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+ - Big Names To Front London Hacker Conference

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Black & White Ball to be held in London, England September 18th-21st released it's final speakers list today. The 'hacker con' is set to kick of with a bang as the world famous Oxblood Ruffin, head of the Cult of the Dead Cow's Hacktivism wing, keynotes the 'Black hat' track. This 'black track' will run for 2 days and will be cover the latest in information attack. The last 2 days of the event will be the 'white track' and will cover defense methodologies. The leading speaker and digital guru Richard Thieme will open up the 'white track' with his keynote speech "Challenges to Identity, Structure and Security"."

+ - CCTV For Your Network?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Whitedust Labs today released a new version of their revolutionary Eve software that allows administrators to visualize network traffic in real-time 3D. So called 'Network CCTV functions' are also included in version 1.2 — network traffic can be logged to an SQL database for later playback and examination. "Imagine coming into work on a Monday morning to find our you've been hacked, whats the first thing you should do? Open up Eve and scroll back the timecode to Saturday morning to see exactly what happened and when" said Jake Black, Eve developer. "CCTV for your network is a mind-blowing idea. Never before have network forsenics been so easy." More..."

+ - Big names in to keynote Black And White Ball

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes " have today announced keynote speakers for The Black And White Ball as Richard Thieme and Oxblood Ruffin of Cult Of The Dead Cow fame. From the press release; "Running from September 18th to 21st the Black & White Ball will present the latest information and network security research. Covering topics such as network penetration, malware generation, hacker methodologies, 0-day attacks, forensic and anti-forensic methods, the Ball will bring together the leading minds from both the White Hat sphere (CSO's, Programmers, Security Architects) and the Black Hat sphere (hackers, crackers, virus writers, digital miscreants). The keynote speakers were also announced today — Oxblood Ruffin from the infamous Cult of the Dead Cow hacking group will present the black hat track keynote speech while Richard Thieme, the world renowned digitial philosopher, will present the white hat track keynote.""

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