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Comment Re:Fail. (Score 1) 217

...not that most Americans know what a savings index is...

And I'l bet that you don't know that the definition used is extremely out of date, and does not count stocks (including mutual funds) ;-)

So the negative rate is a nice sound bite, but it's not really accurate.

Comment Re:Slashdot is not your personal blog (Score 1) 146

Please startswithabang, go away.

Or at least learn the minimum necessary to post reasonably accurate summaries. I don't even have to go to the linked article to know that the research did not "demonstrate" what he claimed. What the research did was theorize about what happens when planets pass through dark matter, and demonstrate that such an effect is consistent with, in other words predicted by, current theories.

Demonstrating that dark matter is concentrated that way by a passing planet would mean detecting the dark mark and measuring the concentrations. If that had happened, I'd be reading about it in more places than here.

Comment Re:Offer paid support? (Score 1) 213

If somebody wants a fix for software that they haven't paid anything for, and they want it now, why not offer paid support on that one issue at a rate of $416 per hour? A 24 hour fix would place a cool $10,000 in your pocket. And if they don't want to, then tell them to hire somebody else to do it.

Yeah, some people just have no sense at all when it comes to simple common-sense proposal of a win-win deal. As you said, that's exactly the way to approach a demand for an immediate bug fix, propose a working relationship and a price. If the company which has paid you nothing balks at paying, and threatens you in any way, simply offer them an immediate full refund in exchange for terminating the relationship ;-)

Comment Re:Just like HDMI cables (Score 1) 206

which is why i only buy Gold plated, oxygen free, twisted pair, sheathed Monster cables for $99.99 each. I can see the difference

On a serious note, I have personal experience with Monster USB *2* cables (they were the only 10-foot ones I could find on short notice) being absolutely horrible. Data errors all over the damn place (I write some USB drivers, so I can get a better look at what's actually happening than most). Actually worse than a $2 off-brand obviously-too-thin conductors mail-order piece of junk (which didn't work either, but...) So it's not only that they're not "better" in some esoteric sense, they're actually much worse than a plain old GE cable from Target which actually is just to spec rather than trying to be "better".

Comment Re:Ah that's where you are wrong (Score 1) 216

- Hospital finally admits bill was in error but sorry they sold it to the bill collector so not their problem and the damn bill collector ain't gonna stop calling

If you demand it, preferably in writing, they must verify the debt and provide you with documentation as to its validity--which is very hard to do after the hospital has already determined that the debt was never valid in the first place. There are plenty of websites on how to fight back against illicit collection attempts, you need to google "FDCPA" (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act)

Comment Re:In Store Pickup (Score 1) 203

I'm not sure having to pick up your delivery in person at a Walmart is quite the benefit Walmart thinks it is.

Exactly. A couple of times I got an offer for a discount on online purchase at Walmart, and I tried it, mostly out of curiosity. Both times I spent approximately 15 minutes hanging out in the back at the pick-up desk waiting for someone to show up and then retrieve the items, because the stores are so woefully understaffed. I could have been in & out with the same merchandise in *FAR* less time had I not ordered online (which, of course, also took some time).

OTOH, I tried the same thing at Target, walk in, the pick-up desk is at the front of the store, not the back, and it is always staffed, no ringing a buzzer then waiting 5-10 minutes, and your merchandise is right there, not far away in the very back of some giant storage area on a top shelf. (Hell, at busy times, I've seen *2* people at that desk helping customers, as opposed to the *0* that are always at Walmart, and never a significant wait.)

And no, I don't really even shop that much ;-) I've just paid attention to these efforts a little out of curiosity as to which retailers will survive Amazon and how they'll do it...

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