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Comment: Quotes (Score 5, Insightful) 94

by sqlrob (#48119965) Attached to: How Poor Punctuation Can Break Windows

Quotation marks are used in the shell environment to make sure that the data inside the quotes is not interpreted by the program as a command.

Except in the cases it triggers the exploit. IMHO, that's the newsworthy bit of this.

Not quoting causes issues is news along the same level as "water is wet". Trying to be secure and breaking things? That's big. At least it's not possible with filenames.

Comment: It's an absolutely horrid idea (Score 1) 185

by sqlrob (#47144597) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Taking a New Tack On Net Neutrality?

It's a horrible and a sample of things that could potentially come in the future.

That is exactly why I say do it. Implement it, and implement it well. The blow back will hopefully be huge and act as a precedent, both in a legal sense and a more informal sense where the entities trying to do it get hit hard in PR and profits.

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