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Comment: Re:Methane Anyone? (Score 1) 582

by steve.cri (#47552901) Attached to: Satellite Images Show Russians Shelling Ukraine

Putin is an idiot. He started playing games with Ukraine and never saw the long game.

I'm sure that Putin, contrary to you, is quite aware of the "long game" that is going on here.

The US isn't going to fabricate evidence that can be corroborated by others independently.

that would be totally unprecedented for real now

Its not like any of those images are too small for Google Earth.

you are joking.

Nobody (except maybe Pravda) has called BS on this.

Pravda?! more joking. You are a bit out of touch, aren't you. But the Russian government denied it allright:

Comment: This project deserves better than being killed off (Score 1) 185

by steve.cri (#46476993) Attached to: Mars Rover Opportunity Faces New Threat: Budget Ax
This project deserves not to have an experienced crew sacked in its late phase, which would most certainly kill it. It also deserves the best people, and not limit itself to those who can afford to work for free. Society throws large amounts of money at fools for going round a track really fast, for yodeling into a microphone, or generating graphs from spreadsheets somebody else filled in. So if anything, those engineers are paid too little. Anyone who thinks otherwise has so little sense of priority that I wouldn't entrust him with managing two guys with leaf blowers. Why was this modded insightful? It's the most bleak, insight-less, accounting-troll-ish thing I can imagine.

Comment: could also be an pretext to keep up the production (Score 1) 146

by steve.cri (#46312721) Attached to: How About a Megatons To Megawatts Program For US Nuclear Weapons?
It is tempting to put that nasty stuff to a civilian use, but such a program could also be an pretext to keep up the production of weapons-grade fissile material. When conservative politicians in the 1970ies were pushing to arm West Germany with its own nuclear weapons, one of the things they did was having a breeder reactor built (thankfully it never was completed). Such a thing should definitely be avoided.

Comment: And where would he get his (Score 1) 745

by steve.cri (#46263129) Attached to: Mathematician: Is Our Universe a Simulation?
mathematical laws from? If the most reasonable explanation for ours would be that someone put them there, what kind of über-laws would his world have? And how would they come to be? By that logic, he would himself most likely be part of a larger simulation! And how much resources of his universe would it take to model ours? Surely electrons or quantum states or whatever he would be using don't come free. Much less does an potentially infinite hierarchy of model universes within model universes. I don't think the idea is even new, didn't some french dudes explore this idea?

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