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Comment: Re:Preorder now! (Score 5, Insightful) 279

by srothroc (#34626740) Attached to: <em>Minecraft</em> Reaches Beta Status, Price Goes Up
It was written; you were paying for a product that existed at the time, with the bonus being unlimited future updates. Beta purchasers are not eligible for the unlimited future updates, unfortunately. A lot of people, me included, obviously thought that the game as it was in its nascent alpha stage was worth the 10-15 USD (depending on the exchange rate) being charged for it.

Comment: Releases. (Score 3, Interesting) 279

by srothroc (#34626712) Attached to: <em>Minecraft</em> Reaches Beta Status, Price Goes Up
The summary fails to mention the spectacular fail.

The release that was supposed to inaugurate the beta also created a bunch of bugs for both single- and multi-player modes, including dupe bugs, which he was trying to fix.

The patch that followed the beta release was supposed to fix those bugs, and didn't. Minecraft remains almost unplayable for me in single- or multi-player mode; my friends can't even connect to the server anymore.

I understand that "beta" is just a milestone, but this is really inauspicious.

Comment: Already in Japan. (Score 1) 754

by srothroc (#34447170) Attached to: Rear-View Cameras On Cars Could Become Mandatory In the US
There are a lot of these in Japan, but they're not mandatory; they're part of an upgrade package and use the screen that people use for the navigational GPS system. They're especially nice for backing up at night since the area behind you is illuminated and there's a grid overlaid on the view that adjusts itself when you move the steering wheel -- that way, you can see where your car is going a lot easier than you can by leaning out the window.

On the other hand, most people I know who have this camera don't seem to use it; they just use their rearview mirrors or just look back normally.

I really don't think that making them mandatory will help all that much; it'll just raise car prices and many people will probably ignore them in favor of looking around like they always have (or haven't). And aren't we trying to get people to STOP looking at screens while driving?

Comment: Re:Only 20 light years??? (Score 1) 575

by srothroc (#33878296) Attached to: Earth-Like Planet That Could Sustain Life Found

children will probably grow different too: shorter, more muscular, maybe stronger bones

Or they could be born premature due to gravity exerting enough force when a pregnant woman stands up to "pull" them out. Or perhaps they wouldn't be born at all. Or perhaps they would be born and many would die due to an inability to breathe properly. Or they could never progress past the crawling stage. Or or or or.

Comment: Why China? (Score 1) 271

by srothroc (#33851686) Attached to: NASA Head Ignores Congress, Eyes Cooperation With China
Not only do we have problems with them industrially and diplomatically (politically and in terms of human rights), but we also have stronger ties to, say, JAXA or the ESA. We've actually cooperated with the ESA for several missions before, so it's not unprecedented. If it's to get a developing nation into space, why not... India? China seems like the worst of all worlds.

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