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Comment: Re:Certified dumb for school use? (Score 1) 245

by sternmath (#41952707) Attached to: Color-Screen TI-84 Plus Calculator Leaked

Will this be a "certified dumb enough for school use during tests" device?

I don't think this is actually a leak. The units were on display at the TI booth at a math teacher conference this past week. What I've heard is that they will have a "Press-To-Test" feature, and so will be able to be hobbled for ACT and state tests that require dumb calculators.

Comment: Re:I disagree. (Score 2) 479

by sternmath (#39321265) Attached to: X-Prize Founder Wants Ideas For Fixing Education


..., in California, a teacher gets tenure after two years. How do you fire a bad teacher after that? ....

Your question does not follow from your premise. After a teacher has tenure, the termination process is fairly simple, as with almost any employee working under a contract. The employer (school district in this case) simply has to document the ways in which the employee is failing to live up to the contract, and they terminate him. Or her. Tenure is not, and has never been, a guarantee of lifetime employment. Tenure is simply a promise of due process. Nothing more.

Comment: Re:at least firefox sell check gets learn right IE (Score 1) 126

by sternmath (#38557558) Attached to: Best Software For Putting Lectures Online?

at least firefox sell check gets learn right. Does IE even have a sell check?

are you using your own posts (e.g. "learing," "leraing," "respec," "sell") as ironic confirmation of FireFox's abilities? or perhaps you are using IE and blaming it for your failings? please clarify, as your horrendous orthography renders your argument turgid.

Comment: Re:Third blast? (Score 1) 691

by sternmath (#35479154) Attached to: Third Blast At Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant
I suppose people should exercise caution relaying information from newspapers in a language they don't understand. The opening sentence says the events they are reporting on happened on the 14th at about 11 AM. In Eastern Daylight Time that's March 13, 10 PM. This is the same, second, blast which is already being reported in English language US papers.

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