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Comment: Opportunities... (Score 1) 302

by ssufficool (#47802205) Attached to: Study: Antarctic Sea-Level Rising Faster Than Global Rate

If I could just get the environmentalists on board, Death Valley has over 500 million acre feet of storage capacity at below sea level. I foresee the creatures there would welcome the gradual filling of this expanse with sea water. We could even see the native pupfish blossom in this new ecosystem. Where is the army corpse of engineers when you need them?

Comment: First person to ever die.. (Score 1) 443

by ssufficool (#47436347) Attached to: The First Person Ever To Die In a Tesla Is a Guy Who Stole One

Statistically apples and oranges when considering other cars. You have a class of person who has attained the wealth to buy a Tesla. I'm thinking that person may be a more responsible, less risk taking person than the burger flipping driver of that damned 1980's riced out Honda CRX that just cut me off.

Comment: Government != Customer Service (Score 1) 139

by ssufficool (#47338843) Attached to: Norway Scraps Online Voting
This is the biggest hurdle local and state governments need to overcome. If you have to spend marginally more to give better customer service, DO IT! In the long run, the process will be refined, run cheaper and better and more people will migrate to the service. It's all in the marketing, which they failed to do. I work in the elections business and voting by mail used to be a controversial subject. A little marketing, education and refinement and 5 years later over 30% of the voters in our jurisdiction use it. Electronic kiosk voting, well that's another matter. Given a publicly available, transparent, open sourced internet voting system, the right marketing and deployment strategy would make it a viable replacement for mail ballots. Given a network connected polling place, you would have a comprehensive solution to replace the broken electronic voting machine model. Some one has to stick their foot in the turd and start the process. It must be open, it must be transparent and it must be free. The public has to own the voting technology, there is no other verifiable way.

Comment: At my own peril (Score 0) 337

by ssufficool (#47208997) Attached to: Cisco Opposes Net Neutrality
I would have to agree with them. I can wait a few milliseconds more for an web page packet, but my Netflicks pausing to buffer is not OK. This isn't a net neutrailty argument, it's quality of service (QOS) scheduling. I'm of the belief that net neutrality is ISPs not actively throttling traffic based on the sender, receiver or protocol. If a packet gets delayed a millisecond, but the net throughput is the same, I;m not really going to notice.

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