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GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - FSF asks web devs to ID JavaScript code->

stevenknight writes: Quoting from, "If you are a webmaster who wants to deploy JavaScript on your own site, we suggest following the method below to label those files with license and source code information. It's especially useful in cases where the JavaScript is under a GNU license, but does not include the permission in Appendix A of “The JavaScript Trap.” Followed correctly, this method presents the information prominently enough to comply with the relevant conditions in the GNU software licenses, and it's specific enough that software can confirm the correctness of the information on a site. For more background, please read our rationale document."
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German Ban On Doom Finally Lifted 176

An anonymous reader writes "18 years after its debut, Doom, the game that almost single-handedly popularized the FPS genre (remember when we just called them Doom clones?) is finally seeing the light of legality in the nation of Germany. The lifting of the ban also applies to the beloved sequel Doom II. A release date has yet to be set. I recommend that Germans who have not found some way to play this game over the last 18 years, please do so upon its release. Despite its age, it's still fun as hell. (Pun very much intended.)"

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