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Comment: I thought I liked Ubuntu (Score 1) 685 685

I used Ubuntu off and on for years. It was my main introduction to Linux. I thought I liked Ubuntu. But then I found out that I really liked Debian, and eventually grew to dislike the extra crap Ubuntu added to it. I have Debian stable on my laptop, which still uses Gnome 2. There is also Crunchbang (!#), which is basically just Debian packaged with eitehr Xfce or Openbox, plus a few tweaks. No GUI heavy nonsense. I have that on my desktop.

Comment: I'm a UCF student (Score 1) 693 693

There are disciplinary measures. They're mentioned on every syllabus. But I've never cheated and I don't know anyone who has. But then again I'm an engineering and CS student. The big stink about this story, which the summary of TFA fails to explain: this was the capstone business course. The fallout from this is really putting the business school in a bad light. But of course, our EECS department is just fine. :D

Comment: Re:Some Insight: rural areas and future access (Score 1) 207 207

Well, I guess lucky me. In the rural Florida area where I live, a $10 Tracfone that we picked up actually has better coverage that our Alltel phones. Probably has something to do with the GSM technology vs. CDMA. Which is good news for me 'cause I feel like switching soon.

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