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Comment: Re:National Archives of Australia have them anyway (Score 1) 150

by srepetsk (#38344930) Attached to: Two Lost <em>Doctor Who</em> Episodes Found
Fan groups and the BBC have released reconstructions of missing episodes, matching photographs from the episodes with the soundtracks. Two episodes of The Invasion were reconstructed using animation and released with the surviving episodes of that serial on DVD. (

Comment: Re:Why so long to the moon? (Score 5, Informative) 42

by srepetsk (#37363894) Attached to: NASA's Twin GRAIL Craft On Their Way To the Moon
Unlike the Apollo program missions, which took three days to reach the Moon, GRAIL will make use of a three- to four-month low-energy trans-lunar cruise via the Sun-Earth Lagrange point L1 to reduce fuel requirements, protect instruments and reduce the velocity of the two spacecraft at lunar arrival to help achieve the extremely low 50 km (31 mi) orbits with separation between the spacecraft (arriving 24 hours apart) of 175 to 225 km (109 to 140 mi).

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