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Comment: Re:Double dipping (Score 1) 129

by ssssch (#42262377) Attached to: Austrian Blank Media Tax May Expand To Include Cloud Storage

Kind of. The "tax" is a compensation for those cases where you are allowed to copy without asking the copyright holder. It's called "Privatkopie" and means you are allowed to give copies to your friends and make copies for your own private use.

And downloading music, movies,... is not illegal in Austria. Upload (distribution) is what the rightsholder has the exclusive right for.

Games (Software) is a different case. The tax has nothing to do with that.

Comment: Re:It's "bloody" fun! (Score 1) 113

by ssssch (#30426106) Attached to: Open Source FPS <em>Blood Frontier</em> Releases Beta 2

This won't help too much. There will always be ways to cheat. Especially if you know exactly how the server is checking the validity of the client.

The only solution is for the server to check if the client uses an unmodified version of the game. Exactly that is, what "trusted computing" is promising to deliver.

I still don't believe trusted computing is possible if the client has total control over his machine (is root) but at least in theory that's the only answer I can think of to solve the cheating problem.

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