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Comment: Re:Why do people use internal TLDs? (Score 1) 101

by srg33 (#47695623) Attached to: ICANN Offers Fix For Domain Name Collisions

"employees ... quicker to type"?
Seriously, that is a non-issue between bookmarks and auto-search in the browser/app/email client.
See also
Wrong solution to non-problem (Score:2)
by srg33 (1095679) on Monday August 18, 2014 @09:46AM (#47694499)

1. DNS will resolve locally first unless admin overrides. No problem. ["split horizon DNS"]
2. ".test" is already the designated solution. See RFC 2606 and RFC 6761. It may not be pretty but it is RESERVED for this case.
So, either DNS works for myname.com LOCALLY (no problem) or use myname.com.test (no problem).

Comment: With OR Without Modified Roads (Score 1) 472

by srg33 (#45068711) Attached to: How long before most automobile driving is done by computers?

Giving a car all the sensory input(s) and Judgment for completely autonomous operation is not easy.
But, if the roads have embedded transponders or similar tech. then the basic driving tasks are fairly reliable.
Hypothetically, if the road is not modified and the self-driving car is dependent upon the painted lines ...
Lines can fade. What if some prankster hides a line and/or paints a new one? Yes, a prankster could dig up the road BUT that would be an effort.

Comment: We call BS! (Score 5, Insightful) 267

by srg33 (#43128951) Attached to: For Jane's, Gustav Weißkopf's 1901 Liftoff Displaces Wright Bros.

I don't know if the Wright brothers were first or not. But, I do know that this "re-creation" is BS. I read TFA and carefully viewed the images. There is nothing that actually shows the darn thing flying and there are many clear photographs of it on the ground. Someone mentioned evidence in court. Well, I am an attorney and this case is a laugher!

Comment: Re:Problem with .here (Score 0) 150

by srg33 (#37834294) Attached to: Vint Cerf Answers Your Questions About IPv6 and More

Admittedly ".test" is not pretty, but it is already a Reserved Top Level DNS Name per RFC 2606.
I also read Yeoh's draft. It really has no restrictions and as such the idea of bookmarking a name that has no guarantee of working anywhere else is self-defeating. For example, "https://airconditioner.here/settemp?celsius=25" is probably not very useful in a large room with multiple A/C units. Should that local DNS have every alias/synonym for airconditioner? His idea of "all.here" etc. giving "a list of registered devices" has some merit. But, how about "all.test" or "devices.test" or even "nodes.test"?


+ - SPAM: RAID or AntiRAID -- Drive mfr. premiums!

Submitted by srg33
srg33 writes: Sorry to interject, but I am losing it!
The Raid-Edition and Enterprise stuff should not be synonymous. RAID-specific drives should be Inexpensive not more expensive! RAID = "Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks"!!! Drives for RAID should not have advanced error-correction — that's the RAID controller's job. (Also, what is with all the DOA drives? Why are there so many?)
What drive/company is good for real RAID (drives)?
The Internet

+ - Pressure mounts on Icann to approve .xxx domain->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes: An application for the .xxx domain was first submitted six years ago. Icann approved the application in 2005, and entered into an agreement with ICM Registry regarding technical and commercial terms. However, Icann reversed its decision in March 2007. An independent review panel was called to look into why Icann had changed its mind, and concluded that the body had been under pressure from the US government. Now the registry that submitted that application, ICM Registry, is pushing for .xxx to be approved. The company has argued that the .xxx internet domain should be approved for porn site use, allowing parents and businesses to easily configure browsers or filters to automatically block sites that carry the domain.
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