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Comment: Re:Why bother ... (Score 0, Redundant) 601

by stickytar (#31776240) Attached to: IE9 Throws Down the Hardware Acceleration Gauntlet
But will it run Crysis? No mod points, but parent is right. Technology like this will move real games into the browser. I won't be long before the DirectX toolset it setup to render in HTML5. If Microsoft can grab this then their little netbooks with shared GPU could actually push out some decent gaming and graphic capabilities to you live in a browser (without the need for hard drives).

Google Releases Open Source JavaScript Tools 158

Posted by timothy
from the see-not-evil dept.
Dan Jones writes "Google has open sourced several of its key JavaScript application development tools, hoping that they will prove useful for external programmers to build faster Web applications. According to Google, by enabling and allowing developers to use the same tools that Google uses, they can not only build rich applications but also make the Web really fast. The Closure JavaScript compiler and library are used as the standard Javascript library for pretty much any large, public Web application that Google is serving today, including some of its most popular Web applications, including Gmail, Google Docs and Google Maps. Google has also released Closure Templates which are designed to automate the dynamic creation of HTML. The announcement comes a few months after Google released and open sourced the NX server."

Comment: Re:The beef of Bluetooth is in profiles, not the l (Score 1) 152

by stickytar (#29771263) Attached to: Wi-Fi Direct Overlaps Bluetooth Territory For Connecting Devices
Mod parent up, Bluetooth 3 is on the right track. WiFi radios are so battery expensive, but hugely beneficial in transferring large data files. BT3 will have the ability for the profile to initiate a secure direct WiFi connection only for the life span of the transfer and then turn off the radios again thus keeping this as low-power impacting as possible. Until someone comes up with low power WiFi, BT will be around for a long time.

Comment: I call FUD (Score 0, Redundant) 836

by stickytar (#28377701) Attached to: Montana City Requires Workers' Internet Accounts
This sounds like FUD to me. A quick look at the application for employment doesn't have anything like this on the forms. I'm not sure where this news organization gets their info, but that doesn't sound right.

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