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Comment: Re:As the great Bartle said (Score 1) 337

by stephenslashdot (#28502993) Attached to: Why Don't MMOs Allow Easier Transportation?
I agree with you completely, but would also add that in some games, like Everquest, where resources like rare and raid mobs were artificially restricted (the "boss" mobs spawned basically once a week, give or take a few hours for randomization, and once anyone on the server killed it, it was dead for everyone, instead of being instanced like WoW), travel time would be one of the key factors in deciding who got to kill the mob... it wasn't just about having enough players online, it was having enough players online with the best transport logistics (a team of mages summoning other players). Also, in PvP games travel time helps add an element of strategy to the games... taking out an enemy's outlier's and sneaking away is viable, but if everyone could instantly teleport nearby, the army with the most forces would pretty much always win, leading to one dominant army and everyone else figuring the game is pointless.

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