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Comment: Re:bad bad idea (Score 1) 339

by spruce (#45914917) Attached to: Google Begins To Merge Google+, Gmail Contacts

So your argument is basically "yes you'll have a forced social account you don't want (which if you follow the rules has to be in your name,) but it's not that bad." Fuck you and Google.

I've had a gmail account almost as long as it's been out, I love my Nexus 5. I'm not someone who flips out over small issues (IMHO,) - but I'm seriously considering dropping all google services due to forced integration, and several of my friends are in the same boat. If I can't have contacts outside of G+ I'll drop them without another thought. Google is new in the completely pissing off customers market - but with the forced integration of Youtube, G+ nags, etc. they're catching up quickly.

Comment: Re:Really? (Score 1) 137

by spruce (#36627768) Attached to: Office 365: Suffer 18 Days' Outage, Still Pay Half Price

We use Microsoft's current online offering, and we've had both a 25% and a 50% refund in the last year and a half. the refund doesn't even begin to make up for the sales losses and confusion when our dealers can't get their orders through to us.

It's always a good idea to use the cloud to host crucial business systems with no fallback plans in case there are problems. Heck, the cloud is good for anything! Personally, my "waste processing" system is routed through the cloud. Sure that two week outage last month was a bit uncomfortable, but I had considered the ramifications of this design before implementing it, as I'm sure you guys did.

Comment: Re:I'll explain oppressive development environment (Score 1) 775

by spruce (#32821034) Attached to: Microsoft Out of Favor With Young, Hip Developers

When working with C#, the compiler and editor will give you a red squiggle under code it can't compile, but gives you know way to know where or how many places in the file they are (contrast: Eclipse puts a red box on the side for every line that is in error, which makes it very easy to find them).

View -> Error List

As far as your other complaints go, I can't say I'm impressed. Change a few options and you're good to go.

Visual Studio reminds me of guys who put racing stripes and thin tires and big mufflers on their Honda Civics and somehow convince themselves they've got a "race car".

Nice troll bro

Comment: Re:It seems like (Score 2, Funny) 412

by spruce (#31772112) Attached to: Rupert Murdoch Hates Google, Loves the iPad

Sergei Brin: Last week we pulled out of China, and today we're pulling out of Rupert Murdoch.

Really... Wrong image there... Now I will have nightmares.

Don't mind if I do...

When asked about his feelings towards one of his current partners Google, Murdoch proposed he and his old friends yank off the news they currently provide. Murdoch said he prefers (Steve) Jobs, and the warm embrace of Apple. He feels that the new iPad is (locked) tight enough that they may be able to avoid unwillingly spewing their content on loads of customers.

Comment: It wasn't a joke! (Score 4, Funny) 294

by spruce (#31446808) Attached to: William Shatner Takes On Social Networking

I DID plan on talking to her! I even wrote some (pseudo) code for said conversation:

if (!ArmPitsSmell() && CrustinessOfClothes() != OH_MY_GAWD_TOO_CRUSTY) {
        var sexytime = Girl.ComplimentTeeth();
        if (sexytime) {
        } else {

Comment: Skid Row's Response (Score 1) 634

by spruce (#31397236) Attached to: Ubisoft's Authentication Servers Go Down

to the tune of 18 and life

ricky was a ubisoft dev. he faced specs in stone
worked 9 to 9, and typed his fingers to the bone
one day his boss came round, grunts "idea me have one"
those users steal our game, so we're gonna tie it down
he had no morals, oooh no girl at home,
he thew in some sick DRM which left users alone and then

3 days and change it lasted
3 days and change online
Their plan was fine until
3 days and change online

"Pull the trigger and you're garbage." -- Lady Blue