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Comment Errors are good (Score 1) 1067

From a scientific simulation point of view the worst possible outcome of a simulation is a result that looks plausible but is in fact wrong. I'd much prefer my program to halt or crash, so that I can start to look where the bug is.

Yes sometimes its a pain. Say I want to measure the velocity by looking at the time taken to cross some region, and sometimes I have zero length regions. Yes i'll get an error, headdesk and add a suitable check. But it will take knowledge of the problem to work out if I should just not report a velocity for that region, or maybe assume it is the same as the previous one, or average the previous and next. If the expression just returned 0 (or 1 (seen as x/x=1)), and that happened to be within the range of plausible values, then it could take weeks or months to spot the issue.

Comment code search (Score 1) 424

if you are searching for code (eg function names and how to use them), then use a code search engine. Since google shut down theirs you can try ( !co and !dsource respectively on duckduckgo )

Comment Re:Too late (Score 3, Interesting) 127

If a company is incompetent enough to ship such insecure software, why would you trust that their firmware drivers were safe. If a company thinks its good econmic sense to ship adware, why would trust them use high quality components where they might save a few cent by cheaper low quality ones.

I have bought thinkpads in the past, because they are great hardware (i like the track point, wide set of ports even on the ultraportable x series, replacable battery, easily swapable disks, IPS screens). But my 18 month old x230 has just developed a random shutdown fault, so my opinion of Lenovo is failling fast.

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