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Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 412

:Having relatively recently graduated from

First, note lack of experience in real world.

:Most of my group experiences involved maybe
:half of the group caring about their grade,
:and the other half being ok with a C. You
:then end up with an extremely unbalanced
:work load as the ones who care the most do
:the most and produce the better product.
:Then they usually have to go around and fix
:up the people's work who really didn't care
:as much.

Second, note what has been learned.

:All in all, it rarely leads to a
:produtive group and doesn't teach you much
:about the work force.

Third, note conclusion.

I would argue that your experiences in a group actually have taught you a *TREMENDOUS* amount about what the work force is like. You just haven't had to experience it yet.


Wait until those former co-students are co-workers, and your group doesn't get its bonuses because you weren't able to fix all of the code the moron sitting beside you managed to type up between his AIM chat sessions.

Oh, the times that await you...


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