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Comment: Neutral Internet should be a right. (Score 2) 339

by stcdm33 (#35151832) Attached to: Is an Internet Kill Switch Feasible In the US?
Back in the day it was necessary to give the right to bear arms in order to allow us the needed tools should we ever need to protect ourselves from government?? That's what was needed (a militia) to be able to take back our stuff in the event our gov't no longer served its people. In today's world simply having some guns isn't enough. There is no way we as a people could out-do a coordinated military effort from said gov't without a secure means of communication. We should be adding an amendment guaranteeing us just that. The right to a secure means of communication so that at such a time we as a people need to refresh our government we could feasibly do so. An internet kill switch does the opposite, we lose the one way we really have to coordinate things at a national level. This should be a right, kill switch puts the power in favor of gov't (lets hope they are never corrupt people or anything :) )

Comment: Obfuscation. (Score 2) 1425

by stcdm33 (#34406456) Attached to: Sarah Palin 'Target WikiLeaks Like Taliban'
The layer of obfuscation sickens me. Media controls so many people and they are so busy debating on non-topics that the real issues are never even touched. Put a new target on TV and tell people they are bad. Masses buy into it and then the population is directed how they want. This place is ripe for revolution. Nothing today seems to be the way the founding fathers intended. I think they'd be very upset with the state of things.

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