of 80,000 pounds. This weight makes maneuvering, stopping, and avoiding obstacles difficult.

Help for Victims of Truck Related Accidents

While it is sad that the accident on S. H. 161 resulted in the death of the truck driver, it is fortunate that there were not more victims involved. Victims of truck related accidents, including the families of drivers who were injured or killed in these accidents, should speak to trucking accident personal injury lawyers. These lawyers are familiar with the laws pertaining to trucking accidents and they have the experience dealing with trucking companies, insurance agencies, and shipping businesses to see to it that all of the victims involved in a trucking accident receive the compensation they deserve."

Comment: The issue is NOT net neutrality (Score 3) 62

The real issue - the elephant in the room which the net neutrality debate serves to dance around - is lack of effective local competition.

The USA professes free trade, etc, etc but is actually one of the most restrictive countries to do business - and (possibly illegal) state/regional sweetheart deals on local loop mean there is no effective competition for broadband services (A duopoly is as bad as a monopoly and in most areas there is a legislated monopoly on local loop).

With effective competition, net neutrality is a non-issue. There's a reason that this is only popping up in the USA and that's because the vast majority of consumers face a market with either only 1 or 2 broadband providers.

Meantime in Europe, I sit on a 100Mb/20Mb VDSL circuit - unthrottled - getting full bandwidth - and knowing that if my ISP plays stupid games with access to Netflix I can switch to another one with 2 phone calls. They know it too, so they actually provide good customer service instead of the surly service commonly encountered Stateside.

+ - Spamhaus under attack (in court this time)-> 1

Submitted by stoatwblr
stoatwblr (2650359) writes "Disclaimer: I am not spamhaus, but I respect their work. This is NOT linked off their website.

The following message has been circulated on several spamfighting lists.

"As folks may have noticed from Twitter, Spamhaus is currently the target of a lawsuit filed in the UK by a US bulk sender better known in the anti-spam world as 'Mamba Hosting' — an outfit which since 2008 has managed to rack up an impressive 184 SBL listings and get terminated by over 50 hosts.

As the case has been filed in the UK we intend to defend it vigorously. Our defence aims to reveal the extent of this outfit's spam activities over the last years. Our goal is to impress upon the court the scale and subterfuge used by this outfit with overwhelming evidence to counter any claims of sending only to opt-in lists.

To ensure the court views the bulk of evidence as unquestionably large, that the scope is global, and with many victims beyond just Spamhaus' trap network, Spamhaus will appreciate additional spam samples from folks here who have been on the receiving end of spam from this outfit under its many different names.

Thanks for your assistance!

Steve Linford
Chief Executive
The Spamhaus Project"

If you have any interest in helping Spamhaus, please respond to Matt@spamhaus and he will provide IP ranges, timeframes, and a submission address"

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