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Comment: Dissapointing (Score 4, Insightful) 364

by splug (#28139335) Attached to: What a Hacked PC Can Be Used For
I was hoping for a bit more from this article. As i read through it I was hoping to see reasons or impacts to the user. There was only a couple of very light examples. There is a very big need for people to understand how a Hacked computers, they own, can impact them. If it doesn't hurt them they aren't going to care. This is just FUD until it becomes personal.

Comment: Re:You too can be an armchair scientist. (Score 2) 558

by splug (#24753827) Attached to: Scientists Discover Cows Point North
Then they wouldn't constantly be pointing north. Only at the poles do you see a drastic north to south disparity of the sun. Otherwise the sun goes east to west most of the time. Any place this statement would be true you would have cowsicle and I think they would be pointing when the silly person who tried to raise cows in an arctic environment gave up.

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