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Comment Re:Massive conspiracy (Score 1) 465

it's simple to see that either six months is as much as was legally required (in which case they followed the law) or it is not (in which case they broke the law).

Dodd-Frank and HIPAA both specify at least 5 years (I think HIPAA is 6). Of course, there is no reason to believe that the government would hold itself to anything remotely like the standards that they not only expect, but demand (under penalty of imprisonment) from everyone else.

Comment Economic Ignorance (Score 1) 674

_ALL_ innovation "costs" jobs. That is pretty much what innovation means--getting either more or better for less. As a society, we get more produced value for less cost (often as less labor)--freeing resources (i.e. labor) to make products that previously never existed.

Comment Re:How about they just scrap it entirely? (Score 1) 429

This is because the care offered by the NHS is already to a high standard. Private providers need to compete in order to make people feel that additional insurance has value.

Apparently feeding & providing water to patients is gold-plated service, far beyond the "high standard" that NHS offers:

Comment Re:so..... (Score 1) 343

Luckily, since the infinite wisdom of our congress has instituted a new tax on tanning salons, the incidence of melanoma among US caucasian girls will now go back down a bit. Coincidentally, tanning beds were introduced in the US about 1980, and can triple the risk of melanoma (

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