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Comment Re:Issue is more complicated (Score 1) 925

It's all very well to say that people need to learn not to take things personally...

Most people understand that to mean that adults should not take non-personal comments personally. The problem is that bullies turn it around to try to tell others that they should not take personal attacks personally, at which point it becomes bullshit.

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 182

Regardless, I'm still hoping to hear someone suggest a company in the Dallas area that doesn't charge stupid rates.

Different technologies, different areas. In New England contractors are absolutely rapacious with geothermal installs.

Anyway, if you're the least bit handy, google for DIY solar installs. I'm actually considering it myself.

Comment Re:Within 100 miles of a border... (Score 1) 397

They can't deny you entry, but if there is a warrant out for your arrest...

Sure, they can let you in, then take you straight to jail. That counts ;-)

...but you will be arrested for illegal entry ...

No. Illegal entry is the act of *foreigners* entering improperly. A US citizen coming to the US is, by definition, never illegal entry.

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 182

Perhaps, but not by that much...

How much labor is there in installing one panel next to another, once you're already there and setup for it?

A hundred dollars?

Even if you cut the panel count from 32 to 16, you're only cutting $1,600 off the install cost (and even that might be high).

No, you have to install the frame to hold the panel, secure it to the roof, waterproof the mounts, do some minimal wiring. There is significant per-panel labor cost.

Comment Re:Within 100 miles of a border... (Score 1) 397

Isn't their some law that gives border agents essentially unlimited rights to search and confiscate (no warrant required) so long as they are within 100 miles of any US border?

Founding legal theory is that as long as you're on the other side of the line, "outside" the USA, normal restrictions on government agents do not apply wrt to searches and so on.

BUT, my understanding is also that NO ONE, not any agent of any law enforcement branch, ever, under any circumstances, can deny entry to a US citizen. They may be able to legally (in theory at least) tell you that if you don't hand over your passwords you cannot enter with your stuff, but if you're willing to tell them, "yeah, OK, have a nice day" and walk away from your laptop, they can't prevent that. (Beyond long enough to search your luggage, verify your passport, etc.)

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 182

While that is true, it won't lower it by much...

Cutting the panel count from 32 to 28 doesn't reduce the cost by more than perhaps a few hundred dollars.

One thing I forgot to point out, this article compares the output of these Solar City panels to SunPower, the current most efficient. That is a small margin. But compared to what Solar City currently uses, they're 30-40% more efficient. Now _that_ reduces panel count enough to lower installation cost.

It is crucial that Solar City says they'll cost the same to produce. Although a SunPower installation involves significantly fewer panels, the panels cost so much that the savings is not all that great. But cut panel count by 1/3 while keeping panel price the same, that actually matters.

Comment Re:Labor cost to install remains the biggest issue (Score 1) 182

Making the panels a bit more efficient won't cut the price by enough to matter until the install cost comes down.

More efficient means fewer panels, means lower install cost. This small an increment might not even eliminate 1 panel from your system, but the accumulation of these increments means you need way fewer panels than you did 10 years ago.

Comment Re:Cheating regulations is rampant (Score 4, Interesting) 93

Myself, I'd run the test in every mode the TV has and compare results because you know consumers aren't going to ignore additional modes.

I have my doubts about that; I think most consumers will never even find the adjustments. Maybe a significant minority will, but I expect most will just plug it in and turn it on.

Comment Re:Oh, that's ironic (Score 1) 577

citations? boston bombinb ft hood those are the biggest terroristic acts since 9/11 were they white and christian??? didnt think so

I neither said biggest, nor since 9/11. I said most.

Notable and contemporary: Kaczynski, McVeigh, Nichols, Rudolph, Page, Dorner...

Less well known: a whole lot, actually--but if you don't want to read the whole thing, consider just the Aryan Nations and KKK...

Comment Re:state of healthcare (Score 1) 232

The UK tools...

That explains the difference. In the U.S. the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, a Federal government agency) makes available for download the master source files from which everyone else (EMR vendors, the AMA, all the book/disk/training vendors) starts. And those files are absolutely simple: a few fixed-length space-padded fields followed by a single variable-length field for the unrestricted-length description.

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