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Comment: Re:Tactical EMP (Score 1) 208

by stink_eye (#48862775) Attached to: US Army Wants Weapon To Destroy Drone Swarms
I think the reusable part is eclipsed by the need to deliver the burst quickly and with (moderate) accuracy. You wouldn't know which way the swarm was coming or even multiple swarms from multiple directions. How are you going to drive that apparatus to the swarm? Maybe mounted on a shielded jet? But I still think the one time missle delivery would be cheaper more effective...

Comment: That's right... Work Harder! (Score 4, Insightful) 238

Rather than taking actions that short cuts the Constitution of the United States and infringes the rights of the citizen populace you claim to want to protect. Guess what, if the people of the US have lost faith and trust in the Military, Judiciary, Executive, and Legislative branches, as well as in Law Enfiorcement there is a reason for it. It's not some mass hallucination or mob mis-perception. The US Government has undermined the trust of the populace and now it is reaping the consequences. Don't bitch that the job is now harder because of infringements caused by corruption and incompetance within the highest corridors of power within the U.S.

Comment: For reals??? (Score 5, Insightful) 510

by stink_eye (#46013785) Attached to: Senator Dianne Feinstein: NSA Metadata Program Here To Stay
Is this woman for real? She seems very protective of our Great Satan role. There are new vicious terrorists popping up everywhere, especially right here in our own back yard she seems to infer... And what the hell, the president thinks it's a good idea, so those of us in the congressional branch ought to jump right behind him on that, because, you know, he's a politician, we're politicians and we all just roll like that... Everyone knows that the American people don't need/want privacy anyhow... They will all feel so much better once we remove those annoying constitutional freedoms that are such a distraction in their day to day lives. Just like castrating a dog! How does that silly putz stay in office anyhow?

Comment: I am shocked, SHOCKED!!!!! (Score 1) 246

by stink_eye (#44435885) Attached to: Asus CEO On Windows RT: "We're Out."
Anyone that purchased, the grotesquely overpiced Transformer or Transformer Prime models, or experienced ASUS's lack luster support, indecipherable RMI process, on again/off again customer communication strategies or underwhelming, overpromised hardware/software tablet solutions is probably shocked to see this announcement.

The only thing that sucks worse than ASUS as a hardware manufacturer of tablets and OEM distributor/reseller is Microsoft as a tablet desinger/developer who uses ASUS hardware as a platform. It's the rotten olive atop a shit sandwich. Never again will ASUS get my custom...

Comment: Concentrate on your own habits not your fellows... (Score 2, Insightful) 709

by stink_eye (#30668528) Attached to: Office Work Ethic In the IT Industry?
You called it!

'You are in no position to comment, being the new guy.' Although it will be of practically no use telling you this here it is. (I was just as bad in my opening days of corperate employment, and after 15 years in the workforce am only just coming to this conclusion) :

Working hard for your corperate overlords is an excercise in futility, a waste of time akin trying to keep small children and pets amused and content for long periods of time or trying to staunch a sucking chest wound with a paper towel... An ultimately useless and never-ending chore.

Unlike small children and pets these cogs in the corporate machine will keeping sucking the life and productivity out of you until your 'career' becomes a war of attrition to keep providing more justification for your existence in their machine. When you eventually and inevitably fail at that, your career will be chalked up as unnecessary overhead and your job will be shipped to the next person (or continent) that will do your job cheaper even if less effectively.

Concentrate on honing your own skills and becoming competent in your craft so that when that time comes you can either start your own business, or move onto another job...

Working hard for other people is at this point an excercise in futility because corporate entities no longer have loyalty to their people but to an ideal of a pursuing a profit at any cost for as long as it takes them to sell and get out, or until mismanagement and egotism drives it under before it can meet that end.

Serve yourself first, work only as hard as is necessary to keep yourself fed and sheltered. Spend less time observing others work habitats and start examining why they act the way they do. Hone your skills and grow your own opportunities. Once it becomes even marginally hard to do that move on as fast as you can.

Comment: Re:Oh brother. (Score 2, Insightful) 1255

by stink_eye (#29724489) Attached to: FOSS Sexism Claims Met With Ire and Denial

It is quite amusing to read an entire page of comments by men who think that their gender doesn't limit their perspective on this issue. That demonstrates the very root of the problem: maleness is still the default, the essential; a woman's perspective is considered especially different from a man's but the reverse is never true. With very few exceptions, all of the comments on this article reveal an attitude that the male perspective is complete and true while the female perspective is a special subset.

Typical, attack a stereotype with an equally generalized and unsupportable assertion. Because someone does that to your particular group it entitles you to to the same? I read through all the articles modded 3 and higher prior to running across yours, there where plenty of comments representing both sides of the issue.
Unfortunately it seems to me that your statements belie just as much pig headed opinionism and hyperbole as any male chauvensists drivel.

Slashdot is one of the least female-friendly places on the Internet, so this conversation is basically hopeless no matter what. But let me share with you some anti-feminist clichés (courtesy of jezebel.com) so we can at least get them out of the way now.

Great, let's rail about how anti-feminine Slashdot is and then quote examples of that from a site that has nothing to do with Slashdot or wasn't particularly related to the article that spawned this particular thread. Tell you what, why don't you go down through this thread one more time without having your 'agenda blinders' on and show me how many chauvanist quotes there really are? And if/when you do find them why don't you show me where Slashdot actually squelched opinions relating to the matter?

Feminists can't take a joke. The problem is not that feminists can't take a joke. (We can.) The problem is that you can't take feminists seriously.

Generalize much?

Some girls like [X], so it must be okay. Men often disagree on things. Women do too. One woman's disagreement does not invalidate the opinions of every other woman.

No one here ever made such a contention. Nor was this contention made in the original article. Axe to grind?

Criticizing misogyny is a waste of time. This might actually be true here.

Based on your previous statements regarding your lack of a fair shake on slashdot, I take it you mean that is is a waste of time to make your argument to this particular forum? Brilliant! Because it only makes sense to proselytize to people that already agree with you! Ever hear of preaching to the choir loft?

Feminists have no lives. The implication here seems to be that feminists had to have suffered some great personal disappointment. Sorry, no; I just have to endure cat calls from sleazy strangers on my walk to work, get interrupted in meetings (and then get pigeonholed as a bitch for standing up for myself), and frequently have to put up with people who are blind to their own privilege. I really, really wish that my having a life would make this all stop.

Again no one has made this an issue in this forum aside from yourself. You are arguing points that have nothing to do with the thread.
Moving along, nothing of substance to this argument, it's as generalized and hyperbolic as any chauvinist/racist statement I have ever heard made....

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