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Comment: Re:split zoning (Score 1) 514

by statichead (#37006698) Attached to: The Mathematics of Lawn Mowing

Looks great on paper but the real world chooses differently, look at some farm crops, long straight swaths, easy to manage.

A human would spend so much time trying to re evaluate the lawn as he goes it would lead to wasted time and inefficiency. Also machines may not be able to physically follow the "ideal" line.

All that turning would:
slow down the machine
introduce a lot of overcut of areas that have already been mowed. ( not to mention that a machine may not be able to make the turns required to be 100%

Straight lines maximize the amount of grass cut over time and reduces complexity so the operator can drink beer.

Comment: Re:Decriminalization in Light of the Drug War (Score 1) 640

by statichead (#29163473) Attached to: Mexico Decriminalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession

...Unfortunately for him, the cartel has tremendous firepower (smuggled from the United States)

reporter you should get your facts straight. Most of the "tremendous" fire power comes from arms dealing from corrupt regimes of South America and not from the USA where the strict gun laws make weapons traceable, which is why they stick out.

Automatic weapons and grenade launchers are are strictly controlled in the US. This is just not the case elsewhere, especially south of Mexico.

If the so called reporters in the media outlets would do some actual investigative reporting, the real facts would be more clear. The liberal agenda poppy cock would be exposed for what it is, propaganda.

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