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Comment I have been streaming events for 4 years (Score 1) 60

I am not a production company. I am an IT geek, and 4 years ago I started streaming our businesses annual event. In summary I found:

- Outbound bandwidth
- Underpowered hardware to transcode and send a realistic stream size.

Reflection Servers:
- Best: Niche providers. 7 Second delay average. Good transcode.
- Worst: "Big name providers", You Tube. 1 minute delays. Transcode quality poor.
- With You Tube, we run our promos and hosted vod. You Tube and potential Copyright claims makes this at .risk
- You Tube ads can introduce bizzare experiences for the user. If your users are in the conservative bracket(many of ours are), this can be catastrophic.

Comment Already in New Zealand (Score 1) 125

Steam switched to "NZ" dollars just before PC GTA V came out. Hence I haven't bought it from Steam. It is NZ$92.

Being NZ this seems to comprise:
- US component of US$60
- NZ dollar conversion: NZ$75
- NZ GST on $75 = $86
- Approx 10% sledge up just..because = $94

My forumla seems to approximately apply. I subscribe to a proxy for US Netflix. I cant seem to work around the Steam thing. It would appear some sites like Netflix turn a blind eye to proxies.

I haven't bought GTA V. I don't want it *that* much.

Comment Facebook bought the whatsapp data (Score 1) 262

"New York's Attorney General says his office will take 'appropriate action' if the data is handed over." So...the data cannot be sold as a single asset, but presumably is ok if bundled with a business as a going concern ala Facebook purchasing whatsApp primarily for the customer phone numbers.

Comment Well, the jig is up for them now. (Score 2) 65

"...who broadcast complex floating point operations and algorithm design to the rest of the world..." IE live coding like a tech presentation.

Not for much longer now the cat is out of the bag.

Twitch is not a replacement for not financially viable. Game streaming is, hence

From Twitch Rules: "Non-gaming, non-music content: Video games, board games, card games, fantasy sports, LARP games, and acceptable music content (see above). And while it's nice to take a break and just chill out with your audience, please ensure that your channel's primary focus is on gaming or music creation."

Comment Re:Good Troll Google good troll (Score 3, Insightful) 79

I believe Google was genuine in their attempts to scope this idea. What Google did get was a lesson in port authorities and waterside workers. The so called secrecy flies in the face of the two traditional groups. Port Authorities do not give up regulatory power, and the workers do not tolerate secrecy. If Google thought this would have been like a land based data center in Oregon or some such place they were sorely mistaken.

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