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Not sure where you get your information from, but find a new source. Any language can be on the outside as long as the French is bigger OR on top (or both), and I'm from Quebec but barely speak French; we only ever spoke English outside of class. I don't deny they're pretty stupid with some of the language laws though... For example, considering the laws are to protect their culture from erosion due to the overwhelming English majority in North America, which makes sense, doesn't it also make sense to assume that road signs for tourists should be in English because a) tourists don't speak French and b) the locals already know where they're going?!

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by static0verdrive (#47118865) Attached to: Which desktop environment do you like the best?
Of course world is absolutely full of weird situations which make Windows go on knees too, but those can be pinpointed to specific components, like the "wrong network driver" you mentioned. They are not a general problem.
They aren't general problems in Linux either - they're usually related to graphics drivers. If you buy a video card that is well supposed in Linux on purpose you'll find everything runs quite well. It's all about being smart when you build a system - knowing you want to run whichever distro makes the hardware choices pretty easy.

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Don't be fooled into thinking AT&T won't add caps soon too - they've always had them here in Canada (Rogers here is AT&T) and they make a killing off the overage fees - I can't imagine they wouldn't want to apply that to a larger marker like the US; it's free money! Re "no one seems to care", I would guess the polititians are getting hand-out incentives to go for this. "If the company makes more they promise me more, and I can afford the unlimited plan (if they don't give it to me free anyway)!" Matured-Capitalism-in-a-Matured-Democracy 101.

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So true... and they'll ignore the obvious stuff like Netflix, Steam, and the other modern e-business models that have greatly increased our average monthly bandwidth. I'm in Canada and I got tired of paying Rogers (AT&T) $68 a month for a 120GB cap, only to habitually over-step that line (I'm a habitual line-stepper, as Charlie Murphy would say) and get charged up to $100 more - thankfully laws prevent them from charging any more than $100 extra per month, but that's still $168 in a month just for internet. I've recently switched to Acanac where I'm paying less than $50 for the same speeds with no cap. Hopefully US customers will be able to find smaller/independant ISPs that offer something similar... switching away from the big guys when they make stupid moves like this is the only way to ge the message across - vote with your dollar! Don't be shy to sign online petitions and send out emails to politians on the upcoming bill they have to vote on, too.

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Yes. You remember seeing your grandparents watching golf, Matlock, Murder She Wrote and The Price is Right? That was on a TV, not a computer. I know you don't believe me, but it was in 480i at best!!! And they'd have to sit through commericials and wait until the show started! At least it was free! Hahaha! It's true!

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Exactly. In Canada, thanks to TV being completely digital now, there is no such thing as 'free tv' like there used to be - where having commercials made sense (they paid to show us their ads, while we didn't pay for channels). Now, we can't get TV for less than about $40 a month! Well guess what: I'm not watching commercials if I pay. PERIOD.

Next up we have the format. I can't be available to watch it exactly when they want me to watch it. I want to be able to watch it on whatever device I want, and I want to be able to pause it whenever the need arises. I have computers etc so I'm not paying for a PVR, especially when they don't have a lot of space and half time stick you with commercials, prevent FF through them, whatever.

Last, I'm sick of "them" (be they the channels, producers of the shows, whoever) thinking piracy is so bad - once upon a time you'd blast that shit free to everyone (see first point). Now you have proof people love it, and rather than pump out DVDs Blurays and merch, you'd rather spank people and get them to overpay for channels that play garbage and ads the other 99% of the time because otherwise you'll go broke even though you have a great show to provide?! GET A NEW BUSINESS MODEL. Many are still somewhat blind sheep, but too many have woken up and there simply is no going back. You can't fool all of the people all of the time.

+ - Satellite Reign on Kickstarter, Spiritual Successor to Original Syndicate Games 24

Submitted by static0verdrive
static0verdrive (776495) writes "Satellite Reign, a game in development by 5 Lives Studios, is intended to be the "spiritual successor" and third installment (not counting EA's recent first-person disappointment) to Syndicate / Syndicate Wars from the late Bullfrog Studios. 5 Lives includes staff who worked on the original games. The kickstarter fundraising campaign, now in it's final 24 hours, highlights a few very interesting stretch goals as well. Satellite Reign will incorporate the same real-time strategy and dystopian setting that made the Syndicate series so popular. Gamer fans of any kind of cyberpunk, from Syndicate to the works of Philip K. Dick and William Gibson should check this project out!"

+ - Google Engineer Wins NSA Award, Then Says NSA Should Be "Abolished"->

Submitted by MetalliQaZ
MetalliQaZ (539913) writes "Last week, Dr. Joseph Bonneau learned that he had won the NSA’s first annual “Science of Security (SoS) Competition.” The competition, which aims to honor the best “scientific papers about national security” as a way to strengthen NSA collaboration with researchers in academia, honored Bonneau for his paper on the nature of passwords. And how did Bonneau respond to being honored by the NSA? By expressing, in an honest and bittersweet blog post, his revulsion at what the NSA has become: "Simply put, I don’t think a free society is compatible with an organisation like the NSA in its current form.""
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+ - English High Court bans scientific paper->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The High Court — England's highest civil court — has temporarily banned the publication of a scientific paper that would reveal the details of a zero day vulnerability in vehicle immobilisers and, crucially, give details of how to crack the system. Motor manufacturers argued that revealing the details of the crack would allow criminals to steal cars. Could this presage the courts getting involved in what gets posted on your local Bugzilla? It certainly means that software giants who dislike security researchers publishing the full facts on vulnerabilities might want to consider a full legal route."
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