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Comment Re:There's more to it than profit. (Score 2) 232

Yup. The gigafactory is both now, and has always been, their major project. They're going to be in the red until it is built. In the meantime, the waning capital is a chance to invest early for people who are savvy about how revolutionary Tesla is poised to be.

Comment Summer factory work (Score 1) 179

I was employed for the summer at a large knitting mill. I despised the job. NAFTA was passed, and before the ink could dry the company announced that it was moving all operations to Mexico, laying off most of their staff and leaving a skeleton crew to break down the factory. They didn't fire anyone because, you know, then they'd have to provide unemployment benefits. So everyone just got laid off instead. I can't say I was sad to have lost the job. I did however feel bad for the people who had been working at the mill 40+ years who were losing their livelihood and had no other employable skills.

Comment Holy shit (Score 1) 487

Microsoft also adds that Wi-Fi Sense will only provide internet access, and block connections to other things on the wireless LAN

So I'm reasonably certain all this will do is block access to your subnet and only allow traffic to your gateway. Which in any corporate environment is a massive security risk because if they're doing it right, employees are sitting on different subnets (RFC1918 or otherwise). So, yes, random guy who happens to be a contact in Outlook.com (which literally BEGS to let you make every you ever emailed a contact) now has access to every normally permissible network node as long as he's not interested in the wifi subnet.

Yes, most corporations should be using per-employ authentication, and hopefully Sense engineers are dumb enough to share out AD/LDAP credentials (well, maybe they're not smart or interested enough to go into *nix authentication). But that's not always the case.

Can't wait until this is called "Wifigate"

Comment Re:NADA is very powerful. (Score 1) 190

My knowledge of this comes mostly from Wikipedia and a movie I saw called Beer Wars. I took an interest some years ago when Surly Brewing had a long battle with the three tier system in MN. Mostly I just wanted to be able to buy a pint locally.

I've been trying to pay attention to the Tesla vs Dealership battle for a while. Mostly with the hopes that some day I could afford to comfortably pay $90k for a vehicle some day. Though I'd be more than happy to get the Model 3 when it becomes available. :)

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