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Comment: Re:what will be more interesting (Score 1) 660

by stoatwblr (#49378189) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

7: Called a Burmese man a "slope" (casual racism) -
8: Described mexicans as ""a lazy, feckless, flatulent oaf with a moustache, leaning against a fence asleep".
9: Described malaysian cars as being built in the jungle by people wearing sandals.
10: Deliberately used the word N****r whilst recording a segment (rerecorded it when he realised he wouldn't get away with it)
11: Drove around India with a toilet seat in the boot of a jaguar as a comment on the sanitation
12: Drove around the american south with a car spraypainted with comments about rednecks.
13: Characterised Albania as being full of mafia dons
14: Did a fair amount of environmental damage in Botswana's Makgadikgadi salt pan
15: Nazi salutes in a BMW review along with comments that the Satnav only had directions to Poland.
16: casual racism again: Named his dog Didier Dogba (Black soccer player)
17: Ranted on prime time national TV (The One Show) that public sector workers who were on strike at the time - "should be executed in front of their families"
18: Homophobic jokes directed at George Michael (and others, various gay slurs in various programs)

etc etc etc.

A good chunk of this has happened in the last 18 months and _no one_ believes the claims about the argentinean number plate being coincidental, as it was registered to a completely different vehicle.

Comment: Re: what will be more interesting (Score 1) 660

by stoatwblr (#49378107) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

> "Not for profit" does not mean the company cannot hold a surplus of funds between each year. It means it cannot pay "profits"

This restriction doesn't put any restriction on paying utterly obscene amounts to various staff. The same applies to UK charities.

This results in people who hardly do any work getting six-figure (UK) take home pay (and is one of the reasons that the UK decided that "speed^H^H^H^H^Hsafety camera partnerships" could no longer keep the money they collected, as the amounts in question became more widely known)

Comment: Re: what will be more interesting (Score 1) 660

by stoatwblr (#49378089) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

"Top Gear has been making a lot of money for BBC that the non-profit BBC could then channel back into other productions, right?"

That's not how it works, unfortunately.

The TV license goes 100% to the BBC, who don't have to do much justification about how they spend it - and revenue collection is done by a fully owned BBC subsidiary (TV licensing Ltd), which in turn farms the actual work out to a debt collection company (Capita) and works on the assumption that every household has a TV, so any address which doesn't have a license must be watching TV illegally.

I've been getting their threatening letters for 12 years despite having a license - because my address is doubled up. It's fun to see how fast their "inspectors" can run when you point a camera at them and follow them down the street.

Comment: Re:Let me fix that for you... (Score 1) 660

by stoatwblr (#49378073) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

There have been several sources which indicated that the reason they were late back to the hotel is that Clarkson held the crew up.

The thing is, the entire crew will be under orders to stay quiet or be fired.

It was Clarkson himself who brought the assault to the BBC's attention, everyone else was keeping their mouths shut as they thought the victim had been sacked and they didn't want to be next.

The whole story may never be known. The BBC is known for being fairly vindictive when people blab.

... though his invention worked superbly -- his theory was a crock of sewage from beginning to end. -- Vernor Vinge, "The Peace War"