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Comment More importantly, law writing (Score 5, Insightful) 230

I think that even more importantly, this effectively gives website owners the power to write laws on their own. Want to include a stipulation in your terms of use that forbids shopping at the competition after merely setting foot in your website? Sure, why not? And if you have the de facto enforcement of criminal law on your side, even better

Comment Re:more money wasted (Score 1) 221

The TSA has to remove the Rapiscan machines because they couldn't patch the software to remove customer-specific imagery? Why use them in the first place?

If I remember correctly, congress required imagery to be removed by a certain date. The requirement was put in place after the scanners were originally installed. Rapiscan said they couldn't meet the deadline, so TSA decided to switch to all L3 scanners, which already have the cookie-cutter image.

Comment Re:Python (Score 3, Informative) 183

If you go that route, I like Learn Python the Hard Way. I used it to learn Python from my Java background, but it's also great for those that have never programmed in their life. The basic programming structures (loops, conditions, classes, etc) are all covered and can be transferred to other languages, and it's not too strenuous despite its name (while still learning stuff, of course). Everything is very well narrated.

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