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Comment: Re:What a partisan, biased summary (Score 1) 550

by sribe (#48278197) Attached to: Statisticians Study Who Was Helped Most By Obamacare

What about healthy 20-somethings whose affordable plans (called "junk plans" by liberals, but perfectly adequate coverage for a demographic that very rarely needs anything but coverage in case of catastrophic events)...

Calling those plans "junk" was a euphemism. They were outright bullshit bordering on fraud. So, if a 20-something has a catastrophic event, how much will he be helped by a plan that is capped at $10,000/year? If a 20-something gets one of those rare cancers that affects young people, how much will he be helped by a plan which excludes chemotherapy? Yes, those are actual examples of restrictions from actual insurance plans. (Note: you may well never have heard of such restrictions. Before ACA many states forbade the worst practices; but of course some states allowed pretty much anything, so in some states you had truly awful policies for sale, and in other states the cheapest policy was at least somewhat decent.)

...were cancelled even after Obama LIED and said "if you like your insurance, you can keep it?"

Well the way he phrased that was unfortunate--careless, ignorant, stupid if you wish. But the ACA did not force insurance companies to cancel a single policy that was in effect at the time of his statement. Not one. It explicitly grandfathered them all in. But what happened, which O apparently did not anticipate, is that companies continued writing the policies in the time between the passage of ACA and its implementation, and new policies during that time were not grandfathered. So insurance companies continued to sign people up on plans that they knew they would have to drop in less than a year.

Now the hell would they do that? What sense does it make to keep signing up people to plan when you know you'll be forcing them off it soon? Guess what? The so-called "junk" policies which you want to defend, were not only extremely cheap, THEY HAD THE HIGHEST PROFIT MARGIN OF ALL POLICIES. And the second-tier insurance companies that were unethical enough to sell them in the first place were not going to stop until the very last second.

And then of course there were those of us with legitimate plans, who had our plans "cancelled", and were offered our choice of replacement plans, simply because the old plan was not quite ACA-compliant in some minor aspect that I couldn't even figure out, and our insurance companies didn't want to manage multiple nearly-identical plans. Yep, I'm one of those poor souls who receive a cancellation notice because of ACA. The entire ordeal consisted of: read the letter, check a box on the attached form, put the form in the postage-prepaid envelope, mail it.

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The fact that many of the (very optimistically estimated) number of those who were added to O-Care rolls did not want or feel they needed it should be considered as well.

Bullshit. Forcing stupid assholes who do not have the intelligence to plan for the future to NOT free-ride is not a problem at all. Because those people get sick too, without insurance, and then burden the system.

In other cases, such as ones I am very familiar with, previously covered spouses were forced to move to their own plan if their work provider had coverage available. This means that although a new health care subscriber can now be counted...

Bullshit. There was a NET increase of 10,000,000 covered, not counting those who changed from one plan to another. If you want more info about how many people moved from uninsured to medicaid, uninsured to exchange policies, medicaid to exchange, employer-provided to exchange, individual to exchange, employer-provided to different employer-provided, individual to different individual, google it. Those questions are being studied by multiple groups.

..and it is those same urban areas that hold the most desperate and dependent populations of the truly underprivileged.

Bullshit. Urban areas concentrate their most desperate and dependent population together where they're easily visible. But the largest total number of the most desperate and dependent live in rural areas.

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by sribe (#48271113) Attached to: Tim Cook: "I'm Proud To Be Gay"

Actually, when Steve Jobs hired him as COO a couple of decades ago, there were articles at the time about the first openly-gay CxO of a Fortune-whatever corporation. He didn't publicly come out then, but he didn't deny anything, and it was obviously common knowledge within Compaq, Apple, and a whole lot of the Silicon Valley "community".

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by sribe (#48263637) Attached to: Apple Pay Competitor CurrentC Breached

why is parent not modded funny?

Because people who actually pay attention have noticed that Apple has been making privacy protection an important, heavily promoted, feature to help distinguish their products in the market. People who actually pay attention have noticed Apple's description of the lengths to which Apple Pay goes to be secure, and to provide NO tracking information. But go ahead and bash away if it somehow makes your day a little more tolerable ;-)

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by sribe (#48259761) Attached to: Pope Francis Declares Evolution and Big Bang Theory Are Right

The Catholic Church has not been opposed to these things for some time, regardless of the feelings of certain members of the Church who didn't bother to learn their Catechism very well.

True, and John Paul made some of that very explicit. *BUT* Benedict did backpedal a bit.

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