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Comment will just get replaced by H1-Bs anyway (Score 1) 246

What's the point of encouraging Americans to go into Computer Science when the government will just allow companies to replace them with cheap H1-B visa later? Teach Americans to be project managers, sorry "scrum masters", so that they can spend their time bossing around the H1-B visa labor and then trying to explain to middle management why the super cheap labor can't produce quality software.

Comment Re:Sue / fine the IT services contractors (Score 1) 262

There is a very simple solution to this problem: have the federal government charge companies $50k per year for each H1B visa. Companies will only use H1B visa when they REALLY need it (which was the original intent) and the federal government gets more funds. No more using H1Bs just to get cheap labor.

Comment Must be MASSIVE racial bias in the NBA (Score 1) 445

"Racial bias has to be operating, inequities are rampant."

There must be MASSIVE racial bias in the NBA. Those are extremely well-paying jobs and African Americans make up 76% of the NBA even though they are only 10% of the population. This MUST be proof that the NBA has set up a massive racial bias operation.

I wonder if they teach "Correlation does not imply causation" in the Houston gifted program. I wonder if they teach it at Vanderbilt University.

Comment Re: Sounds normal (Score 1) 209

the problem with "pay more" is that there's often a huge discrepancy between what a company can afford and what experienced people think they're worth.That's the whole reason why so many companies jump on the visa workers thing. Just like it happened in the auto industry, workers got used to high wages and are unwilling to consider the actual value of their contribution in a world where programming is now a commodity, so they end up replaced by cheap labor from a developing country. Same thing that happened to helpdesk, then sysadmins.

Of course it's easier to blame everything on pure greed from those evil companies, but see how much good this did in Detroit.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with the "actual value" of their contribution. Programmers are the most important resource for many of these companies, but compare the average programmer salary vs the average marketing/sales team salary. If every job has to compete with 3rd world country labor prices, then we will ALL end up being paid 3rd world labor rates. That's the end game here. We are all on a massive race to the bottom, where the only decent jobs left in America will be in the service industry and health industry. Everything else will be off-shored.

Our government could help to reduce this problem simply by cracking down on guest visa and H1B violations, but that is highly unlikely. They could also close all the tax loopholes that support companies who send jobs overseas, but we know that won't happen either.

Comment Re:even stopping it won't stop it. (Score 5, Interesting) 305

I've never seen a successful software project where the entire application was written overseas. It's not easy to gather detailed requirements from US workers and throw it overseas and have foreign workers completely build it. The only way the offshore model works is to have American developers gather the requirements, plan out the work, give detailed tasks to foreign developers and then monitor the progress daily to clear any impediments / misunderstands and make sure the quality is acceptable. Then you have the problem of who is going to maintain the software for the next decade? To maintain software, you either need excellent documentation (which foreign workers suck at) or you need the same offshore developers to stick with the application through it's lifetime (good luck with that). At some point you lose that application knowledge and end up having to pay new people to learn it from scratch.

By the time you factor in the oversight overhead, the language barrier, the time lost in misunderstands, the quality gap, and the cost of having to pay new developers to maintain the application, I personally don't think the offshore model saves any money. But trying to convince the beancounters that is a waste of breath. All they see is that they can pay offshore developers half as much per hour.

Building software isn't like building an iPhone. An iPhone has detailed specs that foreign workers just need to reproduce over and over again. Each software application is a unique product that needs to be designed, built, and maintained from the ground up. That fact makes it much hard to just throw specs over the wall and have offshore workers execute it.

Comment Re:A small part of me (Score 1) 591

The Democrats crafted this law in back rooms. They forced votes on it without giving anyone time to read the massive law. When Ted Kennedy died and they lost their supermajority in the Senate, they pushed this massive law through a reconciliation process instead of going through the standard vote process. Not a single Republican voted for this law. The Democrats had to make deals with centrist Democrats (the LA purchase, Cornhusker kickback) just to get enough votes to scrape it by. After it went into effect and the lies were noticed ("if you like your dr you can keep your dr"), Senate majority leader Harry Reid (D) could have amended the law to fix it but he refused to do so. Yet somehow it is the Republican's fault???

Comment Re:What can *we* do? Serious! (Score 1) 145

Can you imagine the ramifications if the American people actually got fed up enough with both parties to elect a 3rd party candidate as the President? The Democrats and Republicans would suddenly be falling on themselves to appease "the people" again. All it would take is one presidential election to change the game for decades. If only enough Americans would get the balls to do it.

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