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Tatooine's Double-Sunset a Common Sight 132

Posted by Zonk
from the double-shadows-means-twice-as-scary dept.
anthemaniac writes "Thirty years ago, Luke Skywalker beheld something that scientists are just now realizing is likely quite common in the universe: double sunsets. Astronomers have long known that binary star systems are common. And models suggested that planets could form in these systems, even though there's a double-tug of gravity on the material that would have to form a planet. Observations from NASA's Spitzer telescope, show that binary systems are just as likely to be surrounded by planet-forming debris disks are are lone stars."
PlayStation (Games)

+ - PS2 still the highest selling game console

Submitted by
Van Cutter Romney
Van Cutter Romney writes: "The PlayStation 2 remained the highest selling game console over the holiday season with 1.4 million units sold. This was more than the XBOX 360 which sold 1.1 million units; the Nintendo Wii which sold 604,000 units and lastly the PS3 selling 491,000 units. The PS2's high sales volume is attributed to its recent price reduction from $149 to $129.

Among games, Gears of War for XBOX 360 was the top grosser followed by Guitar Hero 2 for the PS2."

+ - More and more Custom Search Engines

Submitted by
An anonymous reader writes: Google lauched the Google Co-Op Custom Search Engine in October 2006, and since them lots of customized searchers focused the public somewhere else from the classic google search, like these Google Picks. For the geeks, you can use the RPG Search Engine, for instance. More and more people are helping to label all info over the Internet. Will it be the new trend in searching?

Journal: Genealogy Website Publishes Immigrants' Documents

Journal by taketheleap
CBC is reporting about a new online database website,, allows users to search through more than 30 million passengers of ships destined for Canada, Australia, India, New Zealand and the United States from as far back as 1890. The site's search can be narrowed by name, port of departure, destination country and destination port.

AMD Announces New PC Case Standard

Submitted by OSTG Marketing
AMD is doing their part to spread small form-factor PCs with DTX . DTX is an open specification which will help vendors "make solutions that are 'smaller, quieter and desktop-friendly,' and also competes with Mini-ITX and its related form factors." "AMD said the standard would define just the minimum set of parameters necessary for interoperability, which would give vendors some room to create designs on their own. DTX should allo

+ - Google to Get You Real Time Financial Quotes for F

Submitted by
r4rok writes: "Today, real-time quotes are not freely and easily available on the web. Some websites offer one real-time quote at a time, but typically only after you have enrolled in a service and/or signed a complicated legal agreement. Other sites approach the problem differently and show you streaming delayed data, but that doesn't solve the problem either ... Read more"
The Internet

+ - The Pirate Bay Wants to Buy Sealand

Submitted by Robert Goatse
Robert Goatse writes:
The Pirate Bay together with the ACFI have worked out a plan to buy the micronation of Sealand. Future citizens of this country can look forward to high speed Internet and the absence of copyright laws. Check it out

+ - Conversion of proprietary codebase into GPL?

Submitted by mrthoughtful
mrthoughtful writes: We have worked for several man-years on the development of various proprietary software components, some of which we have no decided to release under GPL, including a new xml scripting language.

What we are looking for is a checklist, or a licensing migration guide in order to best manage the transition regarding the distribution, maintenance and management of OSS under GPL.

Unfortunately, most of the links I can find are based on how users may convert from proprietary to GPL software — but there is little I can find regarding the migration process from the supplier's point of view.
GNU is Not Unix

+ - A Post-Desktop View of Apple and Free Software

Submitted by TheRaven64
TheRaven64 writes: David Chisnall has recently written two pieces describing the post-destop world. The first, on InformIT, discusses how Free Software can take advantage of the transition. In this piece, he claims that Microsoft has already won the desktop war, and it's a mistake for the Free Software community to keep fighting it. The second piece covers how Apple's iPhone and Apple TV fit in to the picture. The article asks:

Apple has lost the desktop war twice now; once with the Apple II and once with the Mac. The iPhone and Apple TV are the first salvos in the post-desktop war. Where exactly do they fit in?

+ - Feds file first charges in HP spying scandal

Submitted by Rob
Rob writes: The first US federal charges in the Hewlett-Packard Co alleged spying conspiracy have been filed by prosecutors against a private investigator, who has been accused of illegally obtaining the private phone logs of a reporter covering HP. Bryan Wagner, who was hired by HP, was charged in a San Jose, California federal court for conspiracy and aggravated identify theft, including unauthorized computer access to information and wire fraud. The complaint said he conspired with "others, known and unknown."
Technology (Apple)

+ - Cisco on the brink of losing iPhone trademark

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: Just when everyone thought that Apple had made a big mistake by announcing the iPhone when Cisco held the rights, it seems Cisco could lose the rights in iPhone in Europe through non-use, according to There's a trade mark attorney talking about it in their podcast (mp3). So what happens if Cisco has the rights in USA and Apple has the rights in Europe?

+ - Origin of Earth's Mysterious Black Diamonds-Space!

Submitted by FatGuyVoice
FatGuyVoice writes: In a paper published online on December 20, 2006, in the journal Astrophysical Journal Letters, scientists Jozsef Garai and Stephen Haggerty of Florida International University, along with Case Western Reserve University researchers Sandeep Rekhi and Mark Chance, claim an extraterrestrial origin for the unique black diamonds, also called carbonado diamonds. ists_discover_origin_of_earths_mysterious_black_di amonds/index.html

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