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Comment Re:Can the enemy actually shoot down the F35? (Score 1) 732

Nonsense. The US spends over $600 billions/year on military. China spends only 216 and Russia 84. The US could still have the most powerful military on earth while cutting the budget by half.

Annual spending and military strength is related, but not directly.

The US could cut the military budget quite a bit, but since we still have all the old equipment we'd still have the most powerful military. For a while.

We pay a high price to stay ahead for the future.

Comment Re:Technical superiority means very little (Score 1) 279

You could just overlap the circles. Have the "kitten pictures" circle if you like. Or make one giant circle instead.

I know you *could* but I think the culture on Google+ is such that that would be aberrant behavior. If I started posting kitten pics to my one giant circle, people would rightly say "Why are you posting kitten pics, I only know you from this game we both play, I don't want to see that crap." Because they have an expectation that I'm going to make use of the circles and segregate my posts. Circles are a key feature of Google+, and if I don't want to use them, I should go to Facebook.

On Facebook that culture doesn't exist. I've heard it's possible to do (friend lists?), but I honestly haven't even checked out the features enough to know. I just know that everybody posts things for everybody to see, and so people expect that. If some work colleague adds me, they KNOW they are signing up to see kitten pics and whatever other random stuff I post.

Also, even if I broke the mold and started sharing everything with everyone on Google+, that's only half the story. Others would have to start doing it to, otherwise the benefit I'm looking for (seeing more stuff about other people) wouldn't ever come about.

Google+ just isn't designed to share as much as Facebook. You limit who you share stuff with, therefore you share less overall. That's a fairly obvious result of what I think was a short-sighted design goal... designing a social network where the expected behavior is to share LESS... that just doesn't make sense.

Comment Re:Peh (Score 1) 388

Actually, pedantically, that's not clear. The KKK for example is a bastion of old, white, hateful assholes. It's not racist to point that out.

They were referring to Slashdot, not the KKK. That is what makes it racist.

In fact if you're going to level an accusation of "racist", it's best to state the acused's race as that generally indicates where and importantly where not their bigotry will be directed.

Honestly I don't know if you're referring to me or the person I called racist.

If you're referring to the other person, they didn't actually call slashdot racist.. so I guess you must be referring to me?

If you're referring to me, how am I to know that person's race? And in any case I don't think it's necessary to identify the accused's race to call something out as racist.

I see what it's directed at, but it still makes very little sense.

What doesn't make sense to you? The general principle is coherent... if a group of people is demonized unfairly, then they have little to lose by engaging in the negative behaviors expected of them. They are already judged. (Barring when there's a third, neutral system at play, like the law... if your group is unfairly demonized as rapists, it obviously hurts you to go out and rape people and then be punished for it, compared to just having people think you *might* want to rape people.)

You may not agree with that, but at least the concept should make sense to you and should sound pretty familiar... I've heard it many times myself.

Comment Re:Thug culture is to blame. (Score 2) 142

This article ( describes them as "Two Philadelphia-area pranksters with millions of online followers"

If their pranks involve filming themselves vandalizing things, is it really inaccurate to describe them as part of thug culture? If not in their day-to-day lives, at least their online personas?

The article also includes a quote from one of them: ""Cops tryin to blame Always Teste," Bassmaster tweeted earlier today."

That sounds pretty thuggy.

Comment Re:Peh (Score 3, Insightful) 388

What SJWs don't understand, along with many other people is your post which seems to be a long, angry undirected rant at I'm not sure what precisely.

It's directed at the person who said, "It's probably that the comments offer nothing of value, having become the bastion of old white hateful assholes." Clearly an anti-white racist who deservedly got smacked down.

Now do you understand, or at least see who/what the post was directed at?

Comment Re:Technical superiority means very little (Score 2) 279

I agree. the circles concept proved to be useless to me for how I use social media, and probably filtered quite a bit of my experience on Plus.

When I signed up, I categorized contacts into appropriate circles, like family, friends, work, and acquaintances. But it turns out, once people are categorized like that, I shared fewer things with fewer people. I'm not going to post a picture of my cat and consciously decide, yes I want my coworkers to see this. So I don't share it to that circle.

Well when you stop sharing as much with as many people, and they do the same thing, it turns out that you don't see a whole lot of what's going on. When my friend started posting kid pics to the family circle, that means I didn't get to see the kid pics, which also generally includes commentary on non-kid stuff, like "oh look we're on vacation in blah, doing blah."

On Facebook, when you share something it generally goes to all your friends. Even that girl from high school you added because it was cool back then to add everyone to try to get the highest friend count. So she gets to see when I visit some new restaurant, and I get to see when she got married.

That is awesome. I like it a lot.

You know what else is cool? I've played a handful of Facebook games in my day, and many of those games give you bonuses for referrals, so there are are discussion threads where people are just randomly posting referrals that require you to add them as friends. So now I have "friends" all over the world. There's a guy from Nigeria who is depressed that his girlfriend dumped him. There's a guy from Sri Lanka who is a big cricket fan, and I've actually watched some cricket (the last world cup) and it's pretty cool. There's a girl from England who lives in a cool looking village that she complains about a lot. There's some chick who seems to have become unbelievably successful with her MLM business in the last 2-3 years, and is some kind of regional director now. She drives a Mercedes.

Again, that is awesome. How do I get that on Google Plus where (and yes I've done this) you just create a circle for people you don't care about (I had/have one for Ingress) and never share anything off-topic there?

Comment Re:Lawrence (Score 1) 234

Islam honours all those as "believers".

Umm no, not if they are seen as oppressing Muslims. Then they are enemies. How do you think Mohammed justified going to war against Jewish tribes -- aka people of the book.

Even if they are not oppressing Muslims, but just seen as being too "uppity" they become targets. That's why jizya was prescribed to be collected in a humiliating way.. in the Ottoman Empire, Christians would be slapped and cajoled by a crowd as they lined up to pay their jizya. These are also people of the book.

So no.

Comment Re:Lawrence (Score 1) 234

I don't understand why you're calling them heretics. That means someone engaging in heresy. Heresy is a belief or action that is fundamentally opposed to the commonly held beliefs of a religion, taken as legitimate for that religion. For instance, if a Christian were to say "Well, Jesus was not the son of God, I think the Bible really says that he was a regular guy who did so and so with God's help" that is heresy because you are attempting to redefine Christianity.

Calling fundamentalism heretical doesn't really make sense in general.

Comment Re:ISP quasi-monopolies (Score 1) 181

Wow I'm surprised we're ranked that highly. I didn't expect that we'd be above France and Germany.

But anyway, with all the gigabit projects going on now it seems like the "more competitive option" has come. Basically it took one company to not play along (Google), then another company to get scared and react (AT&T), and now everybody's jumping in.

Comment Re:Netflix needs to fix this (Score 1) 181

That's a great idea, and I'd add a p2p element so the aggregate bandwidth going through interconnections is also reduced. (Simpler than hoping for widespread multicast support.)

If I could donate 5mbps outgoing to Netflix to act as a seed node for others in my area for a reduction in my bill, I'd do that.

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