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Comment The Real Solution (Score 1) 253

Don't allow phone calls without a pre-negotiated secret. Here, have my phone and a PIN just for you. I will add that PIN to my access list. If you abuse it, I will revoke it. Same for email.

Queued communication is all the rage. Down with instant communication.

Comment Expansion on a broken system (Score 3, Insightful) 129

They haven't been able to point to a single instance where the TSA has prevented an attack. It's all security theater. So what do we do? Make it more invasive. More government for no tangible benefit.

In all, TSA security procedures are all reactive, not proactive. Failed shoe bomb, everyone now takes off shoes. Mixed liquid bombs, no liquids over X ounces. No sharp thingies. etc... etc...

The only improvement has been procedures on locking the pilot cabin. Sound, sensible security practice.

It seems one of the primary purposes of our government, to keep us safe from foreign threats, has jumped the shark. Instead of a comprehensive and well thought out system, we have many moving parts once again scrambling to make us feel safe. You know, that system we tried to fix after 911? Federal, state and local law enforcement all operating behind their own walls and not sharing. Now we are rebuilding that same broken system with the DHS and TSA.

Comment One could hope (Score 1) 86

If the SDK includes information on DRM and the XBox Live protocols, one might be able to devise a compatibility layer on top of a standard x86 compute platform to run (not emulate) XBox One games. But, given the hardware specs, I'm not sure if this would be more economical than just buying an XBox One. You would also presumably require a ripped XBox One BIOS.

8 core AMD Opteron (XBox is custom AMD 8core) = ~$50
ACS Mobo = ~$30
8 GB DDR3 = ~80
8GB Flash Rom = $0 (Emulate via HDD?)
Blu Ray Drive = ~$60
500GB HDD = ~$45
AMD HD 7850 GPU = ~100
--TOTAL: $365 (Not including Controller, PSU or HTPC Case)
--Xbox One with game and controller: $350

But if you already have the hardware, then cross your finders and wait.

Comment Re:Hello microwave (Score 3, Informative) 181

Actually a single overwrite with zero is recoverable on older non-PMR drives by simply realigning the heads a bit to catch the edge of the magnetic track only weakened by the zero wipe (and I mean a very small bit) and re-installing the drive. On PMR, there are actually weak bits left after a zero wipe that are recoverable by equipment capable of reading weak bits. A random wipe is usually effective in all cases. A hammer leaves nothing to chance.

I also don't understand how a drive can be ruled as evidence if nothing is yet discovered on the hard drive. I don't understand how the prosecution can ask for a default judgement without solid compelling evidence of a crime. Without a discovery of the drives contents I'm assuming they had other evidence.

Comment I would have been impressed (Score 1) 336

If their reasoning was to show how DRM has a central failing point that would cause legitimate purchased games to fail to install and play due to absence of the central DRM authority. I spent an hour trying to get my sons XBox One online until I realized the network was flooded ( I assumed due to Christmas). Later to find some dickish hacker eff-tards had done a lame DDoS attack.

Take them down to prove always online DRM sucks and peer to peer gaming should be allowed. Although I think MS and Sony removed the "Always On" DRM before release.

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