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Comment Re:This is what happens.. (Score 1) 494

when the suits don't listen to the nerds, I'll bet. I'm sure at some point someone in engineering said that this was wrong, that they shouldn't cheat like this. I'm sure he/she was quickly told to drop it or start looking for a new job.

Or could it have been the other way round?
The nerd(s) had a quick cool hack to satisfy the emissions tests while providing better performance, and didn't want to listen
to the boring lawyers in suits...?

Comment Re:An honest question (Score 3, Interesting) 72

The expected main sources of gravity waves are things like merging binary "star" systems where the stars are actually black
holes or neutron stars, and supernova explosions. However, these are relatively rare events.
So, for a gravity wave detector to see something, such an event must take place within the volume of space
where the detector has the sensitivity to detect something. That means for the original LIGO to detect something
we would have had to have been very lucky to have seen something.
With the upgraded version, the volume of space where LIGO will be sensitive is greatly expanded.
We have educated guesses for e.g. the occurrence rate of merging black holes. That can be used
to estimate how likely it is that a gravity wave detection would be made within a certain period of time
The current estimates give advanced LIGO a good chance of detecting something. (I'm too lazy
to check the actual numbers!)
So, if nothing is seen within a few years at the final sensitivity limit then people will have to reexamine
their estimates of event rates and/or general relativity.

Comment Re:Glad they didn't read the books (Score 4, Insightful) 197

It's funny because most of those things are also in the Bible, and yet no one (to the best of my knowledge) has ever made a serious campaign to ban the Bible.

Does Jesus count as a zombie?

I suppose the eating of body and blood in some churches is a bit of a giveaway...

Comment Re:Modulating local water temps? (Score 2) 96

4 degrees (C??) seems fairly large.
Even if their "goal is to minimize the temperature differential" presumably the energy they
are dumping into the bay will be the same.
e.g. faster flow will probably result in lower temperature differentials but applied to a larger quantity of water

Comment Re:2 time the gravity thought (Score 1) 134

And I repeat: from TFA, mass of the planet is 5x Earth Mass. Diameter (and radius) is 1.6x Earth.

Insert 5x mass and 1.6x radius into Gm/r^2, and you very quickly realize that:

1) density isn't the same as Earth's. It is, in fact, a.25x Earth density.

2) surface gravity will be ~2x Earth (1.95+g).

The mass of the planet is only an estimate currently as that can't be measured without radial
velocity studies.
But assuming that mass I agree with your gravity estimate.
But your density is wrong (maybe a typo?), volume scales as size^3, so density is like 1.22 x Earth
for that assumed mass.

Comment Re:we only hear about the failed attempts (Score 2) 217

How many criminals are smart enough to think long term like this? Not many I'm afraid...

But the thing is we mainly learn about the stupid criminals.
Those (however many there are) who are smart enough to make it work we don't
know about.
e.g. if someone uses an accomplice, doesn't spend any of the money for some time
(say a couple of years), then leaves work for a plausible reason and moves
to a new area, I'd guess we may not hear of these.
And we get a distorted view of criminals because the ones that succeed are never
heard about.

I think this counts as a "known unknown"....

Comment Re:Detroitland (Score 1) 337

Why would an entrepreneur go to Australia and pay even higher taxes there than in the U.S. when they could immigrate to some country.../p>

If they are "going" then they are "emigrating" not "immigrating".

Overall, just using "migrate" is probably better as it's independent of the point of view.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."