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Comment: Re:Google Beta (Score 1) 142 142

At least with Android you get a pop-up asking if you want to perform the upgrade. And you can say "not now."

I've been refusing to "upgrade" my phone to KitKat for a year and a half now. You do have to face the annoyance of the pop-up every 24 hours, but at least you're not forced into a regression.

Comment: Re:Exactly. NEVER change your email address. (Score 1) 265 265

Our Computer Science alumni get to keep their email account on the departmental server. (At least until we replace that server.) Students elsewhere on campus? Not so much.

As a matter of fact, for the last 5 years or so, non-CS students aren't provided with any university associated email address -- they have to provide their own. To be fair, this was largely because most of them already had an address of their own and weren't responding to emails sent to the campus address.

Comment: Re:On Shopping Around (Score 1) 1032 1032

That's a good point, and it makes his argument even more unsupportable. My experience was between 35 and 40 years ago.

I did get scholarships -- a $1000 one-time scholarship and $1500 a year for 4 years. With that and working part time during the year and full time in the summers, I finished a bachelor in physics with no debt. I wasn't living high on the hog, but I wasn't slumming it either. This was at the University of Colorado, so I wasn't getting a bargain basement education, but I also wasn't being extravagant.

I checked a few years ago, and there's no way I would have been able to do that with current prices. But 35 or 40 years ago? If he couldn't get a *good* education without going seriously into debt, he wasn't trying.

Comment: Re:Just ask to remove the project? (Score 1) 145 145

Since that's not an option, maybe the smart thing to do (now that we know the problem) would be to keep your Sourceforge account current and periodically upload a "special" version that pops up a warning, "This software has been downloaded from an untrusted site. Please go to...."

If you renew this version every six months or so they'll have to find a new excuse beyond, "Hey, it was abandoned."

That may not help projects that have already been hijacked.

Comment: Re:One small problem (Score 1) 509 509

ACLU for New Jersey has had a camera app that transmits to the cloud for years. ACLU just recently (as in days ago) rolled out versions for multiple states, apparently only differing by which ACLU office they notify.

Comment: Re:How about basic security? (Score 1) 390 390

Good points. I'd been under the impression that link local addresses were the only ones based on MAC address, but a little investigation shows me that there are schemes that also use the MAC address for public addresses.

And you're also right that admins are likely to choose addresses that are simpler for them if they assign them manually.

But all this is moot if a working firewall is in place. And that's really no different than the IPV4 situation.

Comment: Re:RTFA (Score 1) 187 187

I live next door to a Costco. If I'm running low, I can run next door.

If I had one of these buttons, its battery would be dead by the time I need to order again. My Costco package of TP or paper towels usually lasts me about three years. Laundry detergent maybe a year or so. My 4-pack of giant toothpaste tubes is a couple of years worth.

It's not so much that I'm organized, but I usually become aware that I'm low on those things a month or two in advance, when the gaping hole in the closet where I keep that stuff jumps out at me.

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