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by srichard25 (#47259931) Attached to: IRS Lost Emails of 6 More Employees Under Investigation

The IRS, like most big government agencies, are mostly filled with people who support big government agencies. On average, the leaders of these big government agencies are unlikely to be sympathetic to a party that claims to want to shrink the federal government (whether they actually do so is a topic for another thread). If the next president is a Republican, he/she is unlikely to get the IRS leadership to attack liberal groups like they have attacked conservative groups.

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by srichard25 (#46970555) Attached to: Former NSA Director: 'We Kill People Based On Metadata'

This post is specifically about the NSA. The NSA is part of the Executive Branch. Obama, as head of the Executive Branch, can shut down the whole NSA very easily. He refuses to do so because of political reasons, not because he lacks the power to do so. He has NOT done everything he can to try to stop this. In fact, he has barely lifted a finger to try to stop this.

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You think millions of years of evolution have only affected upper body strength?
"Boys generally demonstrate superiority over female peers in areas of the brain involved in math and geometry. These areas of the brain mature about four years earlier in boys than in girls, according to a recent study that measured brain development in more than 500 children. Researchers concluded that when it comes to math, the brain of a 12-year-old girl resembles that of an 8-year-old boy. "

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I am constantly amazed at how naive the average American voter is. Obama was a guy who could give a good speech, but he had ZERO leadership accomplishments to his name. The most basic research into Obama's background should have given anyone pause that he could actually accomplish any of what he promised. He was a Senator, but couldn't point to a single legislative accomplishment. He was in the state senate, but had a record of just voting present on key bills and had no major bills to his name. He was a community organizer, but once again couldn't point to any significant accomplishments. He claims to be a legal scholar, but locked his school records.

For those of you who voted for Obama and are currently disappointed, I have a suggestion for you: next time do some background research on the person instead of just relying on campaign speeches and 30-second ads.

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"Indeed, the average person on Earth is more free today, in 2014, than he or she would have been in the actual year 1984"

Maybe the average person on Earth is more free today, but the average American is most definitely NOT more free today than they were in 1984. Try to buy a large soda in New York. Try to smoke just about anywhere indoors. Try to board a plane with a pocket knife, or even just a soda. 20 year old adults can serve in the Marines, but can't buy a drink.

Comment: Like it or not, TSA agents are the face of TSA (Score 1) 289

And how exactly should we "re-direct" our frustration to the "people at TSA headquarters who are being paid the big bucks to make the rules"? Should we all go down there and invite them to lunch? The TSA agents ARE the face of the TSA. They are the only part of the TSA agency that most people will ever come into contact with. If the TSA agents don't like being the face of an organization with absurd rules, then they should ALL quit. Maybe that would cause some kind of change to those absurd rules.

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The people running for office mostly just want to be rich. To be elected to office, they need to appeal mainly to one of two groups of people: those who want less government telling them what to do, or those who want more government to take from others and give to them. Once elected to office, they don't have to actually do either. They simply need to pretend that they are working on less/more government while blaming any issues on the other side for not accomplishing less/more government. This is why Democrats have been promising to end poverty for 40 years yet poverty continues to rise (even when they control the White House and Congress). This is why Republicans have been promising to reduce the size of the federal government for 40 years yet the government continues to grow (even when they control the White House and Congress).

While there may be a small handful of honest politicians who truly believe in doing what is in the best interest of the American people, this is obviously not the majority of the people in Washington.

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