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Comment: Re:Translation (Score 1) 543

by stilltron (#24418921) Attached to: Google Says Complete Privacy Does Not Exist

I always took Google's 'do no evil' motto as a jab at the 'big brother' concept. Taken at face value and in context, 'Get over it!' is a 'big brother' term.

We've seen Google gather information on user's search info and say, 'It's cool, your privacy is important to us.'

Then we seen Google link that search info to an email address, an online calendaring tool, an online office suite, and online address book, an online photo application, and online pocket book, and soon an online medical record storage application.

So now Google knows (if you use their entire toolbox and stay logged in):
who you are,
knows what you're searching for,
knows who your friends are,
knows what you're doing and when you're doing it, knows what you and your friends look like,
knows how much money you have in your bank account,
knows what you're buying...
and soon will know what ails you.

Any company with that much info, and that much capacity for 'evil' needs to do better than 'Get over it!'.

I think Google has done well so far. They should tread carefully when telling us that privacy doesn't exist... maybe instead they should tell us what the current state of 'privacy' is.

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