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Comment Re:Can Apple survive and/or flourish w/o Steve Job (Score 3, Interesting) 612

The first time Steve Jobs left Apple I was an Apple employee. The change in the company was almost immediate and felt everywhere but this wasn't because of Jobs going, it was because of what was left. I've also had the privilege of being a Research In Motion employee and watching them do exactly the same thing Apple did - releasing hundreds of products to match their competitors instead of being different to the competitors. Woz is right (as always) about Apple being a one product company back then but at the time we had about 30 different versions of the same product. One of the first things Jobs did upon his return (after I'd been made redundant - boo) was to get rid of the crap and make something that people wanted to own, not something that you had to own if you wanted to use Photoshop or Illustrator. Or Quark Xpress. Anyway - my point is Apple are very good at making products people want to own, not products they need. If they carry on like that they'll be fine.

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