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Comment Chindogu (Score 2) 110

It appears to reflect overhead light by virtue of being white and slightly angled - wow, science. I guess albinos won't be too concerned about this technology.

"A 2012 version, powered by a lithium-ion battery, included LED lights around the nose that shined near-infrared light toward cameras. Computer-vision systems were also fooled by the bright light, but the visor looked dorky and required a bulky power source."

So the new one is the same, just no leds or power source. Dorkiness has been maintained...

All this so the cameras don't think you have a face. They still record you, and can tell you are a person by the way you move. And since you will be the only douchedork wearing these around, you should be easy to find.

Comment Figureheads of Tech (Score 1) 273

I think whom the article is referring to as "great men" are great marketeers, great salesmen and great hustlers.

We remember people like Jobs and Musk for innovation, not invention. For putting the power of technology in our hands and allowing us to make use of innovations.

History will remember the Kilby's and Shockley's of the world even if society doesn't - they gave the politicians and figureheads of tech the tools to make their dreams.

Comment Fingers crossed... (Score 1) 119

There is a huge difference between sending a unmanned probe and sending a manned mission to the moon. There are unmanned probes all over the solar system - but relatively few manned missions, and none of them even close to the moon in the last 40 years or so.

Still, if the US could do it in the 60's, India should be able to pull it off in the next 5 years or so. They are standing on the shoulders of Soviet/Russian and American scientists and pilots, so that should accelerate things a bit.

Comment Re:Fucking trolls (Score 1) 187

So much name calling.

Statistics are dangerous - not the numbers, but what we think they mean.

You can't survey an entire population and then apply the assessment to each individual.

You could have a class of 100 students - 50 that get everything right and 50 that get everything wrong - the average assessment in that case will not apply to anyone in the class.

Comment Re:What a stupid conclusion (Score 1) 298

Long life does not equal quality life. The Japanese have had close to zero population growth for over a decade.

The Netherlands is a very tolerant place, and has a lot of foreigners from all over the world living in the larger cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam - and this is no new thing. Being Dutch doesn't mean you are a two-meter tall blonde - but there are enough of them here to push the average height up a bit.

I'm 6' tall and have lived in Tokyo and Amsterdam. I used to be the tallest guy in the elevator, now I'm used to being the shortest.

Also noteworthy is that there are relatively few overweight people in both Japan and NL, but I'm from the US, so I think that about everywhere except the UK :)

Comment Hollow Policy (Score 1) 892

If the candidate is someone they really need, they will negotiate.

And the reasoning behind it is pretty sexist. Hopefully it's just sour grapes from the trial and the real reason is less, um, ridiculous. I can tell you that my wife has negotiated with employers for jobs, salaries and raises - and is better at it than me. But then, I'm not a Ponzi-scheming waste of teeth and hair.

I guess this will pre-screen the candidates for people that really want to work at Reddit for whatever reason.

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