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Submission + - University Tuition Being Auctioned on Ebay

scvff writes: Oklahoma Wesleyan University in Bartlesville, Oklahoma is auctioning off one years tuition on Ebay. Seriously. Starting February 4, 2007 OWU is opening an Auction on Ebay for tuition, room and board for an academic year at OWU. The winner receives tuition, room, board and applicable fees for next fall and spring at OWU. The winner may take up to 17 credit hours each semester. The person who will attend OWU must meet all admissions standards and apply for all available grants and scholarships. This auction is for tuition, room, and board in the traditional undergraduate program. University Webpage: More Information about the auction:

Submission + - Donations revive isoHunt

Benjamin Vander Jagt writes: "From the forum: "Indexing running, stats are updating. Be patient with the few days missing." ... "We accepted about $6700 (NET after Paypal fees) in donations since we went down on Jan. 16. That's over $1300 averaged, with about $2000 for the last day alone. Indeed, people like you is the power of the internet, and for sure we'll need your help more in the future." Success stories like these sure warm the heart, and I'm sure the donors love showing just how caring "pirates" are."

Submission + - MS hired a writer to change wikipedia content

Paid Blogger writes: "Seems like Microsoft wanted to pay a blogger in Australia to "fix" some inaccuracies in Wikipedia article on Open Document and OOXML. MS Spokeswoman Catherine Brooker said she believed the articles were heavily written by people at IBM Corp., which is a big supporter of the open-source standard. IBM did not immediately respond to a request for comment."

Submission + - Intel Quad-Core CPU and Desktop Reviews

Sean Portnoy writes: "Hi Slashdot crew, Saw your quad-core coverage this morning. Just wanted to let you know that in addition to a review of the actual CPU, we have reviews of three desktops that use the new processor (Cyberpower Gamer Infinity 1950, Gateway FX530XT, and Vigor Force Recon QXN). Feel free to link to our roundup: xtreme_qx6700_quadcore_four_cores_to_the_floor"

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