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Comment Re:Windows? (Score 1) 134

Paying for Windows is cheaper than not paying for Linux.

If they pre-installed Linux on it, they wouldn't have any bloatware available to defray the cost of the installation.

I don't know about Lenovo, but back when you could still get Linux pre-installed on a Dell, it cost more than the same hardware with Windows. Bloatware companies pay the vendors to include their crap, and it more than pays for the Windows license.

Comment Re:The US gov't is fundamentally incompetent (Score 1) 58

That's an argument I could get behind, but it's not the one I've been hearing.

All I've been hearing about was whether America's secrets were put at risk. If they were sent by email, then they were. If the State Department (or any other government agency) is using email to handle classified material, then they have been risking those secrets.

Comment Re:The US gov't is fundamentally incompetent (Score 4, Insightful) 58

The question is not whether an email server at home is less (or more) secure than one hosted by the NSA. It doesn't matter.

Email is a fscking postcard! nothing of a classified nature should be sent unencrypted, no matter who is hosting it.

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 417

Mmm. Yeah, although listening to music *and* using the car's nav can be too much for it. A year or so ago I was driving in L.A. and using the car's nav as well as playing music from a USB drive when the music stopped and the map froze.

About 5 minutes later the "My Ford Touch" screen displayed a message indicating it was performing scheduled maintenance (Ford Speak for "WinCE is rebooting") and once it finished, it started working again. I chose not to resume the nav session and switched to using the phone for navigation instead.

I haven't had a recurrence, but that's probably because I mainly use the phone for all navigation now. The car does fairly well if all you want is to play music from USB.

Comment Re: The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 417

My Fusion had *6* months of free Sirius/XM. I may have listened to it for a grand total of 15 minutes over that 6 months.
  I don't have a physical Sirius button, it's simply a source on the entertainment list on the touchscreen.

On the other hand, I did pay for the Travelink service from Sirius, since I actually found that to be useful -- it provides traffic overlays on the nav system, weather and gas prices. Also sports scores, movie listings and ski reports, although I can't imagine any of those being useful.

It also came with 3 free years of Sync Services, which is a low budget variation of OnStar. It uses your phone to connect to the service -- not using your data connection, but by using your phone as a dialup *modem*.

Comment Re:Backers don't want DRM (Score 2) 128

If you read the comments on the kickstarter, most of the people who are saying "We never wanted DRM" have specific reasons for wanting a non-DRM device. Mostly having to do with playing from their own internal sources.

None of those were interested in Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon etc. for *this* device. Several commented that there are inexpensive devices available for that kind of content if they wanted it, but that wasn't why they backed this project.

So you're wrong that most of them did not understand what they wanted.

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