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Comment: Static ads vs. animated ads (Score 1) 174

by tepples (#48434839) Attached to: Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

You get content that costs someone resources to create and give them nothing not even the ad revenue.

I use a click-to-play plug-in, not an ad blocker per se. This is because I'm willing to give them ad revenue, so long as the ads are static (text or PNG/JPEG), as opposed to ads that are animated in a CPU-hogging and data-quota-consuming manner (Flash, video, or Flash video). Yet a lot of sites don't get the hint, and they continue to serve what I see as a white box with a Flash Player logo inside instead of noticing that the Flash ad isn't playing and replacing it with a static ad. Am I still a freeloader?

Comment: Internet without cable and groceries without music (Score 1) 103

by tepples (#48434197) Attached to: Aereo Files For Bankruptcy

Increasingly there is only one viable solution. Vote with your wallet. Period. No cable, no movies, no music. Nothing.

I don't see how that can be made to work for most people without something drastic like joining the Amish. For "no cable", how would people living outside the range of fiber or fast DSL get broadband Internet without cable? For "no music", how can you do your shopping if part of what you pay for the products that the store sells goes toward licensing the background music played over the speakers in the store's ceiling? And if even if you choose to write your own music instead, what can you do to make sure that you didn't accidentally copy something created in the past 95 years?

Comment: Re:why can't we go back to the old shareware syste (Score 1) 98

Doom episodes were 9 levels.

One of which is a secret level. The canon ending of each episode is ExM8 if I remember correctly.

Ultimate Doom had 4 episodes.

One of which duplicates the shareware episode. The app would ship with E1, and the "Ultimate Doom" expansion pack would contain E2, E3, and E4.

Comment: Re:why can't we go back to the old shareware syste (Score 3, Informative) 98

In-app purchases can be used to approximate the old shareware system very closely. Provide the app for free, then unlock the rest of the features (or episodes past the first) with one or two IAPs. For example, Idthesda could put out an app called Doom that contains an 8-level episode "Knee-Deep in the Dead". Then an IAP called "Ultimate Doom" would include 8-level episodes "The Shores of Hell", "Inferno", and "Thy Flesh Consumed", and an IAP called "Doom II" would unlock another 32-level episode. The only difference is that Apple's App Store Review Guidelines doesn't allow "use past 30 days" to be an IAP; only noninteractive content can be provided on a rental basis.

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