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Comment: using OS as TV front end (Score 1) 342 342

It "sort of" makes sense if the whole OS is a front end to TV. Although a minimalist browser piping ads is probably just as good. That said, a process/thread/whatever running and piping ads to a windows is patentable ? Jeez, if it's configurable I'd configure it to /dev/null.

Comment: Oracle or Alfresco (Score 2) 438 438

We went through this for both document management and web front end for access. We looked through, Sharepoint, Alfresco, Oracle UCM, Reddot and a few others. We dropped most due to cost, functionality, and ease of use for non-developers to do page work. Sharepoint was dropped due to cost in an internet setting (CALs), no non-developer front end for page layout (they couldn't use HTML) and it stores everything in the database. From prior experience this made backup/restore difficult as it keeps the IP ofthe web site in the database when you backup. If you restore to a different machine it gets confused. It was between Oracle and Alfresco. You cannot go wrong with either. Both are extensible, either have what you need built in or can be added easily. Both are good for non-developers to use. Support is very good with either. We went with Oracle. While it did cost more it matched our existing infrastructure.

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