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Comment Re:Cautionary tale (Score 1) 492

The problem is not how much Google pay - the problem is concentration without infrastructure.
At least 15K people work at Google Mountain View office. And this is not just Google. Even if Google paid them $10M salary, people would still live in trucks because the surrounding infrastructure can accommodate only so much. Any pay raise Google gives, automatically goes in the pockets of the local landlords.
The solution is for Google to embrace tele-presence and eliminate out of its economy the local landlord's racket.

Comment Re:wrong premise? (Score 1) 281

DevOps is not product development - it's glorified sysadmin. So yes, adding more sysadmins to babysit servers and software helps, the same way adding more babysitters helps with getting more diapers changed in a nursery.
The MMM is about DEVELOPMENT - something that requires invention, brainstorming and constant communication - not just execution.
Maybe because most of the "software development" nowadays is just configuring OTS frameworks and products, managers are confusing development with configuration and deployment.

Comment Re:buy-back stock payoff (Score 1) 273

Why is short-to-medium term outlook a bad thing? Why should a company exist and grow for hundreds of years?
Nowadays we have a flexible workforce, flexible markets and little bureaucracy to set up a new company. Ideally a company should be built around an idea, implement the idea in the best possible way and when the idea olives its usefulness, the company can fold. The players can move on to new things, with a new company, unencumbered by legacy baggage.

Comment Re:Very important link left out: the agreement tex (Score 0) 485

German people should absolutely be interested in donating to the PIIGs, otherwise their economy stagnates.
Why do you think Germany went off the Deutsche Mark in the first place? Germany exports 60% of its output to the EU countries (can't be bothered with citation). They need the bailouts and the export-based economy going. Had Germany stayed with the Deutsche Mark, they would have priced themselves out.
This is not about Greece, but about transferring money from the EU taxpayers into the hands of big corporations. And the EU taxpayer is a hostage - you may lose your job if you don't donate to the cause...

Comment Re:More US workers == offshoring?? (Score 1) 484

It could happen.
Most of the H1Bs are Indian and Chinese. Once they get domain experience in the US, they will become US-based managers for off-shore teams in India and China. Outsourcing may be rampant, but there is still bush back by American managers who have difficulties communicating with off-shore teams (language barrier, cultural differences, time difference, etc.)
Once the old-school middle management is replaced with Hindi and Mandarin speaking individuals - it's smooth sailing for outsourcing. Also, their hiring preference will be more towards hiring from/in their native county, because they are naturally more connected in their native country than the new host country.

Comment Re:Libraries (Score 1) 641

Any language platform needs to make system calls into the OS. For as long as all popular OS-es are written in C, all language platforms need to interoperate with C modules. C is the "lingua franca".

Comment Alarmist article... (Score 1) 323

Alarmist article from a big corporation to set the stage for loose regulations on chocolate so that the masses can keep getting their 99cents "chocolate" bars (aka hydrogenated fat with dark-brown solids, corn syrup, emulsifiers and natural flavoring agents, whatever other non-cocoa crap - tastes like cocoa) and the company's pockets full.

Comment Re:what's the point? (Score 1) 438

If cheating is so prevalent, that a degree becomes the anti-pattern, employers would start sampling the non-degreed pool in order to identify employees who can do the job. The fact that this is not happening leads me to believe, that the whole Indian culture just doesn't care about "the work being done" and the society is content with very low productivity. This is not untypical for very stratified and nepotist societies where the piece of the pie is more important than the size of the pie.

Comment Re:driving farther to get to work (Score 2) 187

Also, gentrification is a big factor - lower-middle and in certain coastal areas, middle class people are being displaced, seeking more affordable homes further from their communities and work. Although the housing market is still a mess on average, certain coastal areas have appreciated above their 2006-7 peak, due to the ultra-easy monetary policy of the Fed.

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